Scented and sumptuous summer delights…

such as strawberries, sweet peas, sweet corn and sunflowers herald the letter S in today’s post in the occasional Plot A to Z series.

First strawberriesSummer really begins with strawberries, which are many peoples favourite soft fruit.  I prefer raspberries, but have to say that a few sliced up and added to any bland breakfast cereal certainly gets the day off to a good start.

Sweet peasSweet peas are surely a must grow flower for any garden or plot thanks to their wide range of colours (all except yellow) and, more important, heavenly scent.  They are one of the few flowers that I grow to cut and bring home where, even with with my poor sense of smell, I can enjoy their scent.

The last sweet corn cobOf all the edibles that I grow on the plot I think that sweet corn is the one that I really look forward to picking and eating. There really is nothing better than enjoying a cooked cob smothered in butter and sprinkled with black pepper.

Sunflower 'Giant Single'Sunflowers with their sunshine faces are such smiley flowers.  There is a bewildering choice of varieties of varying colours. There are tall ones and knee-high ones,  some with large single flowers and others with numerous flower heads. They are, not surprisingly,  another of my favourites so grow some every year.

Flighty's 'sentry box' shed


Lastly I mustn’t forget my small, sentry-box shed which is rather different to the more usual ones found on allotments.

I’m sitting here writing this on a dreary, wet spring Sunday morning dreaming of such scented and sumptuous summer delights.

Have a good week!

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There and here

I’ve been to the plot every morning this week where I’ve been planting potatoes and onions, and sowing broad beans.  It’s good to have started properly plotting again.

A single daffodilThe daffodils are providing plenty of colour, including this one lonely one which I obviously missed when I dug the rest up to move them. When it’s finished flowering I will replant it and several others as well.

I’ve now decided on what flowers are going where, and have already put the cane wigwam up for the sweet peas.

It’s The Year of the Sunflower so I’m going to make a special effect with mine.

Coming out of home yesterday morning around 9.00am I stopped and took the picture below left, and when I returned three hours later took the one on the right.

Wed, 24 March'15 09.00   Wed, 24 March'15 12.00

As you can see the nearest tree has been removed just leaving the stump.  It’s always sad to see mature trees go but this one was dead and the worry was that it would eventually topple in high winds.

Coleus 'Carefree Mixture'One advantage for me is that I now get more light in the living room which any plants on the window sill will appreciate.  At the moment I’ve just this one remaining Coleus blumeii Carefree Mixture but will be sowing some Coleus blumeii Fairway for new plants.

It’s dull and wet this morning, and the weather through the weekend looks like being wet and windy at times so I guess that I’ll just be pottering.

Have a good weekend!

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I just wish…

that as well as looking like spring that it would also feel like it as a cool wind has made it just a touch nippy recently. It was nice to be plotting this morning as it’s a week since I last did any, having made just a couple of brief visits in-between times.  More daffodils have now flowered – More daffodils The rhubarb is growing well – Rhubarb And it’s good to see new growth on the perennial cornflowers (Centaurea montana) – Perennial cornflower new growthWhilst working I was pleased to see a bumble bee and a brown butterfly, possibly a Small Tortoiseshell,  flying around but neither settled so I could take photos of them.

It looks like staying mostly dry and getting slightly warmer next week, although there is a possibility of frost one or two nights,  so I may just be tempted to start planting and sowing.

Have a good week!

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This year’s crocuses

Purple crocusesSadly now that the purple ones in a container have almost finished flowering that’s it for this year’s crocuses.  I will replant these in the ground, probably with the white and yellow ones under the rose bush which did really well this year. Unfortunately the small Blue Pearl and Cream Beauty ones in the long planter didn’t do at all well this year so I will replant these in the ground as well, and will have a think about what to plant in it in the autumn. My favourites were these larger pure white Joan of Arc, and the all yellow ones. Mostly white crocuses Have a good weekend! [Click on either picture to see a larger image] Footnote ~ thanks to everyone who commented on my last post.  My phone land-line and internet connection were sorted out and reconnected yesterday afternoon.

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Not again!

This is just to let you all know that the phone land line at home is dead so I’ve no internet connection.  I’m doing this at the local library.

According to BT it may take a week, or more, to be fixed. Why am I not surprised!

I haven’t looked at the forecast but I hope to be doing some plotting, otherwise it’ll be sofa flying with a good book or generally mooching.

Have a good week!

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Tree Following, March 2015 – A fig tree

Trevor's fig tree, 11 Mar'15  (1-3)As I mentioned last month this fig tree is only about 12 feet tall and is perhaps 25 years old.  When Trevor was given it some 20 years ago it was obviously considerably smaller and in a container.  Before transferring it onto his plot he made a pit for for it lined with paving slabs to constrict the growth and produce more fruit.

Trevor's fig tree, 11 Mar'15 (2-3)Looking at it yesterday I noted that the trunk had divided into two a couple of feet up with the right-hand one further dividing a few feet further up.

Trevor's fig tree, 11 Mar'15, (3-3)

Close up I could that the branch ends are now showing green points of emerging new growth.

Many readers of this blog will know that I like biscuits but fig rolls are not among my favourites.  If you like them then have a look at Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down’s 21st Century Fig Festival!

See Lucy’s Tree Following post for details of what it’s all about, and this post for other tree followers posts for this month.

Happy tree following!

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First signs of spring

Over the past week I’ve spent most mornings on the plot and I’ve now reached the stage where I’m twiddling my fingers waiting to start planting and sowing in a week or two, weather permitting. On Sunday I cleared and dug round the dustbin lid pond, which I re-levelled and put new stones in.  The bright green foliage are self-seeded poached egg plants (limnanthes douglasii). The flower patch and dustbin lid pondToday is a lovely sunny and warm spring day. The daffodils have started flowering, with these mini ones the first to appear and lots more to follow. Mini daffodilsOther welcome signs of spring are tiny pinheads of new growth all over the blackthorn which will grow and burst into blossom before too long, and the hydrangea that I acquired last summer is showing welcome signs of new growth. New growth on the hydrangea Happy gardening! [Click on any picture to see a larger image]

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