This year’s Flighty’s favourites,

the pot marigolds (calendula officinalis),  are doing really well both on the plot and elsewhere with friends both here in the UK and as far away as New Zealand and the USA.

Orange, yellow and 'biscuit' pot marigolds


I’ve been taking lots of pictures to see just how many variations there are of the the basic orange, yellow and buff (or biscuit as I call it) colours. Hopefully I will put together a montage of them to show here later in the the year.



I rather like the the two-tone ones.

Orange and yellow two-tone pot marigoldsI’ve found one or two that are creamy-white or pale pink.

Creamy-white pot marigold   Pale pink pot marigoldLater in the week the temperature looks like being over 30C (around 90F) at times. That’s way too hot for me so all I’ll be doing is pottering and watering for an hour early morning. Hot orange pot marigoldStay cool, and have a good week!

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As well as being…

too breezy and cool for much of the the past couple of months it’s also been too dry with very little  rain.  That has meant that the ground, which is clay, is beginning to show cracks like this .

Ground crack (1)  Ground crack (2)

Runner beans


It’s been a bad year for blackfly, and despite pinching the broad bean tops out then repeatedly spraying them it looks like I’ll be pulling them up to add to the compost heap.


I’ve been checking the runner beans daily and so far they’ve not been affected.


The chicory plants over by the log pile/wild flower area are now flowering.

Some chicory flowers

Happy gardening, and have a good weekend!

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A touch of red

First early potatoes 'Red Duke of York'


Apart from yesterday I was on the plot every morning last week.  The foliage on the first early potatoes Red Duke of York has started dying back so one morning I had a gentle dig around one plant by hand and found a handful of good sized potatoes.


First strawberries



Every day I’ve been picking some strawberries to bring home and eat.  Needless to say they taste every bit as good as they look.




Among the pot marigolds are some that have a touch of red, often as a delicate edging to each petal tip and more visible on the undersides as seen here.

Pot marigold (15-10)

The Chiltern Seeds catalogue lists several Touch of Red varieties including Buff, Orange and Mixed.

Have a good week!

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Earlier this week…

I re-potted some of the plants that I have on the windowsill at home.

There are two tomatoes Sweet ‘n’ Neat, one each red and yellow, that are now in 7″ pots.

Tomato Sweet 'n' NeatI’m hoping that these do better than my previous rather poor attempts at growing tomatoes at home.

There are six Coleus Fairway, Extra Dwarf Formula Mixed grown from seed that I’ve put into individual 3 1/2″ pots.

Coleus 'Fairway'

I will probably end up keeping the best three, including one of the two green ones.

Albizzia jubilbrissinFran, a plot neighbour, recently gave me this plant but she didn’t know what it is.

All she could tell is that the leaves furl up at night, it has pink flowers and that she seen them in Egypt!

I think that it’s an Albizzia julibrissin, or Persian Silk Tree,  which is a member of the Mimosa family.

I’m hoping that it will flower during the summer. If it does I’ll obviously take a picture and post it.


Happy gardening, and have a good weekend!

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A dismal weekend…

weather-wise is both unseasonable and unwelcome at this time of year.  Yesterday was mostly breezy, cool and dull and today looks like being the same.

As this coming week is British Flowers Week I thought that I’d show a few of Flighty’s favourite flowers that are blooming on the plot at the moment.

Last week the cheery pot marigolds started appearing, here’s the first of them along with a yellow one.

Pot marigold (15-1)  Pot marigold (15-3)

The blue and white love-in-a-mist is looking wonderful.

Blue and white love-in-a-mist

Sadly the oriental poppies suffered in the rain and wind on Friday night but looked great for a few days beforehand.

Oriental poppies

On Friday I posted this picture of the rose Pretty Lady in full bloom on the Facebook group Friendly Gardeners since when it’s received 140 likes and various comments.

Rose 'Pretty  Lady' in full bloom

Have a good week, and happy gardening!

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Happy birthday Nikki

This year I’ve been spoilt for choice as to what plot flowers to give Nikki for her birthday.

There’s this creamy-white California poppy –

California poppy for Nikki's birthday

And this oriental poppy –

Oriental poppy for Nikki's birthday

Not forgetting one of the many roses Pretty Lady –

Rose 'Pretty Lady' for Nikki's birthday

Have a lovely day!  Flighty xx

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Tree Following, June 2015 – A fig tree

A couple of months ago the fig tree had plenty of immature fruit showing and plot neighbour Trevor, who’s tree it is, said that he was hopeful it would be a good year.

The leaning fig tree

Unfortunately since then nearly all the fruit has dropped off the tree due, he thinks, to the cool and windy weather during May.  This was the only fig that I could see when I took these pictures last week.

A fig

What was also noticeable was the now impressive size of the leaves, this one being bigger than my hand, as well as the colour and shape.

Fig tree leaf

See Lucy’s Tree Following post for what this is all about, and this one for links to other Tree Following posts for this month.

Have a good weekend!

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