Earlier in the week…

I planted out a couple of cucumbers, four runner beans and two tomatoes all of which I was given, and are unknown varieties.

I’ll be sowing more climbing French beans Algarve as so far I’ve only got three growing.   I’ll also be sowing some more dwarf French beans Sprite. Thankfully I’ve still got plenty of seeds for both of these.

On Sunday I noticed a second early potato Charlotte was partly exposed so rather than re-cover with soil I lifted it along with another one and had them for dinner.  The first early potatoes Foremost foliage is now starting to die back so I’ll soon be lifting these as I need them.


Despite this sunflower being badly ravaged by slugs/snails some weeks ago it looks like it’ll be the first one to flower.


This morning has been cloudy and spitting with rain, with heavy showers likely later so I held off most of the watering until tomorrow.  Whilst I was there a handful of ring-necked parakeets were flying round the site or perching in the nearby trees and constantly squawking nosily.

Have a good weekend, and take care!

Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

18 thoughts on “Earlier in the week…”

  1. Lovely looking potatoes. Sunflower bloom💕. It’s fun not always knowing the veg varieties that are going to appear. Still pretty hot here, have been away for a few days and have come back to a desert, needed quite a soaking. Have a good week Mike.


  2. I bet those home grown potatoes were a nice little treat. I know I haven’t grown many edibles over the last few years but I shall certainly miss my home grown spuds and tomatoes this year, I didn’t grow either as I knew we’d be moving house. It’s a little cooler here today but still warm enough for me, the forecast storms haven’t materialised and the forecast has now changed, it seems they won’t be hitting us after all.


    1. Jo they sure were. I’m not surprised, but I’m sure that you’ll make up for it next year. It’s the same here thankfully, and the forecast here keeps changing as well. xx


  3. I had a foxglove that was ravaged by snails and it ended up having five or six flower spikes – it had effectively been pinched out. The beans are not faring as well though, every day there are a couple more spikes with no leaves left on them, it’s so frustrating. I should just give up on the idea of beans, but every year I put up the canes and have another go. Yours are looking brilliant, also those potatoes – absolutely perfect. CJ xx


    1. CJ it’s surprising how plants survive sometimes. A shame about your beans, I’ve only got a few so far and keep sowing more. I know the feeling, but don’t give up. Thanks, and needless to say I’m well please with the potatoes. xx


  4. Love your gifted plants, it will be interesting seeing what varieties they are. Good looking potatoes! I’m pleased to see your sunflower recovered and about to flower. Lucky you having parakeets to keep you company.xxx


  5. Plenty of rain on and off here Flighty but it has done little to the ground, plus windy days here and there drying it out further. I am keeping everything crossed your beans thrive, I know you’ve had problems too getting them going. Have a good week xx


    1. Karen lucky you, and the windy here has only helped to make it worse. Thankfully the beans are now starting to do a bit better. Thanks, and you too. xx


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