On the windowsill, late June 2022

This post details the plants I now have on the windowsill, having made a few changes over the past couple of weeks.

I’ve taken the dwarf tomato Red Robin to the plot as it’s now far too tall, having grown to around 18 in/45 cm.  I think that a lack of direct sunlight for much of the day is the main reason so I’ve conceded defeat on trying to grow one and won’t be trying again next year.

The primrose I was given early in the year is looking healthy with plenty of new leaves appearing.

It would be nice to know the variety as the label  just read primrose acaulis.  A picture of it flowering can be seen here.


I dead-headed the small cosmos Casanova White but it then started dying back so I sowed  the last two seeds both of which germinated and the first true leaves have recently appeared.



Further to the May post I sowed four dwarf sunflowers Bambino and two Pacino’s Gold, all of which germinated are growing well with four pairs of true leaves now showing.  I’m growing one of each at home and the others will be going out on the plot.


The two Pot Marigolds Fruit Twist grew too tall so I’ve also taken these to the plot.  The Flighty’s Favourite that I  mentioned in the mid-June post  has remained around 8 in/ 20 cm tall and the third flower bud has yet to open.  It’s been joined by another, larger plant (see photo) I dug up and bought home recently which has three flower buds showing, one which is just opening. It’s a yellow flower with a dark centre, the same as the other one.

At the moment I’m  well pleased with the plants I have on the windowsill, and hope that they all continue to flourish over the coming months.

Have a good weekend, and take care!

Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

20 thoughts on “On the windowsill, late June 2022”

  1. It’s all doing beautifully, although a shame about the cosmos. Hopefully the tomato will do well at the plot. I have my single remaining zinnia on the kitchen windowsill after you gave me the idea, and it is just flowering. I’m not sure if I’ll brave putting it out, the snails would make very short work of it if they found it. I have ended up putting ground up egg shells around my remaining beans after losing several. CJ xx


    1. CJ thanks, it was but at least I had more seeds to try. I hope it does. Good for you, I’d leave it on the windowsill. I hope that works, I’ve just yet more bean seeds, both climbing and dwarf. xx


  2. It’s a shame you haven’t had a lot of success with the tomato plants on your windowsill but I’m sure once it gets settled at the plot it will do well. I remember growing a very small tomato plant which I’m sure would do very well on a windowsill but I can’t for the life of me remember the variety now. I’m glad to see that other things are doing well, it certainly gives a little more interest throughout the season when you have plants growing at home.


  3. I’ve never managed to grow a tomato indoors either. I’m sure the plants headed for your plot will thrive, the rest will provide a lovely display.xxx


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