A seedy sort of week

On Sunday I ordered most of my vegetable seeds from MoreVeg and they arrived yesterday along with a nice handwritten note from Rachel.

I also ordered some nemophila menziesii var. atomaria  Snowstorm from Seedaholic which caught my eye whilst browsing.  I’m going to grow these in the long planter once the crocus have finished.

I’ve tried growing Sunflower Vanilla Ice before without success but thanks to Nikki I’ll be trying again next year as she sent me a packet along with her birthday card.

I’m still seed sorting, and also posted some off to a couple of online friends so it’s been a seedy sort of week so far. 

Last week I did another guest blog post, Red and Yellow Tomatoes, for Living Paintings.

Have a good weekend!

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Thanks, and a revamp

Thanks to everyone for your birthday wishes, they’re much appreciated, and especially to Nikki for the mention in her fff Oct 24 post and Glo for her delightful Just popping in…

New and old logsI wasn’t happy with the small area at top, north-west corner of the plot this year and have been thinking about doing a revamp.  I went to look at it again yesterday morning and ended up doing it.  I’ve now got a new cherry wood log which I’ve placed nearer to the roadway and tidied and dug over the area. The picture on the left shows both new and old logs, the one below after I finished.

Top corner tidied upI will probably grow pot marigolds and sunflowers in this area next year.

Have a good week!

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It’s late October…

Butterfly 'Red Admiral'but this morning was sunny and warm, and it was wonderful to see a Red Admiral butterfly fluttering round. I don’t appear to have photographed one on the plot, and this one was taken elsewhere on the site in June 2012.

Bamboo canesI sorted out the bamboo canes, tied them up then stood the six and eight foot ones next to the shed.  I often see a robin perched at the top of these looking round and singing away.

Although it’s been wet and windy some days there’s been no frosts so the nasturtiums are still doing brilliantly.

Nasturtiums in late October

As I’ve mentioned previously I buy most of my vegetable, and some flower, seeds from MoreVeg as they sell them in small quantities, which is ideal for me.  Earlier this week I enjoyed reading this blog post all about them.

Lastly don’t tell anyone but tomorrow I’ll be a year older.

Have a good weekend!

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A bean bonanza

Leaning beansOn Thursday with my green wall of climbing beans leaning ever more precariously I decided to pick all the beans, pull up the plants to add to the compost heap and put away the canes.  I did that as the forecast is for some blustery weather with winds gusting up to 40 mph on Tuesday, which I’m sure would have toppled them.

I was surprised to find that I filled two plastic bags to bring home and sort out, which I did this morning.  The two long beans are over a foot long and as you can see the tin is already half filled with assorted shelled beans.

Bean bonanza

Although the ground was rather sticky on Friday morning I forked over the area. Whilst doing so I was joined by a robin which I stood and watched as it found small insects to eat just inches away from my wellies.  It was joined by a second one, which came and went a few times, and twice they chased away a third one.

Beans, beans, beansThat’s the last major job on my list that I wanted to do before the end of the month, but still leaves plenty of minor things to do. And with unsettled weather I can now count beans if I get bored.

Have a good week!

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Twinkling stars…

is the name I give to the third variety of Michaelmas daisies that I have on the plot.  It’s proper name is aster pringlei Monte Cassino.  It’s compact, about a metre high and has masses of small white, yellow centred flowers and tiny leaves.

Twinkling stars - 1 Twinkling stars - 2

It’s the last plant to flower on the plot but it’s well worth the wait as it’s definitely a Flighty’s favourite.

Have a good weekend!

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Flowers, seeds and blogs

The weather was rather unsettled last week but it was sunny a couple of mornings so I did do some plotting and pottering. It looks like the coming week will be much the same.

The second of my Michaelmas daisies, aster novi-belgii Lady in Blue, has now flowered. It’s small being no taller than knee height with the flowers being a rather vibrant colour.

Aster novi-belgii 'Lady in Blue'A couple of weeks ago Jo over on her blog The Good Life did a giveaway and last Tuesday I was pleased to find out that I was one of the winners.  As you can see it was for a packet of cucumber Mini Munch F1 hybrid seeds which I received a few days later along with a lovely smiley card.

Jo's card & cucumber seedsI hope that I do as well them next year as Jo has done the past couple of years.

I’ve not done a post over on my Sofa flying blog since the end of June, my excuse being that I’m now doing a regular monthly guest blog post for Living Paintings, the wonderful charity that I support.  I’m thinking about making a few minor changes on both my blogs, also how often and when I post.  I’ll let you know as and when I decide what to do.

Have a good week!


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Tree following – October 2014

Green leaves and yellow stems on the willowAs yet the willow tree leaves show little sign of changing colour.  What is noticeable is how well the thin yellow branches show up, almost like veins, against the green leaves.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve seen a surprising number of birds on the willow.  There have been crows, feral and wood pigeons, magpies, starlings, a robin, a couple of blue tits and a handful of goldfinches.  Some people don’t think much of starlings but close up you can see just how colourful their markings are, as shown in this terrific photo by Sunny Day Photography.

The willow tree early October 2014

Links for other tree followers posts can be found over on Lucy’s Loose and Leafy blog.

Have a good weekend!

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