It’s another ordinary day…

apart from the fact that I’m now seventy!  As usual I’m not celebrating my birthday apart from having some posh biscuits with my cup of tea this afternoon when I settle down to read for a while.

It’s another gloomy day but it is dry and mild so I pootled round the plot earlier enjoying all the flowers that I showed here on Sunday as well as this love-in-a-mist and these poached egg plant flowers.

Have a good day!

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October flowers

It was sunny and warm after lunch on Friday so I went for a plot potter to look at the flowers that are still doing surprising well.


Among the more usual blue and white nigella Love-in-a-Mist that are starting to appear is this rose coloured one.






I thought that all the sunflowers had finished some weeks ago but this one keeps on flowering.




This group of orange-red nasturtiums sure does brighten up the area by the log-pile.


There are still a few pot marigolds Flighty’s favourites of which this one caught my eye.


Have  a good week!

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Next year

The weather has been unsettled, and rather wet, at times this week so I’ve not done much plotting. The cosmos are still putting on a wonderful show but apart from the yellow Xanthos are over five feet high which is too tall, and they do suffer when it’s windy.

Next year I’ll grow the Sonata series which are less than two feet high.

To go with the knee-high sunflowers Music Box that I’ll be growing again I’m looking for a taller variety which grows to around four to five feet.   I like the look of Ring of Fire which has bi-coloured golden yellow and dark red flowers.

Whatever flowers I decide on I will be ordering from Chiltern Seeds during January once I’ve looked through their 2018 catalogue.

I’ve decided what vegetables I’ll be growing next year and will be ordering seeds from MoreVeg sometime soon.  As usual I’ll be buying onion sets and seed potatoes at the horticultural society during January.

Have a good weekend!

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Pleasing perennials

Twinkling Stars is the name that I gave to the aster pringlei Monte Cassino that I had on the plot until mid-last year. Sadly I then found that the roots had rotted in soggy ground and it was dead.  I was very grateful to plot neighbour George who gave me another one which I planted in different area which is okay all year.

I’ve been keeping watch as it’s grown and it’s now been flowering the past couple of weeks with masses of thumb-nail sized white flowers which have a yellow centre.  I’m really pleased that I have this pleasing perennial on the plot again.

At the top of the picture you can see the hydrangea which is another pleasing perennial that I’ve enjoyed during the summer and autumn,  providing several flower heads and leaves that are now turning red.

Have a good week!

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Tree following, October 2017

Liz’s Tulip poplar in her garden over in Lexington, Kentucky continues to grow taller and is now around twelve feet high.

Despite the time of year, and a recent lack of rain, the uniquely shaped glossy green leaves show little sign of turning golden yellow and coppery brown.


For more information on these wonderful trees have a look at Deepdale trees webpage.

Flighty’s Dogwood is still continuing to flower as mentioned last month.  The leaves are now turning brownish-red and starting to drop.


Our thanks to Pat, The Squirrelbasket,  for hosting Tree following.

Have a good weekend!

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I took a look…

along the allotment site fence line this morning where there’s ivy flowering.  It was buzzing with bees and I was pleased to also see several Red Admiral butterflies.

Back in August I sowed some Nigella/Love-in-a-mist seeds which are now showing flower buds nestling in the bright green foliage.

I’m still picking and eating a handful of raspberries most days that I’m there.

It’s always good to see the first signs of what’s to come next year as with these daffodils that have started appearing.

Have a good week!

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Secret Gardens of East Anglia

I was kindly sent a copy of this book back in mid-August to read and review.  Apart from browsing through it then reading properly I’ve also read various excellent blog reviews as well.

Each of the 22 gardens has a handful or so pages which include brief details of the property and owners and the garden in more detail. There are plenty of photos, including a full page one and a montage for each garden.

Barbara Segall‘s writing is exemplary and had me nodding and smiling at times.  For instance one chapter starts…On the occasion of their ruby wedding Peter Swete gave his wife Denny a garden shed.  It was the perfect gift. 

Marcus Harpur’s photos are superb, be they general views or a close up of a single flower.  There is one notable full page, Narnia-like, monochrome  photo looking up the stepped canal at Hunsworth Hall, Norfolk.

A garden which caught my eye in particular is Hoveton Hall, Norfolk, the chapter on which starts…Water, Wildlife and Walled Gardens.  There is a large glasshouse, one walled garden is complete with a cottage and the lake attracts otters!

I did a double-take when I read that Kirtling Tower, Cambs has some 80,000 narcissus and 3,000 camissa that flower later in the same field!  And if you like tulips then Ulting Wick, Essex is the garden for you as it has 10,000!


Whether you prefer formal or informal, cottage garden or exotic there is something for everyone in this book, not forgetting vegetable growers.  How about this iron tunnel planted with runner beans at Helmingham Hall Gardens, Suffolk.


As well as Beth Chatto’s foreword, there is an introduction, a map and opening information, a small index and acknowledgments.

This is a book that I’m sure I will be taking off the shelf time and again to browse through or enjoy rereading about all these wonderful gardens.

Sadly Marcus Harpur, the photographer, died in early August just a few weeks before publication.

My thanks to Aimee at Quarto for asking if I’d like a copy to read and review, and for sending it to me.

Have a good weekend!

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