I’ve had two good mornings…



so far this week.  Monday was sunny and warm and it was the first time this year that I’ve seen honey bees buzzing round.  They come from a plot neighbour’s hives and I hardly notice them on the flowers during the summer.





Yesterday I tidied up the strawberry patch then hand forked round the  plants before adding a couple of buckets of compost.  They really need digging up and some replanting but that  can wait for another year.


I’ve decided not to empty my compost heap, as I usually do at this time of year, as I’m still digging out, and sieving, barrow loads of compost from the nearby communal wood bays.  I will however turn it over, which is something that I don’t usually bother to do.

It’s very unsettled here this morning with some heavy rain and high winds thanks to the storm that’s passing across the country further north.  I hope that everything is okay when I take a look round tomorrow.

Have a good weekend!

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It’s good to be plotting…

bumble-bee-on-a-crocusagain after several months of armchair gardening.  Friday morning was sunny and warm so I spent a couple of hours happily plotting for the first time this year.


The white crocus Snow Bunting opened in the sunshine which attracted a large bumble bee which worked it’s way from flower to flower.

Elsewhere more all yellow ones have appeared.


That just leaves the purple ones, most of which are in the long planter.






The tulips in one of the large pots are showing well. These are a mix of white Purissima and red Red Impression.


It looks like the coming week will be mostly dry, mild and overcast so I’ll make a start on preparing the areas where I will hopefully be sowing broad beans and planting  onion sets early next month.

Have a good week!

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Looking round this morning…


I was pleased to see how well the white crocuses Snow Bunting are doing and looking forward to seeing them flower.




Under the rose Pretty Lady is a mix of crocuses including some yellow ones.

It always surprises me that having waited for what seems ages just how quickly they then appear and flower.



walton-sheds-tea-mug-1Earlier in the week I, and other garden bloggers, received this mug from Waltons. You may recollect the post I did last August Flighty’s plot is one of…  about being one of 19 amazing allotment blogs chosen by them to feature on their own blog.

Over on Twitter various people showed this side so I showed the other side featuring the Waltons logo.


Needless to say I’ve already put it to good use as my new regular tea mug.

As I mentioned last Sunday I was hoping to start plotting again this week but it rained yesterday so although nice this morning it was too soggy to do anything.   Apart from some light rain tonight it looks like staying dry so hopefully next week will see me doing so.

Have a good weekend!

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Tree following, February 2017 – the plot dogwood

tree-following-feb17-plot-dogwood-3This dogwood (cornus) has grown up on the plot during in the ten years that I’ve had it. I let it remain and grow as it’s in a good position near the the top, north-west corner, and provides all-year round interest.  I keep it pruned to about six foot high.


I’ve never been quite sure which variety it is, but possibly a cornus alba var. sibirica.



tree-following-feb17-plot-dogwood-2As you can see at this time of year it has no leaves so that the red branch ends can be clearly seen, and contrast well with the older light buff coloured bark.


Thanks, to Pat, The Squirrelbasket, for hosting Tree following.

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It’s been wintry…

first-of-the-crocuses-snow-buntingthe past few days with temperatures around 0 C during the day, damp with some light snow at times  and almost continually overcast.


I’ve made few visits to the plot, even for a quick look round.  During the week when I did I was pleased to see that a few of the crocuses Snow Bunting aren’t far off flowering.





The well established daffodils, as seen here, are now being joined by the ones that I planted last autumn which are just starting to appear.

I’m looking forward to seeing them all in flower over the coming months.




first-rhubarb-stem-to-appearI nearly missed this first rhubarb stem, and had to look twice to make sure that’s what it was.

I was going to walk up to the horticultural society trading shed later this morning but it’s bleak out so I’ll give it a miss. I’m sure that what I was going to buy will still be available next week.

After lunch I’m going to browse through this excellent list of 100 gardening blogs, which kindly includes Flighty’s plot.


Thankfully the weather looks set to change from tomorrow onwards with some sunshine, then warmer through the week and staying dry.  I might even get to do some plotting.

Have a good week!

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Tree following, February 2017 – Liz’s Tulip poplar

This is a little like Where’s Waldo? with Dulcie helping me search for the Tulip poplar (Lirodendron tulipifera) sapling I got as a freebie at last year’s Arbor Day.  The sixty year old silver maple that had provided afternoon shade at the back of the house had run its course and had to be removed just over a year ago. Hence the pile of ground stump with pots submerged and tree stumps in the rear.


tree-following-feb17-lizs-tulip-poplar-3Dulcie isn’t looking in the right direction but provides some background to the three feet tree. Here’s a look at it from the other direction.

The Tulip poplar is a member of the magnolia family, and is the state tree of Kentucky. According to the University of Kentucky Dept. of Agriculture… “Tulip poplar is one of the tallest of the native American hardwoods. Kentucky was home to to some of the most magnificent of these stately trees.  The tree has winter features including duck’s bill-shaped buds and furrowed bark. It also offers striking flowers in May and June. Leaves emerge folded and yellow and become green with age. They turn  a clear yellow in autumn.”

tree-following-feb17-lizs-tulip-poplar-1There isn’t much to see of my tree at the moment but Dulcie, Charlie and I hope to provide you with more details and pictures in the coming months.


My thanks to Mike for letting me guest post and to Pat, The Squirrelbasket, for hosting Tree following.


Have a good weekend!

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There are times…

when I’m on the plot that I’m happy to just look and not take any photos even though I could have done.   One such occasion was a couple of summers ago.  I’d finished watering and was sitting down sipping a mug of water when I noticed a fox over on the nearby path. Slowly, and warily, it headed towards the pond, which meant coming very close to me.  I could see that although thin it otherwise looked okay but kept stopping and was panting.

I remained where I was and softly spoke to it as it reached the pond which was only a few feet away.  It lapped the water, constantly stopping to look at me, before heading back onto the path.  I got the impression that had it sat or laid down it wouldn’t have managed to get up again.  I watched it pad down the path towards the fence eventually losing sight of it. The next day I walked along where it had gone but couldn’t see it and never did again.

Missy Fox

Missy Fox

I used to see the resident foxes quite a lot, and had this close encounter with Missy Fox outside the site gates nearly eight years ago.

Recently I’ve only caught a few glimpses of one or two of them but judging by the numerous paw prints I see across the plot they are around after dark.


Have a good week!

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