It was cooler…

and more comfortable on Friday morning than it had been all week so I decided to carefully hand-weed through the flowers growing in front of one the sunflowers Holiday before they started flowering.  I thought that I’d sowed a packet of dwarf snapdragons there but they’re the dwarf candytuft Fairy Mixed Colours.  If I did sow the snapdragons elsewhere then they didn’t germinate, or it’s possible that the packet of seeds is still at home somewhere, although I haven’t looked.

Earlier in the year I sowed a few pot marigolds Flighty’s favourites in a very small area next to the shed.  They’ve done surprisingly well and  made this area rather colourful.

Over by the dog-rose, between the taller self-seeded cosmos and the path, are these good looking pot marigolds Snow Princess.


Take care, and have a good week!

It’s been too hot…

to do any plotting this week, so all I’ve done is to take make a brief visit each morning after breakfast to water where and when needed.

The onions Sturon are doing well and it won’t be long before the leaves start to yellow then topple.  When that happens I’ll start lifting them to sort, store and use.


The sweet corn Incredible is also doing well,  and with over twenty plants it may well be one of my best years yet.  If so it’ll be particularly pleasing as I sowed these direct rather than plant out seedlings as I usually do.



Among the various flowers around the plot these two pinky ones are of note.  The pink-edged white cosmos is one that’s self-seeded from last year and the salmon-pink nasturtium  from seed I collected and sowed.  I’m not sure of the variety of either of them.

Thankfully it looks like being cooler from tomorrow onwards, around the low 20’s C/ 75 F, but a showery weekend is forecast.

Take care, and have a good weekend!

Pleasant surprises

I got home from the plot one morning during the week to find an official looking envelope on the doormat. On opening it I was pleasantly surprised to find that I’d won £25 on the Premium Bonds.  I’ve had them for years and it’s only the second win I’ve had,  the other one also being £25.

Yesterday morning there was another envelope which was hand written and posted from Cornwall.  I opened it to find this lovely card along with a nice message and some seeds from Debbie, who lives in Plymouth.

She’d sent me some blue flowering Aquilegia and dwarf Sweet William, which has white flowers with a red centre, she’d recently collected in her garden.


With the temperature in the high 20’s C/ over 80F it’s been too hot to plot and my visits have been just  to water where needed, lift some more potatoes and have a look round before heading for home.  One morning I was pleased to see and photograph this Painted Lady butterfly on the self-seeded sunflower Ring of Fire.

Take care, and have a good week!

One of the few

The mystery plant in the large black container has grown really well and is now starting to flower.

I’m told that it’s White Meadowsweet (Spiraea alba var. latiflolia), and later in the year I will replant it out on the plot.




One of the few jobs that I did do doing the week was to cut the comfrey plants right back and add the chopped up foliage to the compost heap. It will soon start growing again.


In the right-hand photo you can see the raspberry bushes. Sadly some of the plants died during the past couple of months, and I’m not sure what caused this. At least two other plot-holders had the same problem, which we think that it was probably due to the spring weather.  Once they’ve finished fruiting I’m going to cut the plants right back, hoe round, add plenty of compost then mulch and hope that they are okay next year.

Among the various nasturtiums I particularly like this red one and the yellow ones behind.

Take care, and have a good week!

Tree following, July 2021


Liz –  The Seven-son tree in my garden here in Lexington, Kentucky is now beginning to form flower buds at the ends of the limbs as shown in this photo, and they’ll bloom next month.

The other picture shows the now elongated leaves.

An interesting webpage about this tree is the Chicago Botanic Garden one.


Mike –  Walking through the park where the hornbeam is I was pleased to see that although the council had recently mowed most of the open grass areas they had left an area around the base of each tree unmown.

Close-up I was surprised to see some of the recently pristine leaves were already going brown and crisping around the edges, as seen in the photo below.  At this time of year I presume that’s due to either a lack of water or wind burn, or a combination of both.


Our thanks to Pat, The Squirrelbasket, for hosting tree following, and if you want to see what it’s all about, and perhaps join in, have a look at this tree following post.


Take care, and have a good weekend!

Damp and dull again

It was a so-so week and the weekend has been damp and dull again, and I certainly won’t dwell on what the slugs and snails are doing to the plants.  Thankfully despite all that there have been some compensations.

I planted out the first early potatoes Pentland Javelin thirteen weeks ago, and as they’re a non-flowering variety I’ve waited for the foliage to start dying back.  During the week I had a dig round one plant using my fingers and found these, the bottom two being about the size of a large egg.  Needless to say they cooked well and tasted really good.  I will be lifting more through the month as I need them.

There are plenty of colourful flowers, like these nasturtiums to brighten up dull days.

The unsettled, damp weather looks like continuing through next week so I guess that I won’t be doing much plotting.

Take care, and have a good week!

Pot marigolds

I’m pleased to see that the pot marigolds Flighty’s Favourites patch, which I only cleared and re-seeded three weeks ago, is doing well with lots of seedlings now growing.  Among the flowering ones elsewhere on the plot these two-tone ones are of note, especially the light centred one as most pot marigolds have dark centres.


I don’t know the variety for most of the ones I grow as I originally started out with some seeds I was given, which I mixed with a packet of Art Shades Mixed. Since then I’ve  let them self-seed and collected seed to sow in the spring.  I’ve occasionally bought a packet of a variety that has caught my eye, such as Playtime Mix and Canteloupe, to add to them.  One variety that can be identified is Snow Princess which has very pale yellow, almost white, flowers.  This one is perhaps the whitest of these I’ve grown.

Take care, and have a good weekend!

Sunflowers and strawberries

Thankfully the slugs and snails didn’t touch the three sunflowers Holiday, which should grow four feet tall and wide.  The biggest of the three is heading for 24 in/60 cm, has leaves as big as the palm of my hand and looking underneath these I can see that smaller leaves and stems are growing all the way up the main stem.


Sadly it was a different story with the last two Ms Mars which got almost completely eaten. Never mind, I’ll probably try this variety again next year.

Among the knee-high Music Box are several showing flower buds, including this one which has five.

Over the past couple of days I’ve sowed more dwarf French beans Borlotto Tintoretto and Martini, carrots Bambino and Chantenay Red Cored, nigella/love-in-a-mist Persian Jewels Mixed and Rose, nasturtiums Tip Top Mahogany and pot marigolds Flighty’s favourites.  That’s just about it for this year.

Yesterday I came home with the first proper pick of strawberries, which needless to say were delicious.


Take care, and have a good week!

It was drizzly…

and dull for a few days including all weekend so when I did go to the plot earlier in the week I wasn’t surprised to see that slugs and snails had eaten various plants including some of the climbing French beans and a few of the sunflowers.

The rose Pretty Lady had sadly shed virtually all the flower petals so I’ll have to get dead-heading.


Cosmos corner is looking a bit sparse at the moment but there are plenty of plants and seedlings, and even a few flowers like this Sonata White.


However round the other side of the dog rose the self-seeded cosmos from last year are doing really well with a carpet of foliage

The pot marigold seeds I sowed on the main flower patch last week are already starting to show, and elsewhere there are plenty of flowers like these yellow ones under the cornus.

The other flowers are candytuft Fairy Mixed Colours which are self-seeded.

I’m still picking a few rhubarb stems every couple days or so, and this morning I picked the first strawberry with lots more to come.

Take care, and have a good weekend!

At this time of year

It’s been sunny and warm this week with temperatures up in the high 20’s C/ low 80’s F, which is too hot for me, so my plot visits have been early, and shorter than usual, just to do some watering and have a potter.

I’ve planted and sown almost everything for this year apart from some more dwarf French beans and the love-in-a-mist Persian Jewels.

With all that’s appearing and growing at this time of year looking round takes longer and is generally more enjoyable.  Here are a few of the flowers, starting with the collomia grandifora

My other rose, the white flowering dog rose, is far less showy than the Pretty Lady with the small white flowers only lasting a day or so.

This first nasturtium flower is partly hidden under the leaves, and lastly a lovely pale yellow pot marigold.


It’s dull and overcast this morning and looks like it’s going to rain.  Tomorrow looks set to be a very wet day with plenty of heavy rain so it’s back to armchair gardening for a couple of days.

Take care, and have a good weekend!