Leisurely plotting

Cooler temperatures and some rain over the past week or so have clearly been enjoyed by the plot flowers – cosmos, pot marigolds and sunflowers – which are now all flowering again, providing a welcome sight as we head into autumn.

A close look at one of the knee-high sunflowers shows five flowers partly hidden by the leaves as they’re all growing a short way down the stem. These are in addition to the four flowers which had previously flowered around the top, and there at least another two buds showing.

The only plants now left on the three vegetable patches are the climbing beans and the tomatoes.  The rest of these areas have been cleared, roughly turned over and will now be left apart from hoeing off any weeds which appear.

Over the next couple of months I’ll be mostly leisurely plotting before starting to wind down as we head towards winter.

Have a good week, and take care!

Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

22 thoughts on “Leisurely plotting”

  1. What a pleasure to see your Sunflowers peeping out of their protective leaves. It’s sweet that your other floral sections have perked up and bloomed again for you. Xx


  2. It sounds like the plot is winding down ready for a rest. It’s good to be on top of it all before winter sets in. Nice that the flowers are having a second flush, I wonder how long they’ll go on flowering for.


  3. What a bonus, another flowering on the plot. Those knee high sunflowers have done so well. I have mixed feelings about this time of the gardening year. On the one hand it’s good to start on the winding down, tidying up routine on the other not really looking forward to the Winter ahead! Andy xx


  4. Still waiting for rain here, although there should be some over the next few days. It’s been a good year for tomatoes though. Lots of past-it things to be removed though, which I haven’t got around to yet. CJ xx


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