A new plot pond

Regular readers will know that I’ve had two ponds for almost as long as I’ve had the plot.  One is an upturned dustbin lid which is near the shed on the flower patch.   The other one is a washing up bowl next to the log pile.  At the moment both areas are overgrown and the ponds are no longer visible.    I’m thinking about revamping both these areas, but if I do it won’t be until the early spring.

The new pond is a mini one, being a 6″/15 cm plant pot saucer.  As you can see I’ve put a flat stone in it for birds such the robin to perch on whilst having a drink.  I’ve put it behind the compost bin next to the log seat.

Although sunny it’s freezing cold again today so I’m not plotting, and won’t be tomorrow either as it looks like raining all day.

I’ll be settling down later to do some more seed sorting, including sunflowers Ring of Fire.

Take care, and have a good weekend!

Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

23 thoughts on “A new plot pond”

  1. It’s amazing how much wildlife even a small amount of water can attract. Fun for us but essential for them. I don’t blame you staying indoors today, it’s the same here, so cold.


  2. That little plant saucer is such a good idea, and easy to empty the ice out! It really has turned bitterly cold again after a couple of slightly “warmer” days.
    Enjoy your seed sorting, and keep warm, I certainly intend to xx


  3. That’s great, water is so crucial, it’s good to have more than one source around. I took a quick hour after lunch today to clear leaves out of my pond. I’ll try and keep it free of ice this year as well, as it was really popular with the birds when I did that last year. CJ xx


    1. Cathy I agree and would love to see a hedgehog on the plot, sadly I’ve not one anywhere in many years. Lucky you, they’re wonderful insects. Thanks, and you too. xx


  4. I thought the stone in the plastic saucer was to weigh it down …how wrong could I be. I’m sure you will be very popular with the Robin and other feathered friends.

    Hope your weekend is a pleasant one. xxx


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