Summer pottering

This morning I watered all round as there was no significant rain again last week.  There’s been hardly any all month so it’s not surprising that cracks have now appeared, as seen here on Cosmos Corner  and some of which I can get my hand in up to the wrist.  There’s nothing more than a few showers  forecast through next week so it looks like it’ll get worse.


Although it’s now cooler , and thank-fully remaining so for the coming week, I’m doing little more than summer pottering.

This is the first of the sunflowers to appear, a knee-high MusicBox.

Have a good week, and take care!

Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

18 thoughts on “Summer pottering”

  1. What a lovely sunflower.
    We’ve had temps in the 90sF/32+C which just adds to the discomfort. Fingers x’d for Mother Nature to bring us all some rain.


  2. Poor old parched earth, SO dry. Very pretty sunflower. My pot marigolds ( courtesy of your good self) our now flowering in abundance and a delight, thank you. Have a good pottering week.


    1. Andy it’s clay here which turns to concrete when it’s this dry. It sure is. That’s good to know, I’m glad that you like them and you’re most welcome. Thanks, you too. xx


  3. That does look dry. We had a heavy shower or two here yesterday, plus more forecast for tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday, so I’m hoping that helps. I shall waft a cloud over your way if I see a spare one. Lovely sunflower. I saw some little ones in a pot in someone’s front garden the other day, I’ve never seen them before except on your blog. They were great. Hope you have a good week. CJ xx


    1. CJ the surface is like dust and underneath rock hard. Lucky you, any rain forecast for here seems to come to nothing. Thanks, that’s good of you. It sure is. Lovely, I’m hoping that my dwarf ones do well. You too. xx


  4. That clay is no fun. Ours doesn’t get cracks like that, but hardens after months without rainfall and takes an auger to dig holes (that’s what my landscape guys did when they planted 5 gallon plants).


  5. Beautiful sunflower….I haven’t planted mine out yet (very late for me) but planning on it this week. Crikey those cracks are wide, not surprising though. Rain on and off here today, sometimes heavy but the ground is like dust xxx


    1. Karen thanks, I’ve still got three to plant out. They sure are, and no it’s not. There was none here again despite it getting very dark at times, same here. xx


  6. Beautiful sunflower Mike – I know what you mean about it being dry weather. Although, I’ve not been a frequent visitor to my plot lately due to off the plot disruptions. I need to learn to make my plot a priority for the plot’s sake and my own. I have trouble saying no to folk, sometimes at the expense of my own wellness. I must stop doing this. I hope all is good with you xx


    1. Rebecca thanks, and I’m sure you do. That’s a shame, and it sounds like you need to get the balance right between you, the plot and other folk. Yes, all good here thankfully. Take care. xx


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