So far so good

I’ve now nearly finished planting and sowing all the flowers and vegetables that I’m growing this year.

At home there are two cucumbers Bush Crop (see left) and Double Yield which I will plant out  in a couple of weeks or so.  I was given the seed of these less common varieties to try and it’ll be interesting to see how they do.

I’ve still got some more climbing bean seeds to sow which I’ll do once the first ones appear.


The first broad beans Crimson Flowered are just about knee high but are now flowering.

I sowed some more this week, and I wonder how they’ll do as I’ve never sown any this late before.





The plot has been buzzing with bees this week which is always good to see.

They’re been on the comfrey (as seen here), raspberries, strawberries and carpet of poached egg plant flowers.  I recognise honey bees but taking a closer there are various different types including lots of the white-tailed bumblebees.


It’s been a mostly sunny and warm week, and set to get even warmer for a few days, so this morning I went early and met Foxy who came right up to the full watering can on the ground in front of me.  I will mostly be pottering and watering whilst it’s that warm and leave the grass cutting until it cools down a bit.

Have a good weekend!

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It looks like…

being a dry, sunny and warm week which will be ideal to move most of the plants from the windowsill at home to the plot to harden off  then plant out.


There are the tomatoes which are well over a foot high. I’ve grown two each Gardener’s Delight, Golden Sunrise, Sunrise Bumblebee and one Legend.




Only a few of the first lot of sweet corn seeds germinated so I sowed a second lot of which eight appeared.  As I would like a few more than that I’ll also be sowing some seeds direct and hope that if they germinate and grow that the young magpies don’t pull them out the ground like they did last year.

There are also the flowers, cosmos Xanthos and these sunflowers Musicbox.


After I took Foxy’s picture that I showed on Thursday she then got up and came round almost to where I was standing before turning and heading off down the path.


Have a good week!

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I can see you!

It rained all day yesterday so I went to the plot this morning just for a potter. I’m glad I did as look who was resting there.

The forecast is for rain tomorrow then it’s looking better so I hope to resume plotting.

Have a good weekend!

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There’s been some rain…

the past few nights, and some showers during the days, which was good to see and it looks like there’ll be more during the coming week.

I put the climbing bean canes up during the week, a double row of nine, and I’ll probably be sowing the first seeds next week.

All the seed potatoes that I planted are now showing foliage, including the ones that got frosted a couple of weeks ago.  The onions, both the sets and seedlings, are doing well and the broad bean plants are slowly getting taller.  This morning I noticed that the first beetroot Baby Beat seedlings are just showing.

This is one of three sunflower Holiday seedlings that I’m hoping to grow around the plot.  This variety only grows around four feet tall but forms a spherical bush four feet across so needs plenty of room.

Nasturtium seedlings, a mixure  of Tom Thumb and Tip Top Mahogany, are starting to appear.


Lots of the cornflower Polka Dot seedlings have appeared. This is dwarf variety, which grows to about a foot, in various colours including blue, lavender, maroon, pink, red, rose and white.


Have a good week!

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Tree following, May 2017

Liz’s Tulip poplar…Here in Lexington, Kentucky I’ve seen my tree make significant progress as it has grown a foot in the past month and is now well over four feet high. There are plenty of distinctive shaped leaves that start off pale green and then darken.


Note the raindrops on the leaves as, unlike many parts of the UK, there has been a lot of rain here recently, so much that it has caused severe flooding in places.

My usual thanks to Mike for letting me guest post.


Flighty’s Dogwood (Cornus)…This tree has really filled out since last month but the numerous flower buds have yet to start opening.






What is apparent is that that the lack of water here has affected this tree as a few of the leaves are already starting to go red which they don’t normally do until the autumn.

Our thanks to Pat, The Squirrelbasket, for hosting Tree following.

Have a good weekend!

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Watering and wondering

Using a couple of watering cans I water all round once a week if there’s been little or no rain.  In between times I only water plants, such as climbing beans and tomatoes, that need doing more often.


As I’ve mentioned previously there’s been little significant rain here for months and I hope that it isn’t a sign of a forthcoming wet summer. I’d rather that it stayed dry than have that happen.

It’s noticeable that some plants are becoming stressed, like the crocosmia as the leaves are going brown.



Thankfully the perennial cornflowers and sedums are still looking good.         

The forecast is for sunnier and warmer weather later in the week, but only a few light rain showers one afternoon.

Have a good week!

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So far this month…

has been fairly miserable weather-wise being mostly chilly and overcast with some rain at times. The latter has been welcome though as it was the driest winter for twenty years and spring was no wetter.  Although the ground is damp a few inches down the surface is starting to get dusty and cracks are already appearing.



The poached egg plants (limnanthes douglasii) will soon be showing as a carpet of white and yellow flowers buzzing with honey bees.




The rose ‘Pretty Lady’ is covered in flower buds and the first few flowers appeared right at the back end of last month, which is the earliest I’ve ever seen them.

Have a good weekend!

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