I’m still busy

Sadly frost, rain and wind last week finished off most of the remaining flowers, and I’ve since cleared the cosmos and pot marigolds.  This is the last of the Flighty’s favourites, which is nestled away in a sheltered spot.

On Tuesday morning I pruned, tidied and weeded the raspberry patch.

I then re-mulched it and added more wood chips to the path down the left-hand side.

I will cut the comfrey on the right sometime soon and add the leaves to the compost heap.




I’ve been digging out and sieving a few barrow loads of compost from the nearby  communal wood chip bays as I did last year.  It’s a good job to do when the ground is soggy, and keeps me warm when it’s a bit fresh.  Most of it I’ve put under the blackberry bush to use next spring.

Top of the list for jobs to do in late February or early March, weather permitting,  is to dig out and sieve my own compost as the heap is now full as I didn’t dig it out early this year as I normally do.

Have a good week!

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Remembrance Sunday 2017

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Tree following, November 2017

Liz’s Tulip poplar…Over in Lexington, Kentucky the leaves on Liz’s tree have now changed from green to golden-yellow then brown and started dropping.

All three colours can be seen in the above picture, providing plenty of interest.

Flighty’s Dogwood….The leaves on this tree are changing to yellow and dropping. As you can see the flowers that I mentioned last month have gone.

Once bare the red stems will be visible, which are a notable feature of dogwoods.

Our thanks to Pat, The Squirrelbasket,  for hosting Tree following.

Have a good weekend!

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Most Sunday mornings…

I take a look round the plot then go on to the horticultural society trading shed.  It was noticeably chilly today so I didn’t linger except to admire plot neighbour Fran’s gorgeous chrysanthemums.


This morning I was officially on duty but since it was a quiet morning I spent much of it chatting, drinking tea and eating biscuits or cake.

I met Lily, a new friend, who’s a really lovely and rather special black Labrador as she’s a Guide Dog for the Blind.  Needless to say I gave her a couple of biscuits.   Unfortunately I forgot my camera so didn’t get any photos of her.

It looks like being another mostly dry, but rather chilly, week ahead so I’ll be plotting as usual most mornings.

Have a good week!

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At long last!

I’ve got lots done on the plot this week starting with planting the rest of bulbs, mostly tulips and a few daffodils, on Monday.  On Tuesday I donned my leather gardening gloves and pruned the blackberry bush which had got unruly.  Yesterday I cleared the cornflowers Polka Dot  which flowered profusely for several months.  These were the last few flowers.

This morning when I arrived I could see the teasel seed heads moving but there was no wind.  Moving closer I was delighted to see several goldfinches on them for the first time at long last!   I stood and watched as they removed and ate the seeds.  Later on they flew back and briefly perched on the dog rose.

All week the robin has been my constant, and generally close, companion.

Have a good weekend!

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It’s the end of the month…

and the only plotting I did during last week was on Wednesday morning when it was sunny and warm.


I pruned the red valerian (Centranthus ruber) that had flowered well all summer and was pleased to see new growth.






The teasels (Dipsacus fullonum) have self-seeded and there are new plants growing but a couple of budding flowers have already appeared now rather than next summer!  They’re only a foot or so high rather than the more usual six feet.  Obviously it’s another plant that the weather has confused.





I clearly missed lifting a couple of the first early potatoes Red Duke of York as foliage has appeared.  I’ll leave it be and see if I get any potatoes, although it’s unlikely as frost is more likely to kill the foliage before the tubers have a chance to develop.




It has turned noticeably cooler over the weekend with night-time temperatures just a few degrees above zero but the forecast for the coming week is reasonable, and mainly dry, so I hope to plant the tulip bulbs.

Have a good week!

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Armchair gardening and sofa flying

Many thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes on Tuesday’s post.  I had a quiet day, and the posh biscuits were delicious.

With the clocks changing at the weekend, and lots of non-plotting weather over the coming months I’m sure that I’ll be doing plenty of armchair gardening and sofa flying, so there may well be some off-plot posts for a few months.

The last sofa reading post was at the end of May and the break since has been longer than I intended, but hopefully they will resume properly from next month.

Both Liz and I have read spy novels recently.  Her choice The English Spy by Daniel Silva is the 15th book in the popular series featuring Gabriel Allon.    They’re not books that I’ve read apart from a couple of the early ones.

I’m looking forward to reading John LeCarre‘s recently published A Legacy of Spies, the 9th in the George Smiley series.  I recently reread the first of these, Call for the Dead, which was LeCarre’s first book published in 1961.  The edition I read is notable as it only shows his surname on the front cover.


Have a good weekend, and  happy reading!

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