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Late on Thursday afternoon I was sitting in the living room reading when I noticed that the stems of the Iceberg rose directly outside the window were waving around rather jerkily.  I got up and looked out expecting to see a blue tit or two but much to my surprise, and delight, saw four House sparrows. They were feeding on greenflies which covered the tops of the stems and flower buds.  I watched them for at least ten minutes, and again early on Friday morning.  Sadly I very rarely see House sparrows nowadays, although I often hear them chirping noisily when I walk to the local library.

I’ve been finding the plot pond nearly empty each morning for the past week or so, and it’s probably one or more of the site’s resident foxes making the most of it. The ground to one side has also been very damp, and it’s doing more than drinking from it as it’s taking a full 10 litre watering can to refill.

This morning I was pleased to see a male Common Blue butterfly on the plot.  I got a good look at it and saw just how blue and small these are.

This is the red Valerian (centranthus ruber) I was given earlier in the year.  It didn’t look too good until recently but has perked up and is about to flower.


Have a good week, and take care!


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20 thoughts on “Mostly wildlife”

  1. Birds and butterflies! They give such pleasure.
    Are you going through another dry spell? Or would the foxes be drinking from your pond anyway?
    I did have red valerian at one point. It is very pretty. We grow the white flowering valerian at the herb garden.


    1. Liz they do indeed. No it’s the same dry spell, there’s been no significant rain here for ages. They’ve always drank from from my ponds. So did I, and I agree that it is. Lucky you, the white one is uncommon here and I don’t think that I’ve ever seen it. xx


  2. What a lovely post. Noisy sparrows, cheeky foxes and beautiful blue butterflies. I have a large hedge in the garden which is home to a large number of tree sparrows, nests and fledglings. They are a delight to have, always busy and chirping round the garden!
    Have a good sunny week, with lots of watering l reckon! Xx


    1. Andy thanks, I’m glad you like it. Lucky you to have a large number of them like that. I’m sure they are, and constantly entertaining I bet.
      You too, and yes I’m sure you’re right. xx


  3. How lovely to see the sparrows, and better still that they were eating the aphids! I was just this morning wondering if the blue tits would come along and eat some of the aphids on the roses here. I’ve seen a few blue butterflies in the garden this year – more than ever before in fact, which is encouraging. Hope you have a good week. CJ xx


    1. CJ it certainly was, and pleased that they were. I’m sure that they will. Lucky you, I rarely see any so well pleased to see this one. Thanks, and you too. xx


  4. Well, well, nice that you’ve got some interesting visits. Wish you could borrow Dina’s wildlife camera to record the apparent frolicking at your pond!


  5. Lucky you seeing house sparrows, I haven’t seen any around here for years sadly. Funny enough I’ve seen some common blues too, gorgeous little


  6. Can’t say that I’ve ever associated sparrows with greenfly clearance, but that is a lovely double result (their presence and usefulness 😉 ). I love the idea of well-bathed foxes!


    1. Belinda me too, especially as I rarely see any. I find all butterflies are tricksy when it comes to taking photos of them.
      Thanks, and you too. xx


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