It’s been too hot to plot…

this week so all I’ve done is have a look round early on and water where needed.  Yesterday was the hottest day of the year so far with the temperature almost 35C/95F.  Needless to say the air quality has been poor which has meant that I’ve done little more than spend much of the time lounging about indoors drinking cups of tea.

I’m pleased to see the knee-high cornflowers Polka Dot starting to flower.

Thankfully it looks like being cooler and fresher from tomorrow so hopefully I’ll spending the mornings happily plotting again.

Have a good weekend!

Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

26 thoughts on “It’s been too hot to plot…”

  1. I was stuck to the desk yesterday – literally. I’ve learnt something new; I didn’t know corn flowers came in shades of pink. Enjoy the cooler weather.


  2. Memories of 1975 and ’76. ’86 was a very warm summer year as well, in London. We’ve been cooler, much cooler at about 15 degC, average.

    Your flowers really are thriving in the warmth. Did you plant sunflowers this year? xx


    1. Menhir I have faded and non too fond memories of those years.
      i much prefer such temperatures.
      They sure have. Yes I did, and I’ll be showing them in a forthcoming post. xx


  3. Stifling wasn’t it. And I noticed that the view across the river was very hazy the other evening and it occurred to me that the air quality probably wasn’t great. Quite chilly by comparison now though! Hope you have a good weekend. CJ xx


  4. It’s been far too warm to do much, hadn’t it? It’s cooled down a bit here now but Archie was especially uncomfortable in the heat with his thick fur coat on. That cornflower’s pretty, I haven’t seen a pink one before.


  5. Polka dot certainly is pretty, a nice change from the blue ones. Oh…I agree about the heat, we simply are not used to it! How the garden suffers too…xxx


    1. Snowbird they sure are, but do include blue ones. I don’t think that I’d ever get used to it. It certainly does, and we need some rain to freshen it all up. xx


    1. Carrie being muggy and a high pollen count is a horrible combination. They sure are, and yes it been much cooler and fresher here the past couple of days. xx


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