Plot sunflowers 2022

Last year many of the sunflowers were devoured by slugs and snails but thankfully that’s not been a problem this year as I’ve yet to see any.  I generally start some off at home but haven’t this year so I’m relying on direct sown and self-seeded ones.  As usual I’m growing plenty of the knee-high variety Music Box along with a few each of the taller Ring of Fire and Valentine.

I direct sowed some several weeks ago and more this morning. So far there are plenty of seedlings appearing, most of which are in the right places.  This self-sown one is the biggest, being about 6 in/15 cm from left left tip to right leaf tip, and judging by where it’s growing may well be the variety Holiday  which I grew, not very successfully, last year.

As I’ve done since 2016 I’ll be sharing photos of my sunflowers on The Big Sunflower Project’s Facebook webpage , and this year also on Twitter  @BigSunProject. In November 2018 Toni, the Project’s founder, did this  blog  post titled Mike which is about my sunflowers and support.

Here’s an archive photo of some plot sunflowers from July 2011.

Have a good weekend, and take care!


Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

11 thoughts on “Plot sunflowers 2022”

  1. Shame the snails had their way last year. Hope you are able to protect these seedlings. I laughed at “most are in the right places” — isn’t that the way?


  2. What a lovely photo of your sunflowers and I enjoyed reading your blog post for the Sunflower Project. Which reminds me that I need to sow some sunflower seeds myself!


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