It’s remained unsettled…

throughout this week and the only day that I’ve done any plotting was on Tuesday morning when I had a general weed round.
The blackthorn tree is now in full blossom, which is lovely to see against a blue sky.  Sadly it’s all to fleeting.






Out front at home are these pretty daffodils and nestling against the wall are some vinca.


It’s looks like being drier and sunnier from tomorrow onwards so I hope to get planting and sowing again.

Have a good weekend!

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Starting and stopping…

plotting is inevitable when the weather is unsettled, as it is at the moment.  It’s been a damp and dull weekend so I’ve not done anything, nor will I tomorrow as rain is forecast for much of the day. Thankfully after that it looks like being  a drier and sunnier week.

On Friday, which was a good day, I planted the first early potatoes Red Duke of York and the first two rows of onions Sturion with hopefully more to follow next week.

Looking round the site during the week I noticed this plum(?) tree covered  in a cloud of white blossom.

These lovely bi-coloured daffodils are growing in the grass under a cherry tree.

My yellow daffodils continue to delight, especially on grey days.


Have a good week!

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Something new

As well as the tomato Legend seeds that I mentioned receiving last week Shelagh kindly sent me a second variety, Sunrise Bumble Bee, to try.  This one is an organic, cherry type which is yellow with flushes of red.

She also sent me a few Centaurea montana Amethyst in Snow seeds as she remembered me being interested in this lovely perennial cornflower, which has white flowers with a purple centre.  It’s an eye-catching variety, and if I manage to get them to germinate then grow I will replace the ordinary blue flowering ones I have with these.

Yesterday plot neighbour Trevor kindly gave me a black willow (Salix gracilistyla Melanostachys) whip to plant and grow. As you can see I’ve put it in a large pot to get established before planting out next year.  I look forward to seeing how this does.


I’ve had three good plotting mornings this week, which included sowing some broad bean Crimson flowered seeds. I also sieved some multi-purpose compost then bought it home to use in the pots I’ll be sowing various flower and vegetable seeds in to start off on the windowsill.


Have a good weekend!

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I’ve been delighted…

with the crocuses this year, especially the Snow Bunting that I planted en masse last autumn.  They have now finished but a few of the others, such as these white ones, are still flowering.



As these finish some of the daffodils have started flowering. So far there are these tall traditional yellow ones which I prefer to the various others that are available.


Here are the Tete-a-tetes that I planted last autumn in an arc around the dogwood.


Being a dwarf variety they withstand any heavy rain and/or high wind better than the tall ones. Some are multi-headed so they provide plenty of colourful flowers.



I’ve still not planted or sown anything and just about the only plotting that I did last week was yesterday.  I armed myself with a small pruning saw, secateurs and heavy duty gloves before cutting out the dead wood from the blackberry bush and dogwood rose. It’s a job that I’m thankful I don’t have to do very often.

Have a good week!

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Just plotting along

On Monday morning I cleared away the old leaves from both lots of crocosmia to give the emerging new growth air and light. I’ll do a further proper tidy and weed through them another day when it’s drier and warmer.


These are self-seeded collomia grandiflora plants, from ones I grow, which as usual are on the adjacent plot.  With Brian’s okay I’ve dug them up and replanted on my plot before he starts to plant his potatoes.  This year I’ve put them in a different place , and I must try to remember to save some seeds.


Recently Twitter friend Shelagh tweeted that she’d returned from Australia only to find that the packet of tomato Legend seeds that she’d bought there was empty.  I suggested that she email where she’d bought them from, which she did and was sent a replacement packet  which she received on Monday.  She kindly offered me some to which I said yes please and look forward to growing this variety.

Have a good weekend!

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Tree following, March 2017

Liz tells me that there has been no noticeable changes to her tulip poplar since last month so she’s not doing a post this time.

There’s been very little change to my dogwood (cornus) either, although there are signs of new leaf buds just starting to form.
Last month Nikki commented to say that the stems shown on this RHS webpage are very red and more bushy.  I replied that I think if I had kept cutting the stems right back to the ground each year mine would look like that rather than being the small tree it now is.

I’ve cleared round the truck at ground level so that you can now see how it almost immediately divides into three with the one on the right dividing again.


Thanks as usual to Pat, The Squirrelbasket, for hosting Tree following.

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Last week was rather unsettled…

with plenty of rain so the only plotting that I did was on Thursday and yesterday morning, which included digging up, moving and replanting the hydrangea and sedums.

replanted-hydrangeaThe hydrangea is now at near the top, north-east, corner of the flower patch where I hope it will do well and flower.  It’s already showing signs of new growth.





The sedums  are over the other side, and further down the patch.   As you see these are already growing well.

Also in the picture are some of the white daffodils Thalia which I’m looking forward to seeing flower.




I also sorted out the area by the bottom end of the log pile where some new teasels have self-seeded, which is an ideal out-of-the-way place for them.



These purple crocuses are in the long planter, and the last ones to flower.


It’s cool, wet and windy today but looks like being mostly dry and overcast from tomorrow through the coming week so I can get plotting again.

Have a good week!

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