Tree following – March 2014

Following on from last month’s post What willow? I took a few more detailed photos a couple of weeks ago. It’s taken rather a battering over the winter months and has lost several bigger branches, one of which can be seen in this picture.

Beneath the willow tree

Willow tree trunkAs you can see the tree is just outside the allotment site, and has grown as well as it has thanks to the often soggy, or waterlogged ground,  the other side of of the fence.

Willow tree branchesThe branches don’t look much at present, but a closer inspection shows the catkins starting to appear.

Willow tree catkins appearing

Orchardier, who is following a A year in the life of a Bramley Apple Tree, commented that the willow is a good choice, as it supports a huge amount of wild life.  That includes many of the birds that I see on the allotments such as a pair of blue tits which I saw on it as I was going through the gates one morning during the week.

It’s good to see that there are now around 50 tree followers, of which nearly half have done posts in the past few days about the trees that they’re following as you can see in Lucy’s post Ready, Steady – and We’re Off! If you want to join in then please do so as it’s not too late, and there are no deadlines. All you need do is choose a tree to follow and blog about, then let Lucy know, via either of these links, so she can add the details to the list.  

Happy tree following, and have a good week!

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What willow?

As I mentioned last week Lucy over at Loose and Leafy is doing Tree following again this year and has now done this excellent post explaining what it’s all about and what to do if you want to take part.

Tree following 2014Even if if you don’t you may well want to look at, or follow, some or all of the blogs which are so you can either bookmark the above link, or you can find it by clicking on the Tree following  image over on the right-hand side.

The allotment site willow treeI’m following the willow just outside the allotment gates, as seen here last September from inside the allotment site.

The first thing that I would like to do is establish what willow it is.  Chloris  says that it looks like a weeping willow (salix babylonica) which I’m happy to go along with.

Happy Tree following!