Plot neighbours

When I cleared the mound of nasturtiums during the week I was surprised to find a number of young strawberry plants had rooted and grown underneath.  They’ll be put to good use as I’ll give them to my new plot neighbour Julia  who has recently taken on the half plot next door.  She’s an assistant warden with the Harrow Nature Conservation Forum, and one of the regular volunteers who work in the adjacent Newton Farm Ecology Park most Saturday mornings.

Another plot neighbour Fran, who I’ve mentioned before, took on the other half plot adjoining mine in the spring.  When she took it on it hadn’t been tended for some time so the grass and weeds were waist high but she cleared it then grow flowers and vegetables through the summer, and the transformation has been amazing.  She’s had her other small plot across the roadway for many years but she retired from work late last year and wanted to keep active and busy.

What she and I would like now is for the long untended plot alongside ours to be taken on worked, as it was when the Italian brothers-in-law George and Joe had it some years ago.   Meantime it’s a bit of a wilderness but must be ideal for wildlife.

I’ve started clearing the main flower patch and now thinking about maybe making a few minor changes.   Meantime I’ll be carrying on digging, hoeing and weeding next week whilst it continues to remain dry.

Take care, and have a good week!

Author: Flighty

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20 thoughts on “Plot neighbours”

  1. Good plot neighbours, the best. Although solitude at ones plot can be perfect sometimes, likewise working alongside like minded plotters can bring such joy. Xx


  2. Yes, it can be frustrating to have a plot full of weeds next door, with all the seeds blowing over your soil. Hopefully it will be taken on soon. Fran’s plot looks amazing, I know how much hard work that must have taken. CJ xx


  3. How lovely to have new, active plot neighbors! Is there a waiting list for allotments in London or are they fairly easy to come by these days?


  4. It’s amazing how an untended plot can be transformed in such a short period of time, and it makes a big difference to the plots around them. The best thing of all though is to have friendly plot neighbours, the companionship when you’re each doing a bit of gardening side by side is wonderful.


  5. Nice memories of your plotting neighbour. It would be nice to see the ground produce again. All the previous work would make a good allotment to start on. You haven’t thought of sharing it with your current neighbours have you?

    The picture of the plots as is, remind me of ladies-in -waiting for the next blooming season. xxx


    1. Menhir yes indeed. It sure would. I’m not certain that it would. We’re all more than happy with the plots we have at present.
      Well put, and it won’t be long before it all starts again. xx


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