My second guest blog post…

for the Gardening for Disabled Trust blog was published two weeks ago and I forgot to mention it so rather than link to it here it is.

Much as I like to grow soft fruit and vegetables on my  Flighty’s plot allotment it’s annual flowers that I really enjoy growing.  In recent years I’ve grown California Poppies, Candytuft, Cornflowers, Cosmos, Love-in-a-Mist, Nasturtiums, Poached Egg Plants, Pot Marigolds and Sunflowers. As I don’t have a greenhouse and only limited windowsill space at home I sow nearly all my seeds direct in the spring.  At the end of the season I collect and save seeds from most of them, let some self-seed and buy a few new ones.

My favourites are the Pot Marigolds which are a mix of varieties, to which I’ll be adding a packet of Playtime Mix which won an award for consistent quality with a fine mix of single, semi-double and double flowers in a mix of bright, buff and pastel shades. I’ll also be trying the delightfully named Oopsy Daisy, which is a dwarf variety which has bi-coloured flowers in a range of bright oranges and creamy yellows. The description for the Mixture of Varieties in the Chiltern Seeds catalogue says – To bring back fun into gardening, this is a jolly mixture to brighten gardens, lives and outlooks.  Who could ask for anything more?

My plot is rather exposed so I generally grow the knee-high Sunflowers Musicbox.

This year I’ll also be growing the slighty taller variety Sonja, which has dark-centred, golden-orange blooms.  These are shown as being excellent for cutting, and I’m hoping that they’ll be good enough to exhibit at my local horticultural society’s annual show in early September.


I’m always a touch apprehensive when I sow the Nasturtiums Tom Thumb Mixed as the Chiltern Seeds catalogue description states – If you can’t grow these then you’d better give up gardening as a hobby. Thankfully so far they’ve always, germinated, grown and flowered.

Have a floriferous 2020!

If you’d like to read my first guest blog post, which was published at the end of November 2018, then click here.

Take care, and have a good weekend!

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Sunday mornings…

usually see me at the horticultural society trading shed but it’s closed for now so I’ll probably take a walk to the plot later just for a quick look round as it’s noticeably cold and windy today.

I’ve found it difficult to take any good front view pictures of the white daffodils Thalia  apart from this one.  They do however look rather good from the back.

I was recently given this metal watering can plant pot, which is about 5″/12 cm diameter and tall, and has holes punched in the bottom.  Rather than plant direct into it I found a plastic pot and saucer which fit perfectly inside.  I’ve got two pots so I’m going to try growing pot marigold Oopsy Daisy in one and nasturtium Princess of India in the other, both of which grow to 8″/20 cm,  and see how they do on the windowsill.

The week ahead looks like continuing dry but mostly cloudy.  I’ll be planting out the rest of the potatoes, and starting to sow various seeds in pots for the windowsill.

Take care, and have a good week!

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A heart-shaped iceplant

It’s been  dry, sunny and reasonably warm this week so I’ve been plotting every morning.  I planted the onion Sturon sets on Monday, and  I’ll be starting to plant the potatoes tomorrow.

Looking round this morning I  realized that I have a heart-shaped iceplant.


The last of the daffodils, the white Thalia, are now flowering as seen here alongside the yellow Sweetness.  The rhubarb is growing well but it’ll be a while before I can pick any.

I’ve dug up the clump of crocosmia as there is couch grass growing through it. Once I’ve sorted it all out I’ll be replanting some.

Take care, and have a good weekend!


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Carry on plotting

I was relieved and thankful earlier this morning to see that I can carry on plotting. I’ve said nothing here about what is happening in the world at large, and that hopefully won’t change.  I’ll still be posting regularly every Thursday and Sunday as I always have.

Take care everyone, Flighty.  xx

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The only tulips…

I’m growing this year are the small group of dwarf red Toronto which have been flowering all week.

I seem to have lost a few since I planted them a couple of years ago so hope to buy some more to plant out in the autumn.  On a sunny, warm day they open up almost flat and look quite amazing.

I will also buy a few traditional ones, white or yellow, to grow in a container  next year.

Except for Thursday last week was mostly dry and sunny so the ground is now beginning to get workable again.  I sowed a short double row of broad beans The Sutton which got my planting and sowing season underway.  This coming week I hope to plant out the onion Sturon sets.

As the saying goes there’s always one which in this case is this crocus Blue Pearl which has been flowering the past couple of weeks, well after all the others had finished and gone.

They all did surprising well given the mostly damp and dull weather that they flowered through.


Take care, and have a good week!

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More daffodils

I have some white and yellow daffodils, variety unknown,  in a large container which I really like but sadly only about half of them have flowered.

Later in the year I will plant them out in the ground, where hopefully they’ll do better next year.


Out on the plot the yellow Sweetness are doing well.  These are one of my favourites.

That just leaves the white Thalia to look forward to before long.

I’ve seen surprisingly few robins on the plot over the past few months although there are plenty around the site.  I was pleased to see a pair of blue tits flitting in and out of the dog rose one morning.  In recent weeks I’ve been seeing a red kite flying around almost daily and yesterday I stood and watched one low overhead for several minutes.

Take care, and have a good weekend!


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For me it’s daffodils…

that signal the arrival of spring, as this small group of traditional yellow ones by the raspberry bushes do.

These are my favourites, although I like some white and bi-coloured varieties such as these lemon-yellow and white ones on a neighbouring plot.

As I mentioned on Thursday the week ahead is looking much better weather-wise and I may get my season underway by sowing a short double row of broad beans The Sutton. I’ll also be preparing where the onion sets will be planted, hopefully the following week.

Have a good week!

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