And what is colour like?

Flighty's flowersYou may remember that back in April I mentioned doing a guest post A Good Cause for the wonderful Living Paintings charity

I did another one Garden Jewels in late June, that I forgot to mention, and have just done a third one And what is colour like?

As you’ll see this latest one includes a poem which I did as a post on my long gone blog BookBuffs for National Poetry Day 6th October 2005!

It’s still been too hot to plot this week but I have been there daily after breakfast for a short while, and picked the first few runner beans today. More on that in my next post on Sunday.

Have a good weekend!

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Too hot to plot

My last visit was a brief one on Thursday morning since when it’s been noticeably hot and humid, and also rather wet at times.

I was pleased to see the first of the white cosmos and another sunflower.

White cosmos  Another sunflower

Earlier in the week I finally got to photograph a Gatekeeper butterfly.

Gatekeeper butterfly on blackberry bush

Don’t forget that the Big Butterfly Count started yesterday and continues through to Sunday 10th August.

Temperatures look like continuing in the high 20′s C (around 80F)  for most of the coming week so it looks like I won’t be doing more than essential watering and looking round.

Stay cool and have a good week!

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Two favourite flowers

There are now plenty of colour shade variations for both nasturtium flowers and leaves but I still like the red and yellow ones with light green leaves.

Nasturtiums, red   Nasturtiums, yellow

The ones on the plot this year are mostly self-seeded as snails devoured nearly all of the ones that germinated from seeds I sowed.  I’m glad they did appear as I would have have missed these bright, cheery flowers.

I dead-headed the pot marigolds on Monday morning when I also had a close look at the all the various distinct colour variations that I now grow.  One flower in particular caught my eye as it’s almost creamy, and I’ve certainly  not seen any as light as this previously.

Creamy pot marigold  A 'Flighty's favourite' pot marigold

This other one perfectly illustrates how red the backs of the petals are before the flower fully opens as a completely different colour.

I’ve sent various blog friends  pot marigold seeds over the past couple of years and recently some have mentioned how they’ve done with them.  Joanna over on Awholeplotoflove in her post Sunny Saturday last weekend made me smile as she said that they make her heart sing every time she looks at them.  Mark on Mark’s Veg Plot did a really generous post yesterday titled Flighty’s Favourites which included lots of wonderful photos.  My thanks again to both for the mention and link.

Have a good weekend!

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I was a bit moochy…

last week which started badly and continued thanks to some rather indifferent, unsettled weather. I finally cheered up yesterday morning thanks to a lovely card I received which made me smile.  It had also brightened up after a dull start to the day so I went for a potter round the plot to have a good look at everything and think about what to do this coming week.

The first sunflower of 2014A vivid cosmos

Thanks to the snails I’m down to just three sunflowers, and this is the first flower on one of them.

I really prefer white Cosmos to this rather vividly coloured one.

How about this really lovely white Corn Cockle (Agrostemma githago Milas Snow Queen)

Corn Cockle,  white

Over by the log pile the Rosebay Willowherb and Teasels are both starting to flower.

Rosebay willow herb flowers  Teasel flower head

By the sweet corn I found this small, couple of inches high, plant with tiny yellow flowers growing which I couldn’t identify.

I wonder what this is

I posted the picture on the Friendly Gardeners group over on Facebook and quickly learnt that it’s Oxalis corniculata var. atropupurea, which most people seem to consider a rather invasive weed.

Happy gardening, and have a good week!


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Tree following – July 2014

The last tree following post I did was two months ago and I have to say that although I’ve looked at it most days since there really don’t seem to be any noticeable changes.

Here it is last week viewed from just beyond where I turn off for the allotments.

The willow tree early July 2014

I haven’t even seen many birds on it either, just the occasional magpie and  wood pigeon, although I do look up at it when I go through the gates.

Looking up at the willow tree

What I have noticed is that it has been constantly shedding leaves presumably due to a lack of water.

Shed willow leaves late May 2014

Over on Greentapestry I’ve been enjoying Anna’s posts as she’s also following a willow. Val on her blog A Year of Two Trees is following a Horse Chestnut with some added willow observations.  For more tree following posts see Lucy’s post Tree Following July 2014.

Happy tree following, and have a good weekend!



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On the short walk…

Hydrangea outside nearby flats

to and from the plot I pass this hydrangea which is outside one of the blocks of flats.

I’m surprised that it does so well given that it’s in a tiny patch of earth surrounded by concrete.

Just beyond where I turn off to head for the site gates there’s this even bigger one.

Pinky white Hydrangea

I mention and show both of these as they’re a plant I really like, and if I had a garden would certainly feature in it.

The plot hydrangeaA couple of weeks ago I acquired a small hydrangea that had been dug up and was going to thrown away. It hadn’t been done carefully being in two halves with not much roots.  I tidied it up before planting and watering.  This is what it looked like when I’d done that.

Since then, not surprisingly, it has lost most of its leaves and hasn’t been looking too good. So fingers crossed that it will survive and be okay, although if it does I doubt if it’ll ever be quite as magnificent as the ones above.

Happy gardening, and have a good week!

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More butterflies and new flowers

It’s been the best year yet for the handful of blue lavender plants alongside the path from the hawthorn to the shed.  Not only are they covered in fragrant flowers but I’m amazed at how many butterflies that I’ve seen on them in the past couple of weeks.

Comma butterflyYesterday morning there were several Small Skippers and Small Tortoiseshells, as pictured in recent posts,  along with this Comma and a Large White. There was also a Gatekeeper which fluttered off before I could take a picture.


Large White butterfly









Omphalodes linifolia

Included in the annual flowers that I sowed in the spring were two that were new to me.  According to Chiltern Seeds catalogue the Ompalodes linifolia grows to 18 inches but my few plants are considerably shorter.  The flowers are tiny, no bigger than my small fingernail, and noticeably whiter than white. I like them and may well grown it again, perhaps in a container.

Saponaria vaccaria 'Pink Beauty'The other one is Saponaria vaccaria Pink Beauty which grows to around 2 feet.  I like these as well and it’s another plant that I may well grow again in the future.

Both are excellent for cut flowers if you’re looking for something a bit different.

Happy gardening, and have a good weekend!

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