Last year I had…

picked and eaten all the sweet corn cobs I’d grown by the end of August.  This year I picked and ate the first one on Friday.  It was okay but could probably have done with being a touch yellower.

The forecast is for sunny and warm weather next week, reaching the high 20’s C/low 80’s F for a couple of days,  which should help ripen the rest.

These are the variety Incredible which I’ve not grown before, and this year sowed the seeds direct rather starting them off in pots then planting out.

The crocosmia has been providing plenty of bright colour down at the south-west corner of the plot with the green sword-like leaves contrasting with the bright  orange-red flowers.

Up at the opposite, north-east, corner the sedums are now flowering with the heads starting to go pink as we head into early autumn.


Take care, and have a good week!

Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

22 thoughts on “Last year I had…”

  1. The sedum is looking amazing, I bet the bees love it. I had one exactly like that at my allotment and it was always covered in bees. The sweetcorn looks excellent, and great job direct sowing it. CJ xx


  2. ‘heading into autumn’…….Where oh where has the year gone? Gardeners like you have a seasonal clock that keeps you on track. Does the time we’ve had telescope for you in the way it has for so many of us with wretched Covid pandemic?

    Your sweetcorn are nicely formed and very presentable. Xxx


  3. I am still amazed to see sweet corn growing in England. I remember my grandfather, a keen gardener, proudly showing me a single cob of maize he’d brought to maturity on top of his compost heap. I don’t think it was edible!
    Crocosmia is one of this late summer flowers that is so welcome.


    1. Liz modern varieties have been breed for our cooler climate. That must have been a minor miracle back then. Probably not.
      Yes indeed, a wonderful plant for this time of year. xx


  4. That sweet corn looks perfect. I used to find most veg did better for me when sown directly. The crocosmia and sedum look lovely. Wish I had grown more flowers on my plot. Have a good sunny week. xx


  5. Your sweetcorn looks fantastic, well pollinated so no missing kernels. I’m sure the sunshine, which has arrived right on cue, will just finish off ripening the rest. That’s a great clump of sedum, such a great plant for giving some late season colour, and of course, the bees love it too.


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