The sunflower patch…

is doing almost too well as some of the knee-high flowers Musicbox are hidden from view under the leaves of the taller varieties.

Here’s one of the pale yellow flowers (variety unknown), along with another of the dark Autumn Time.

It looks like I’ll be picking the first dwarf French beans Borlotto during the week, but I’ll have to wait a bit longer for the runner beans.


The first cucumber is forming on the Bedfordshire Prize plant.





There was plenty of rain during Friday and yesterday but there are cracks in the ground that I can push a hand fork in up to the handle.


It looks like being another dry and warm week ahead, with temperatures over 30 C/86 F for several days.


Have a good week!

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Further to last Sunday’s…

post here is a sunflower that I really like.  It’s one of the knee-high Musicbox.

I’ve generally found that the cosmos Xanthos can be rather variable in colour with the yellow being very pale and the white centres/tips often quite prominent.


I noticed earlier in the week that two of the tomatoes have fruit forming,  these are on one of the unknown variety plants.  It’ll be interesting to see what they look like when ripe, and if they can be identified.



At home on the windowsill I’m growing two tomatoes Tiny Tim in 7 1/2″/190 cm (3 litre) pots. Both are around 15″/37 cm tall with lots of flowers.  So far they’re certainly doing better than the ones I’ve tried growing in past years.

It’s damp and dull here this morning which is welcome, and will save me having to water all round tomorrow morning.

Have a good weekend!

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Among all the flowers…

two caught my eye during last week, one being a pink and white cosmos.  The other was a dark sunflower Autumn Time, which I have to say I’m not keen on as I prefer yellow ones.



I’d not been very happy with the onions Sturon since I planted the sets out back in early April but at long last they’re now looking okay, and it won’t be long before I start lifting them.




The runner beans Enorma and Firestorm have reached the tops of the canes and have flowers on them so hopefully beans will start forming.





The six tomatoes that I either bought or was given are all flowering. They’re the taller ones on the right, and comprise one each Gardener’s Delight, Golden Crown, Harbinger, Moneymaker and two unknown variety.

The five on the left, two Gardener’s Delight and three Golden Sunrise,  are the ones I grew from seed.


The sweetcorn Lark plants are now all chest high with tassels at the top with cobs forming, and silks showing, down below.




It was a good week for wildlife.  On Monday morning I caught a glimpse of a goldfinch on the cornflowers, and plenty of butterflies on the lavender including this rather shabby looking Small Tortoiseshell.

Later in the week a young robin with a still speckled breast and a yellow butterfly on one of the primroses which I couldn’t identify as it kept its wings closed.

Have a good week!

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Tree following, July 2019


Liz…This month I’m looking at the leaves of my Witch hazel here in my Lexington, Kentucky garden.  These two pictures not only show the leaf colour and shape but the little witches caps that appear each year on a lot of them.







Each one is called a witch hazel cone gall and is a tiny aphid (Hormaphis hamamelidis). It starts off green then turns black and houses young aphids that have overwintered on the leaves.  The hatched aphids fly to beech trees to feed on the leaves.  More on this webpage.





Mike…Following the June drop forming fruit on the Apple tree are now changing colour from red to green (contrary to what I wrote last month!) and the biggest ones are about the size of a golf  ball.






The tree is also has plenty of new growth as shown by these bright green leaves.



Our thanks to Pat, The Squirrelbasket, for hosting Tree following as usual.  If you want to see what it’s all about, and perhaps follow one too, please click on the link over on the right-hand side.

Have a good weekend!

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More flowers…

that I’ve been enjoying during the week.

The cosmos Sonata White are starting to flower, as are the pale yellow Xanthos.

The nasturtiums Tom Thumb are providing plenty of colour.

Look at all the flower-heads on this one small Candytuft Fairy Mixed Colours.

Lastly how about this pot marigold Flighty’s favourite.

Have a good week!

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I’ve been pottering…

rather than plotting most of this week.

Nearly all the the annual flowers that I’m growing this year have now flowered or are starting to. These are cornflowers Polka Dot, a dwarf variety,  which come in a range of colours including blue, lavender, maroon, pink, red, rose and white.


This group of pot marigolds Flighty’s favourites are growing under the blackberry bush next to the path.


The foliage on the second early potatoes Charlotte has been dying back over the past couple of weeks so I dug a few up to see what they’re like.  If they’re mostly as good as these I’ll be well pleased.



I’m still picking lots of strawberries, and been giving  plenty of them away.

Even better have been the raspberries which I prefer, so been keeping these for myself.


Yesterday morning there were three different butterflies on the lavender flowers.  They were a Large White,  a Meadow Brown and several Large or Small Skippers.  I tried taking some photos but to no avail.

Before I came home I walked along part of the site fence line where there are plenty of trees and shrubs.  When I realised that there were a flock of Long-tailed Tits moving through the trees I stood still and watched as they passed by me, with a juvenile only a few feet away at one point.

Have a good weekend!

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Cosmos corner

This year I swapped where I’m growing most of the cosmos and sunflowers. I’m pleased that both areas are doing well and this is cosmos corner.  I only planted or sowed Sonata White and the yellow Xanthos , both of which only grow to around two feet. However the first flowers to appear are various pink ones that self-seeded from last year.         

Have a good week!

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