This morning…

I was on the plot well before seven just for an hour or so before it got too warm.

I heard plot neighbour Fran talking to Foxy so I sat down and waited to see if she would appear.  Sure enough she did and sat down between the cosmos and strawberries to have a scratch.

I waited to see where she’d go next and was delighted when she came to within little more than arm’s length away then going over to the pond for a drink.

I’d been told during the week that she was limping but thankfully she wasn’t today.


I just watered what needed doing then picked these first raspberries, along with some more strawberries.



The collomia grandiflora has done better than it ever has before, flowering en masse for most of this month.

It looks like it’s going to be very warm  through this coming week so I’ll be doing little more than I did this morning.

Have a good week!

Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

33 thoughts on “This morning…”

  1. Foxy knows her way around the plots! The sun and warmth does have its upside– those raspberries look good and the collomia has really put on a display.


  2. Gorgeous flowers, and great to see the fox so close up. The raspberries look perfect, great idea to get down there early before it heats up. CJ xx


  3. Great Foxy pictures and it’s good to see an urban fox without mange. Those raspberries look great; I’ve started picking the odd one or two so I’m looking forward to the main harvest soon.


  4. In the heat we are currently experiencing here in the UK I think to go out early was such a good decision.
    Your flowers look great and a super photo of the fox too.
    I wouldn’t mind a handful of fresh raspberries – those look delicious!
    Hope you have a good week

    All the best Jan


    1. Jan so do I as I went a bit later today and it was already too hot.
      That’s nice to know.
      They tasted as good as they look.
      Thanks, and you too. xx


  5. I think you’ve got the right idea visiting the plot early in this heat, especially if there’s any jobs to be done. I must admit that I’m doing as little as I can at the moment, it’s due to cool down again after today and then I’ll catch up with all my jobs again. I think Foxy must be getting quite used to you, she doesn’t seem nervous at all. Glad to hear that the limp had disappeared.


    1. Jo I’m leaving any jobs that need doing, and just looking round and watering as needed. I don’t blame and that’s what I’ve been doing. I think you’re right about Foxy. Me too. xx


  6. Ahhh….foxy is soooo tame around you, you’ll be hand feeding her soon, maybe take her some peanuts and raisins, they have such a sweet tooth and love them. Her eye always seems a little sore and watery to me, maybe she was in a scrap, so glad to hear she is no longer limping. Ooooh…raspberries! Love the grandiflora,


    1. Snowbird it sure is. I must remember to take some food for her. Her left eye has always been like that but looks okay when seen close up. The raspberries are delicious. Me too, it’s a wonderful flower. xx


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