During this week…

I was wondering if the carrots in the ground were anywhere near as impressive as the foliage looks.  This morning I dug up a couple to see if they were and was delighted to find that these certainly are.


The finger-thick one is the variety Bambino and the other a Chantenay Red Cored. Both are about 5 in/ 12.5 cm long.  If a few more look and taste as good as these I’ll be well pleased.

A nasturtium has self-seeded and grown in front of the compost heap and has the largest leaves I’ve ever seen on any of these plants.  The biggest leaf is around 8 in/20 cm across.  It didn’t show any sign of flowering until this week when a couple of yellow flowers appeared.

Out on the plot this mound of nasturtiums Tip Top Mahogany  showed no sign of any flowers until this week when one appeared with more on the way.

I really this dark velvet red colour with a glowing yellow centre.



Take care, and have a good weekend!

Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

16 thoughts on “During this week…”

  1. Yes, I love those dark red nasturtiums as well. And a lovely job on the carrots, they’re perfection, no blemishes at all, which isn’t easy to do. CJ xx


  2. What a pleasure, to have two wonderful varieties of carrots outperform themselves and then the nasturtiums put on a vivid display. Well done!


  3. I recently saw the tiniest Nasturtiums and mini strawberries. The tastes were as good as the usual Nasturtium leaves I look for and the tiny strawberries were as naturally sweet as the good Scottish larger ones. They were well sheltered, regularly watered and had lots of open air warmth. In contrast in the same place, the Hostas were magnificent and so were four potted large banana trees. Xxx


      1. All the plants, which I nurtured for just over a week, were on a balcony at the same height as the bell tower of the opposite and very close church in a city. Do you think the plants may have responded to the vibrations? Xx

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