I’ve been busy…

hoeing, planting, sowing and weeding almost every morning for the past couple of weeks.

Foliage first early potato 'Vales Emerald'Grapevine new growthThe onions now have a couple of inches of growth on them, but it’s noticeable that the red ones are slower.  First early potato Vales Emerald  foliage has started to appear.

There’s now new growth on the grapevine.

I’ve sown plenty of flower and vegetable seeds which I won’t list here but will mention them once they start appearing.

perennial cornflowerIt won’t be long before the perennial cornflower (centaurea montana) and poached egg plants (limnanthes douglasii) start flowering.

Unfortunately the white perennial cornflowers (centaurea montana alba) that I planted last autumn look to have rotted in the soggy soil. I’ve dug them all up and potted the few that still had roots on in the hope that they’ll still grow.

I’ve seen a few Peacock butterflies this week, and they’re one good reason why it’s worth leaving a few dandelions to flower as you can see -

Peacock butterfly on a dandelion

Working on the plot yesterday morning I heard an unfamiliar sploshing sound, which much to my surprise was a starling bathing in the dustbin lid pond. It flew from there to perch on top of the nearby bamboo cane wigwam fluttered it’s wings then flew back to the pond and did the same twice more before flying off.   Seeing that definitely made my week!

Happy gardening, and have a good Easter weekend!

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The log-pile and pond…

are about three-quarters of the way down the eastern edge and have been there almost since I’ve had the plot, although this is the second washing up bowl.

Log-pile and pond

I leave it all alone as much as I can and only have a good tidy up in the spring before it all starts growing again.

TeaselsOn the left are a few teasels which conveniently self-seeded there. Previously they’ve grown over on the other side of the plot, last year  by the dustbin lid pond.

I think that the plants down at the bottom right of the picture are chicory. I hope so as they have really lovely blue flowers.

Rosebay WillowherbThe plants at the front corners of the log-pile are (lesser?) knapweed, and rosebay willowherb grows up through the logs. Both of these are good for wildlife.

The old log seatI often wonder what insects are to be found here apart from the tiny iridescent beetles, ladybirds and spiders that I sometimes see.

Thanks to Caro, who kindly sent me some seeds, I’m going to grow a couple of trailing nasturtiums to run up over the logs.  In the front area of ground I’m going to sow the packet of poppy Ladybird that I was given.

I have seen foxes drinking from this pond in the past and hope to do so again, although at present I’m not sure how many are resident on the site as I haven’t seen any for months.

Happy gardening, and have a good week!

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Tree following – April 2014

Following on from last months Tree following post it’s really been noticeable at the colour changes on the willow. The golden yellow catkins have appeared, grown and have already started dropping giving to the green leaves.

Willow tree catkins   Willow tree leaves

This is what the tree looked like a few days ago.

The willow, early April 2014

Robin on the willow treeI often hear and/or see a robin high up on the tree but there was a more unusual sight one morning.  I was working on the plot when the crows started cawing nosily and when I looked round I saw at least fifteen perched on it.  They remained there for at least twenty minutes before flying off in small groups.

Have a look at Lucy’s Tuesday post for some forty other tree followers posts.

Happy tree following, and have a good weekend.

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It’s a damp and dull…

Blackthorn blossom giving way to leavesDogwood buds  & leavesSunday morning so I won’t be plotting today.

Sadly the blackthorn blossom has already faded and is scattering like confetti but the leaves now starting to appear.

I don’t cut back the dogwood stems but leave them for the leaves, and then flowers, to appear.

What has really pleased me it is that it looks like the hawthorn is going to flower for the first time.

Hawthorn buds and leaves

Comfrey, daffodils & raspberriesHere’s the bottom, south-eastern corner of the plot showing the comfrey, some daffodils and the raspberry plants.

The old, rusty metal dustbin I use as an incinerator on the rare occasion when I do need to burn anything.

I got the council invoice for the rental of the plot 2014-2015 during the week and was pleasantly surprised to find that the cost is the same as last year at just £21-30. This is one bill that I’m more than happy to pay straight away.

It looks like there’s going to plenty of rain tomorrow then thankfully dry and sunny for the rest of the week, when I’ll be making a start sowing plenty of flower and vegetable seeds.

White & pink narcissiI’ll leave you with this rather pretty narcissus.

Have a good week!

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Frillies and minis

The yellow daffodils have started to fade away but there are various, mostly white,  frillies and minis  which are providing plenty of interest.

I can’t make up my mind if I like these frillies or not.  Of the two I definitely prefer the yellow one.

White & orange frilly daffodil     White & yellow frilly daffodil

I like both of these narcissi

White narcissi    White & pale yellow narcissi

And I was surprised to count no less than twelve flowers on this stem

Twelve on one stem

Apologies but I sadly don’t know what variety any of these are as they’ve come from various places over the years.

Have a good weekend!

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It’s the end of March

Last Monday I planted all the onions and the first early potatoes Vales Emerald, followed yesterday by the second earlies Charlotte.  Today and tomorrow I’ll planting the rest, and sowing some broad beans Witkiem Manita.

White and yellow narcissiI’ve dead-headed a few of the daffodils but starting to appear are some small multi-headed narcissi including these white and yellow ones.

Last year the gladioli don’t do well so I dug them all up again in the autumn. I’ll be be replanting some of them, together with some new ones,  in a different area where I hope that they’ll do better this year.

The rose Pretty Lady doesn’t usually start blooming until early June but there are already buds on it!

Rose 'Pretty Lady' bud end March 2014

JakeMeet Jake who I usually see a couple of mornings during the week when plot neighbour John is looking after him.  To make sure that I make a fuss of him he sits on my wellies so I can’t move.

Have a good week!

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The Seed-Shop

The Seed-Shop

Have a good weekend!

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