Weather permitting…

I usually go to the plot most mornings but Tuesday, although dry and sunny, I didn’t as I went to my local pharmacy for a  Covid booster vaccination.  Thankfully, like the two previous ones and the flu jab, I didn’t suffer any side effects.  I then did some shopping before heading home for a welcome cup of tea and couple of biscuits.  After an early lunch I decided to take a look round the allotments.  I’m glad I did as I met Trevor who has a plot at the other end of the site to mine.  He was just packing up and going to take his dog Ranger for a walk in the local park so I joined him.  We walked all round rather than just through it, and was pleased to see a heron partly hidden in the reeds.  We also spotted some wild pansies, which are a  really lovely little flower.  All in all it was a most enjoyable hour or so.

The weather has been better this week but noticeably colder with frosts on Tuesday and yesterday mornings so I wasn’t surprised that had finished off the cosmos and nasturtiums, which I’ve since been pulling up then adding to the compost heap.

My apologies for the lack of pictures, which is  due to a couple of reasons which I won’t go into now.  This picture of the robin perched on the top of the shed door was taken last month.


Take care, and have a good weekend!

Author: Flighty

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18 thoughts on “Weather permitting…”

  1. What a lovely photo of the robin. Glad you got your booster jab, it hasn’t been six months since I had my second jab so I’m not due for a booster yet but I did get my flu jab. No side effects here either. Hasn’t it turned cold. At least the rain’s stopped, that’s something to be thankful for.


    1. Lovely picture of the robin.
      Your walk around the park with Trevor and Ranger sounds pleasant.
      Here, in Kentucky, we’ve had three successive mornings several degrees below freezing which has finished off most of the summer bloomers.


  2. Glad you had your booster and didn’t suffer any side effects, that’s good news. It sounds like a lovely walk through the park, always extra nice to have a dog along. I have just one cosmos left now. It is a self-seeded white one that was much later to get going than the rest. The blackbirds have been enjoying fallen pears here and it’s been lovely to watch them. CJ xx


  3. Love the robin. That sounds like my type of walk, a chat, a dog, lovely plants…what more could you ask for apart from a cuppa and a couple of biscuits. Good to hear you’ve had your


  4. I’m so glad you got a booster vaccination and the flu shot too. We aren’t being offered the booster yet but I hope that will change. For now I’ll be getting the flu shot and my second shingles shot. My brother is currently suffering from actual shingles (very painful) and I’m hoping to avoid that. Loved the robin photo! 🙂


    1. Doris thanks. Good for you. I had a one-off shingles jab a few years ago, as you say it very painful so sympathies to your brother. I’m glad you like it. xx


  5. That sounds like a lovely walk in the park, good to walk and chat with a friend.Feels good to get the booster done and dusted. Delightful Robin. Keep warm and cheerful. Xx


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