An unintended summer break

There was no post on Sunday as I spent the weekend in a hospital bed hooked up to intravenous antibiotics  as I have jaundice and gall stones.

Officially I’m still in hospital as I’m having a range of ongoing tests and will be having an MRI scan tomorrow.  The doctor has kindly let me out for the afternoon to sort a few things out.

So Flighty’s plot is on an unintended summer break for, hopefully, just a short while.

My apologies for any previous comments that I’ve not replied to, and obviously until I’m home again I won’t be replying to any on this post.

Happy gardening!

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A trio of contrasts

Despite trying several times I’ve never managed to grow sunflowers Vanilla Ice. Nikki kindly sent me some seeds earlier in the year so I tried again and have one that’s grown and flowered.  It’s small, just a few inches across, but I like the colour and the contrast of these flowers.

Sunflower 'Vanilla Ice'

The yellow nasturtiums with the contrasting red eyebrows make me smile.

Yellow nasturtium with red 'eyebrows'The runner beans St.George are now showing lots of contrasting red and white flowers.

Runner bean 'St George' flowers

Have a good weekend!

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Happily plotting

The early part of last week was overcast with rain at times, but it was better from Thursday and I’ve spent the past three mornings happily plotting.

Potatoes, second earlies 'Charlotte'


The Charlotte second early potato foliage has died right back so I’ve started lifting some. These are from two plants and were lifted by hand so I’ve no doubt that there’ll be more when I carefully fork the area over later on.  They’ve come out of the ground clean and unmarked, and taste every bit as good as they look.


Carrots 'Caracas'


Regular readers will know that I never have much luck with carrots but this year I’ve actually managed to grow some.  These are the variety Caracas which I sowed between two rows of onions to help avoid carrot fly. They looked, and tasted, good but I would have liked them to have been a bit bigger as they were only the size of of my thumb tip!


Cucumber 'Mini Munch'


I’m please to see that the Mini Munch cucumber has fruit on it.  The biggest is about three to four inches long and an inch diameter so needs to be left to get a bit bigger before picking. I’m growing this in a pot, with the stems tied to a cane.

I also have a Marketmore cucumber out on the plot which is growing well and has plenty of flowers.



The flowering teasel heads have been buzzing with bees

Bumble bee on a teasel flower head.

Gatekeeper butterfly


The Big Butterfly Count 2015 started on Friday and continues through to Sunday, 9th August. All you need do is spend fifteen minutes in your garden or local green space counting butterflies you see then submitting the results.  Do please take part if you can.

I saw this Gatekeeper last Thursday when I was chatting to Trevor on his plot.


Happy gardening, and have a good week!

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My thanks to everyone…

who commented on last Sunday’s post The Plotting Blues.  I’m especially grateful to Glo for her’s, which was this delightful poem –

Although you feel the plotting blues

I’m sure you’ll soon be in the pink

Because I know you’d rather choose

A happy thought that makes you think

Of Flighty’s Favourites’ varied hues…

And as for ponds found on that link

It’s really great you have more views

To bring Frog Newton to the brink

Of dustbin lids like those you use

That offer refuge and a drink

For any creature on the loose…

It was good to see comments from Karen, a Facebook and Twitter friend, Kate@BarnHouse and Matt@Garden59.   And it was also nice to see Annie’s comment, and find that after more than a years break she’s posting again on her Annie’s Little Plot blog.

Orange pot marigoldsHave a good weekend!

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The plotting blues

It was cooler at the beginning of last week so I spent a couple of mornings doing some much needed dead-heading, tidying and weeding but I have to say that it was rather half-hearted as I’ve got a touch of the plotting blues at present.

It’s damp and dull this morning, and the overnight rain was much needed although it won’t have really made much difference.  I’m sure that many gardeners will agree that it’s been a difficult growing year so far having been too cool, dry, hot or windy.  It’s not been too wet, and in fact it’s been noticeable just how dry this year has been.  That has meant there’s been no problem with slugs or snails but there’s been plenty of others, including blackfly infestations and poor germination.

Pot marigolds (Calendula officinalis)My plotting blues will soon be gone as there is still lots to come.  I’ll be lifting the first of my favourite Charlotte potatoes, it won’t be too long before I’ll be picking the first blackberries and I’m looking forward to seeing the dahlias and gladioli flowering.

I usually have a look at the site stats for this blog most days and over the past few weeks there have been numerous referrers from one of the comments on this Mumsnet post looking at The Plot Ponds, which I did on 31 march 2011.   I never cease to be surprised, and delighted, that my blog is referred to like this.

Happy gardening, and have a good week!

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Tree Following, July 2015 – A fig tree

Fig tree Jul'15

From a distance it looks like there’s been little, if any, change to the fig tree from last month except that it’s perhaps rather more leafy.

Close up it’s interesting to see the colour and shape of the branches, as seen in the left-hand picture below.

Fig tree branches Jul'15    New fruit forming on fig tree Jul'15

As I mentioned last month most of the fruit had dropped but it’s noticeable that since then new fruit is already starting to form as can be seen in the right-hand picture above.

Jo on her blog The Good Life recently did a post Spreadeagled asking for advice about her fig tree.  Please read it and if you can advise on what she should do then she’d be grateful if you would leave a comment there.

See Lucy’s Tree Following post for details of what this is all  about, and this post for links to other Tree Following posts for this month.

Have a good weekend!

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Tree Following, July 2015 – Liz’s Stewartia

At first I thought that there would be nothing to post about my tree, the Stewartia, for July because it had its moment of glory last month. Since then it has returned to being just one of the various trees that add structure to my garden here in Lexington, Kentucky.

What to report?  Well there was a garden tour in town recently where I found in a garden, one of nine, two Stewartias and in another two more that were planted at an entrance to an allee (a walkway lined with trees or tall shrubs). Needless to say both gardens were most impressive.   Back to my tree and here it is showing the fruit forming and a few of the leaves in close-up.

Liz's Stewartia Jul'15-1

Below left has a backdrop of a limb from an old silver maple that fell during a recent storm, with Dulcie inspecting.   The other one shows it at sunset.

Liz's Stewartia Jul'15-2     Liz's Stewartia Jul'15-3

See Lucy’s Tree Following post for details of what this is all about, and this one for links to other Tree Following posts for this month.

My thanks to Mike for letting me guest post, and to Lucy for hosting Tree Following.

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