Three on the plot

I like periwinkle (vinca major) and it grows well, even rampantly, outside at home.  I’ve tried transplanting some to the plot a couple of times  but without much success.  However there’s  a small bit tucked away by the log pile and teasels that has flowered at long last much to my delight.

The red valerian (centranthus ruber) in the stone feature looks like doing well again as it has lots of flower stems on it.

The dogwood (cornus) is looking like it’s going to be covered in white flowers before too long.

The horticultural society held a plant sale this morning which did better than expected and just about sold out. I didn’t buy anything as they didn’t have any cucumber plants, which were the only thing that I wanted.  However I didn’t come home empty-handed as I was kindly given a couple.

Have a good week!


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I’ve had another good week…

plotting, again doing all I wanted to do including hoeing, weeding and rough-cutting the grass path edges all round.

It’s always good to see the poached egg plant (limnanthes douglasii) flowers, and  I sowed some more recently, including the all white variety Meringue.

There are lots of buds on the rose Pretty Lady so it won’t be long before it starts flowering.

I’m growing the beetroot Baby Beat as I did last year.  They seem to takes ages to germinate and grow even though this particular variety gets no bigger than a golf ball.

After a couple of breezy and cooler days the weather looks set to get warmer again over the weekend and into next week rising to the low 20’s C (low 70’s F) with night temperatures staying in double figures centigrade .  That means I’ll be taking the tomatoes, cosmos and sunflowers that I’ve grown in pots at home to the plot to harden off for a few days before planting them out.  I’ll also be sowing the first lot of climbing French and runner beans in the next few days, with a second lot following a week or so into June.

Have a good weekend!

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It’s not often that…

I get to do some plotting every weekday morning as I did last week. Not only that but I was also pleased that I did all I wanted to do and more besides, which certainly doesn’t happen very often.

I’ve now sowed just about all the flower seeds, planted all the gladioli corms and put up the climbing bean canes.  I even started cutting the grass paths again on Friday.

The robin was around but his visits were fleeting as presumably he’s feeding the nesting female and maybe even youngsters. One morning I stood and watched a male Orange-tip butterfly flutter around the plot but it didn’t settle on any of the flowers or plants.

Bumble bees are amazing and I watched this one on the perennial cornflower (centaurea montana) working it’s way from flower to flower.  Another welcome sight were a handful of goldfinches that swooped across and landed on the adjacent plot for a few moments before flying off.


At home the tomatoes, cosmos and sunflowers are all doing well but only a few of the sweet corn germinated so I’ve sown some more.  Depending on how well these do I may well end up having to sow direct at the end of the month.

Yesterday was dull and it rained through the afternoon and into the evening.  Thankfully today and into next week is looking dry and sunny so I guess that I’ll be mostly hoeing, weeding and grass cutting.

Have a good week!

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Tree following, May 2018

Liz, over in Lexington, Kentucky, isn’t doing an update on the black walnut this month as she has been rather busy recently, including preparing for a plant sale and keeping tabs on her wayward puppy Sophie.

On the allotment site the medlars are now in full leaf and look much better than when they were bare and showing a mass of twisted branches.

The largest leaves are about six inches long and a couple of inches wide,  and there lots of flowers buds showing.

When I looked yesterday a couple of buds had already flowered so I must remember to have a close look every few days and not leave it until next month and miss them.

Our thanks to Pat, The Squirrelbasket, for hosting Tree following.  If anyone wants to find more, and perhaps follow a tree please click on the link over on the right-hand side.

Have a good weekend!

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Seeds, ponds and flowers

During last week online friend Louise very kindly asked if I would like some seeds.  I said yes please to some white Sweet Rocket (hesperis matronalis), which is a traditional Cottage Garden plant.  I received them yesterday along with a lovely card and message. I look forward to growing these, some  on the flower patch and also near the log pile.

This is my 1280th post and I notice that by far the most popular one is The plot ponds which I did back at the end of March 2011.  It got a linked mention in a Mumsnet post and ever since then people have clicked on it most weeks.  I don’t mention the ponds much, nor do I do much to them except check and top up with water.   Both are hardly visible at present, with the dustbin lid one ( left) being surrounded by grasses and the washing up bowl by the log pile has Willowherb ( below) around it.


I always say that all gardens and plots should have a pond on them, and my two have definitely been worthwhile features and good for wildlife.  Sitting just a few feet away watching foxes drinking from them is always wonderful to watch.




Alongside the path down from the main road down to the horticultural society trading shed is a narrow border including some pot marigolds, which being in a sheltered and sunny spot are already flowering.


Have a good week!

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This week has alternated…

between wet, windy days and sunny, warmer ones.  This morning saw a slight frost but thankfully the grapevine, hydrangea and potato foliage are all okay.


At home I’m down to these last two stored onions, and will now have to buy them for the next four months or so.  The various tomato seedlings on the windowsill are growing well.


The sweetcorn Lark seeds that I sowed in pots during last week have started to appear, but there’s no sign yet of the cucumber Marketmore.

With sunny and warm weather forecast through the weekend into next week I’ll be direct sowing the rest of the annual flower seeds, including California poppies (eschscholzia californica).  I’ll also be planting the various gladioli corms which are mostly white and/or yellow. I was given a handful which are a much more dramatic colour which I’ll probably put in a container.

Have a good weekend!

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With fondness and a smile

Regular readers will know that Liz over in Lexington, Kentucky had two dogs, Charlie and Dulcie, who have appeared here occasionally.

In her email to me last Friday Liz wrote…Sadly Charley is going downhill. I have been lucky to have him live another year after being being diagnosed with congestive heart failure in March 2017.  So enjoying Charley while I have him is precious time. 

He’s seen here back in January 2016 enjoying sofa flying.

Sadly Charley collapsed over last weekend and Liz took him to the emergency vet to be put to sleep.

Yesterday Liz wrote in her email…It’s empty without him.  Poor Dulcie is bewildered. She wouldn’t walk round the park with me this morning and she’s been curled up in a chair most of the day.  She can’t be an only dog, which Charley loved, for long. 

Earlier today Liz’s email said…Poor Dulcie has been so out of sorts that I took her to the humane society this morning and put a hold on a ten month old black terrier-mix pup. Think we’ll call her Sophie.  Here she is getting acquainted with Dulcie. 

My mum always said that we should remember our pets with fondness and a smile, which I’m sure Liz will do with much loved and missed Charley.

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