I’ve been to the plot…

most mornings over the past week or so but not surprisingly I’ve not seen anyone else apart from plot neighbour Trevor.  Last Saturday morning, which was sunny, we were chatting when he pointed out a Red Kite that was circling overhead.  The white under-wing markings and tail shape made it easy to identify.  We got an idea of how large it was as a couple of crows started mobbing it.  Trevor told me that he’s been seeing them fairly often this year,  although it’s the first one that I’ve seen.

On Monday morning this was the view across the allotments towards the tall white willows in the adjacent ecology park.

I was pleased to find a copy of the 2019 Chiltern Seeds catalogue on the doormat when I got home on Saturday morning.  Since then I’ve been doing some armchair gardening browsing through it, and will place an order early in the new year.

Have a good weekend!

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Season’s Greetings, 2018

With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year  –  Flighty xx

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More flower seeds

I was given over sixty packets of flower seeds the weekend before last all of which are well past their sow by date.  They were giveaways with various gardening magazines, such as Garden News, but are unopened and in foil packets so they should still be viable.

I’m keeping ten packets to use next year, and the rest I will take to the horticultural society trading shed in the New Year for the other stewards to look through and take any they want.  The remainder will then be put on the counter for members to do likewise.

The ones I’ve kept include four packets of California Poppies –  Carmine King, Ivory Castle, Red Chief and Sun Shades. Before sowing direct in the spring I’ll mix them all together along with a packet of Mixed  that I’ve got. Like most of the annuals this year these did well through the early autumn rather than the summer.  A few were still trying to flower earlier this month and, as you can see, the foliage is still looking good.

Linaria maroccana ‘Fairy Bouquet’


Two other packets I’m keeping to sow direct  are Linaria Fairy Bouquet Mixed, which I’ve grown in the past but not in recent years.

These are from July 2008, which was my first full year on the plot.


Have a good weekend!

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Further to last Sunday’s post…

my unexpected, and generous, present was this large wooden traditional trug given to me by Liz over in Lexington, Kentucky.

I was out when it was delivered so it was left with my neighbour Beatrice.  When I went to collect it she laughed when I asked if a small parcel had been left with her.  She went to get it and reappeared in the hallway with a surprisingly large box which was thankfully nice and light.  It is a much appreciated present which I will put to good use to carry items to and from the plot, and will replace an old black plastic builder’s bucket that I have been using for some years.

At the trading shed last Sunday I was given some prepared hyacinths which I’ve potted up and put somewhere cool and dark.  I think they’re a mix of white Aiolos and yellow City of Haarlem

I’ve not had much luck growing hyacinths in pots at home in the past so fingers crossed this time.

Carrie, A Stubborn Optimist, is doing a giveaway, a Moleskine Gardening Journal, over on her blog.  If you want to enter the draw click on the link and leave a comment.  Good luck.

I was saddened to read Lucy’s In hospital blog post last Wednesday in which she informed us that she has acute myloid leukaemia and will be hospital at least four months undergoing treatment.  I hope that she responds well and makes a full recovery.

Have a good week!

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Tree following, December 2018

Liz…As the black walnut tree that I’ve been following here in Lexington, Kentucky is unchanged from last month here’s an interesting use for the nuts.

This picture shows several have been incorporated into the base and sides of a miniature house which is part of an annual Christmas display that is held at the Krohn Conservatory, Cincinnati, Ohio.

The work is done by artisans at Applied Imagination, Alexandria, Kentucky.  They use found materials such as nuts, dried leaves, seeds and twigs for their buildings.  There are about twenty exhibits around the US, and one in Canada, and there was a TV programme on the magnificent display at the New York Botanic Gardens.



Mike…Following on from from last month the medlars trees are now bare.

It was noticeable that the ripe fruit on the trees had been eaten by birds, and there was little sign of any fallen fruit within a few days.

Liz kindly sent me this medlar jelly webpage link, which she found interesting and funny.


Our usual thanks to Pat, The Squirrelbasket, for hosting Tree following.  She has confirmed that she’ll be continuing to do so next year, and if you want to see what it’s all about, and maybe even follow one, please click on the link over on the right-hand side.

Have a good weekend!

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This morning I’ll be…

at the Newton Park Horticultural Society‘s trading shed as usual, but this week in my official capacity as one of the stewards.  It’ll probably be quiet with just a few people calling in to renew their membership for next year, and to buy some raffle tickets for next week’s Christmas Party.  Following that it’s then closed for the next two Sundays before reopening on the 6th January.  My next official day isn’t until 27th January by which time we should be selling onion sets and seed potatoes.

I’ve made a tentative start on pulling up the now dead and manky pot marigolds.  Unlike most annuals these have a tap root so I have to loosen the ground, which is still dry an inch or so under the surface, first with a fork.

I’m thinking about swapping where I grow the shorter varieties of cosmos and sunflowers next year.


Yesterday I received an unexpected, and generous, early Christmas present which certainly put a smile on my face and which will be put to good  use.  I’ll tell you what it was, and who sent it, in a forthcoming post.

Have a good week!

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There have been…

too many damp, dull days lately so a sunny day on Tuesday was most welcome.  There had been a hard frost overnight although it was rather soggy underfoot so all I did was have a look round.

These two-tone teasels looked good, and I was pleased that the crocuses have started to appear.

Over on a neighbour’s plot I was surprised to see this rhubarb stem and leaf.


On my walk to and from the plot I pass Miss Froggy, who always makes me smile.

Have a good weekend!


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