I’m really pleased…

with the daffodils Sweetness that I mentioned and showed recently.

Some websites state that there is one flower per stem on this variety but I have several with two.  I planted twenty five bulbs all of which have appeared, with over forty flowers.

The dwarf tulips Toronto, in the ground by the rose Pretty Lady, are now flowering.

One or two, in the middle haven’t reappeared this year so once they’ve finished I may replant a couple.  Sadly other tulips I planted in a container grew only leaves, no flowers.

I’ve been fine sieving multi-purpose compost to take home for the three inch square pots I’ll be using to grow various flowers on the windowsill.  Yesterday I sowed the sunflowers Autumn Time that I did a post about recently.

Have a good weekend!

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Thankfully it was…

much calmer and drier last week so I planted all the onion sets Sturon and the first early potatoes Lady Christl.   Two of the latter were really small so I planted these in two large pots, and it’ll be interesting to see how they do.  During next week I’ll be planting the second early potatoes Charlotte.

The blackthorn blossom is always a welcome sight.

The flower patch is full of seedlings but most of them aren’t the usual pot marigolds Flighty’s favourites but, much to my surprise, the collomia grandiflora which is first time they’ve done this, presumably due to last year’s hot summer.  I’m tempted to leave most of them to see how well they grow and what they look like en masse. Incidentally there are few UK references to these flowers but I did notice that on one website seedlings are being sold for around £1 each!

I want to grow the cornflowers Polka Dot at the top centre-left and some California poppies down at the bottom left.   The cosmos, sunflowers and other flowers I’ll be growing elsewhere on the plot.

Have a good week!

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I’ve been driving…

for over fifty years but have been doing so a lot less recently so finally decided earlier in the year to sell my tatty Ford Fiesta and not replace it.  It was twenty five years old and knowing that it was worth very little decided to scrap it and donate what I got to charity.

I’d been recommended to do that via Giveacar so I rang them on a Monday morning, the car was collected the next day and they advised me that a cheque, for an amount more than I thought it would be, had been sent to the charity Gardening for Disabled Trust a few weeks later.

It was all very easy to arrange and was dealt with as stated so I highly recommend  Giveacar to anyone looking to get rid of an old car and donating to a chosen charity.

I will also save money by not having to pay out for road tax, insurance, breakdown cover, service/MOT and petrol even if I have to hire a local mini cab occasionally.  Being the age I am I can use a Freedom Pass to travel free on buses and the tube. The local supermarket, library, post office and bank are all near to one another and a round trip walking leisurely takes me less than an hour.

I don’t miss driving, or being a car owner, and pleased to think that I’m also helping the environment.

Have a good weekend!

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Daffodils and rhubarb

Last autumn I was given a handful of daffodil bulbs, variety unknown, which I planted in a container rather than out on the plot.  The first one flowered last week and as you can see they’re bi-coloured.

I like them and will decide later in the year whether to plant out or replant in a container again for next year.



Last year I also dug up most the assorted daffodils I had growing alongside the roadway and one of the varieties I replaced them with was Sweetness which have now flowered.  They’re about a foot or so tall with small yellow flowers.

That just leaves the white flowering Thalia to come in a few weeks time.



At last the rhubarb leaves and stems have started to show and grow.

Although I went to the plot most days last week it was just to have a look round as it was windy much of the time, and gusting to well over 40 mph,  with plenty of rain as well. Thankfully the plot and shed didn’t suffer any damage. It looks like being calmer, and drier, next week so hopefully I’ll be doing some plotting.

Have a good week!

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Tree following, March 2019

Liz –  Here in Lexington, Kentucky there has been little noticeable change to the witch hazel since last month.

On a recent nice day I stood on the path to the house and took these photos from underneath the tree looking up at the blue sky and wispy white clouds.

I found this interesting webpage listing eight Benefits and Uses of Witch Hazel.

Mike – I would guess that this apple tree wasn’t planted but has grown from an errant seed given its less than ideal position right next to the water tank and near the roadway.

Overhanging branches have been pruned over the years giving it a decidedly lop-sided look.  As yet it’s showing little sign of any new growth.

I found this webpage An Apple a Day an enjoyable, and informative, read.

Our thanks to Pat, The Squirrelbasket, for hosting Tree following.  If you want to see what it’s all about, and perhaps follow one, please click on the link over on the right-hand side.

Have a good weekend!

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One of the flowers…

that I’ll be growing this year will be sunflower  Autumn Time. It’s one of the packet of seeds I was given earlier in the year with a long past sow by date, but being in a sealed foil packet the seeds should hopefully still be viable.

This particular variety has multi-flowered stems in various autumn shades and grows to around three feet.  There are few references to it apart from Thompson & Morgan websites which show that it’s no longer available, and due thanks to them for the picture.

The other sunflowers I’ll be growing are the knee-high Musicbox and a taller all yellow one (variety unknown).  I’ll also be planting and sowing them all in a different area to the last couple of years which is slightly bigger.

Have a good week!


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It’s been rather unsettled…

and rather wet and windy some days over the past week.

These dozen or so daffodils are tucked away by the raspberry patch, but  I don’t know the variety as I didn’t plant them.


On Tuesday I hard pruned the blackberry bush and also removed all the dead stems back to ground level.

There’s plenty of new growth starting to appear on the ones that are left.




I’ve now removed the old flower stems from the asters and sedums.


Have a good weekend!

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