On Monday morning…

I was going to start weeding through the main flower patch which is mostly pot marigolds Flighty’s favourites but decided that there were more weeds than flowers.  I then spent much of the week clearing the area, forking it over, then hoeing before hand weeding and sowing lots more seeds.  Thankfully it wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be, and hopefully it will have been worth doing.   There are pot marigolds elsewhere on the plot and they’ve started flowering.


I checked through the potatoes for weeds, and was surprised to see some plants already flowering, and the strawberries are now laden with developing fruit.


The climbing French beans are growing well, so I sowed a second lot yesterday.  This is the variety Algarve which which is already beginning to curl up the cane.

The short row of dwarf ones Borlotto Tintoretto are also doing well, unlike the other variety Martini none of which have appeared.  I’ve sowed some more in the  hope they do rather better.



It was long time online friend, and fellow blogger, Nikki’s birthday yesterday so I hope that she had a lovely day.  She’s a keen rose grower and has lots in her garden over in Southern California, where it’s much drier and hotter than it is here.  I always think of her when I look at my Pretty Lady, which has is now providing a wonderful floriferous display.

Take care, and have a good week!

Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

16 thoughts on “On Monday morning…”

  1. Goodness! Look at Pretty Lady in all her glory. It looks as though you will have a very productive plot this season. Liz.


  2. It’ll be nice to have some later flowering marigolds on the plot, and hopefully, the weeds will be under control too. Pretty Lady never lets you down, she’s a stunner. My roses have only just started flowering, late this year.


    1. Jo I agree it will, and I sure hope so. Indeed she doesn’t. I’m not surprised, they all seem to have been at least a couple of weeks late. xx


  3. Pretty Lady is glorious. The potatoes seem to be vigorously growing. When are this batch due to harvested? Are weeds a major problem; do you use weed inhibitors, such as cardboard or specific products like old carpets or rolls of black breathable ‘stuff’ on the ground? Your beans like where they are. I wonder if the Borlotti type are slower growing than the others. Xxx


    1. Menhir she sure is. They certainly are. I hope to start lifting the first earlies late this month. Weeding needs to done regularly, which I generally do except in this case. I don’t use inhibitors, and prefer to hand weed and hoe. So it seems. Some varieties are slower than others. xx


  4. Wow, your rose always amazes me, it really is stunning. Bean disaster here this year. I might get some plants in as I’ve got the canes up, but the cold weather finished the runners off. Hope you have a good week. CJ xx


  5. That rose is stunning. My pot marigolds are not yet flowering though l have seen them around. Your potatoes and beans are looking good. I have grown lots of Californian poppies this year, some of which are a lovely creamy colour and some are maroon and purple which l’m thrilled with. Have a good week, Andy xx


  6. Lovely pot marigolds, such delicate colours. Sometimes it’s easier to start over when seedlings are dominated by weeds, I hope all your seeds thrive. The potatoes and beans look healthy, fancy the potatoes flowering already. Pretty Lady is a dreamboat for sure, she never disappoints.xxx


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