Summer into autumn

For the past couple of weeks or so I’ve been rough forking over the area where I grew potatoes this year.  I found plenty, and thankfully didn’t spear too many of them.  I’ll be doing the same with the other two vegetable patches over the coming weeks.  I’m doing it so that when it rains it will soak into the ground and not run off, even it it’s torrential.

I’m now bringing home some ripe tomatoes most days.  The first few red Alicante, which I’ve not grown before,  had surprisingly tough skins which I think was due to the hot weather.  I hope that they’re not all like it as it’ll be a bit of a faff having to skin them.

Thankfully the yellow Golden Sunrise, my favourite variety, have been okay so far.


I thought that I’d lost the perennial cornflower (Centaurea montana) during the really hot weather but I’m pleased to see that new growth has started to appear over the past week.


The sedum/ice plant really catches the eye at the moment now that the flowers are turning from pink to  red.


Have a good weekend, and take care!


Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

14 thoughts on “Summer into autumn”

  1. These seasons sure come round fast again, don’t they, it’s hard believe that we’re nearly into autumn again already. I’ve missed my home grown tomatoes this year but it’s been a challenging year for those growing their own veggies. Fingers crossed that the rest of your tomatoes are better, I’ve grown Alicante in the past and don’t remember them having tough skins so perhaps they’ve just adapted to the conditions they’ve been given this year.


  2. Delicious Golden Sunrise, hope they continue to be good. I am also surprised by the new growth of cornflowers. This is the first year l have grown sedum and am delighted with the flowers appearing, at least something looks healthy in the garden! Have a good week on your plot. Andy xx


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