It’s been a cold and wet weekend…

and was especially miserable this morning when it was sleeting heavily for a time.

At the horticultural society trading shed I was lent a copy of J Parker’s Wholesale Catalogue Spring 2018 to peruse.

I will settle down this afternoon to do that but I will endeavour not to order anything.

The post that I was going to do today will have to wait  until next week.


Have a good week!

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In contrast to last week…

it’s been cold and windy,  and the ground to soggy to do any plotting, so I’ve only quickly looked round a couple of mornings.

The wind was gusting up to 50 mph during last night so this morning I was relieved to find that all okay on the plot.  However looking round the rest of the site there was some minor damage, and sadly another greenhouse had partially collapsed.

More daffodils are appearing, including the Tete-a-tetes, and these crocuses Snow Bunting aren’t far off flowering.

I’ve decided where I’m going to replant some of the strawberries, and I’m going to dig up one clump of crocosmia and  plant the gladioli there.

It looks like Sunday is going to be wet all day then hopefully drier and slightly warmer into next week.


Have a good weekend!

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I’m aiming to grow

It was a bonus, especially at this time of year,  to have been plotting four mornings as I managed last week.  Needless to say I dug out and sieved a wheelbarrow load of compost each day and did some hoeing, pruning and weeding.


My friendly robin was constantly around and much to my delight was occasionally joined by a smaller shyer one.

It’s little wonder that he was singing away, as seen here perched in the rose Pretty Lady.




I’m aiming to grow less but better again this year.  The overall quantity will be about the same but a few less types and varieties, both flowers and vegetables.  I’ll be detailing what they are in forthcoming posts.

I arrived at the horticultural society trading shed this morning to find that the onion sets and seed potatoes  had arrived during the week.  The onions are the variety Sturon which I’ve generally done well with, and hope to do so again.  I’ve chosen the first early potato Arran Pilot which I’ve not grown before but I know that Jo over on Through the Keyhole has in the past.  Second earlies are Charlotte, my favourites, and Kestrel, which I’ve grown before but didn’t last year.  Maincrop are Desiree which I always grow.

Tomorrow looks like being a rainy day with the rest of the week remaining unsettled and windy at times so I guess I won’t be doing much, if any, plotting.

Have a good week!

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Tree following, January 2018

Liz in a very cold and wintry Lexington, Kentucky is still mulling over which tree she’s going to follow this year, and will hopefully join in from next month.

I’ve chosen a group of three Medlars that are on one of the other allotment plots.  I know very little about these trees except that the fruit is not popular except to make jellies.  These trees are mature, and as you can the area beneath and around is used as a dumping ground.  They’re generally not pruned and the fruit is usually not picked and used.

It’ll be interesting to see the leaves, blossom and fruit on these through the coming year.

Coincidentally just a couple of weeks ago Uphilldowndale mentioned medlars in her blog post Two for the price of one, part one.

Thanks to Pat, The Squirrelbasket, for continuing to host Tree following.

If anyone wants to find out what Tree following is all about, and perhaps follow a tree, then click on the link shown over on the right-hand side.

Have a good weekend!

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It was good…

to get back to my usual Sunday morning routine today.

It’s sunny but there’s a bitterly cold wind so I just had a quick look round the plot where I noticed this crocus Snow Bunting.  There was a lot of heavy rain last week so the ground is soggy.  Thankfully it should dry out during the week as there’s little rain forecast.

I then went on to the horticultural society trading shed which has been closed the past two Sundays.  Not surprisingly it was quiet so we mostly chatted, drank tea and ate biscuits and mince pies.

This afternoon I’m going to have another look through the Chiltern Seeds catalogue before placing an order.

Have a good week!

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On New Year’s Day…

I was pleased to see signs of new growth, which is good as it heralds the promise of what’s to come later in the year.

The white Michaelmas daisies (Aster pringleii Monte Cassino) were the last flowers to appear in October/early November but new growth is already showing.

The old stems will be cut back in the spring as they provide some winter protection.




The sedum stems and flower heads provide autumn and winter interest once they’ve finished flowering and also protect the new growth.  As with the asters they’ll be cut back in the spring.



The red valerian (centranthrus ruber) was cut back in the autumn since when there’s been plenty of new growth.




There was heavy rain and high winds overnight on Wednesday so yesterday morning I checked if all was okay on the plot.  Thankfully it was but one of the other plot-holders wasn’t so lucky as their greenhouse had collapsed, bending the frame and smashing much of the glass.


Have a good weekend!

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I had a quiet…

and relaxing time over Christmas, for which I was thankful.

The weather over the past week has been a mix of cold, sunny days or damp, dull ones so I’ve only looked round the plot every few days.

It’s mostly a bare, brown canvas but it’s good to see crocuses and more daffodils appearing.


I don’t often see cats on the site but came across this one on Thursday which had found a sheltered, sunny spot. As you can see it has a moustache and looks like it’s smiling.

Thanks to everyone who has visited here over the past year, and especially to those who have kindly commented.

Have a good week and a happy new year!

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