O and P (part 2 of 2)…

resumes the long running Plot A to Z series of far too occasional posts, the last one being February 2014.

O and P (part 2 of 2) Poppy (papaver)Among the various O and P flowers the only ones that I regularly grow are poppies (papaver) and phacelia. Being annuals I sow both but the poppies often don’t germinate, with the the ones that do appear being self-seeded.   Although phacelia is a green manure I grow it for the flowers as I mentioned in a recent post, where I also mentioned the plot ponds.

Apart from potatoes, mentioned in O and P (part 1 of 2), I don’t grow parsnips, peas or pumpkins mainly due to space considerations.

One fruit that I would like to grow is pineapple.
O and P (part 2 of 2) Prunus spinosa

The other notable P is the Prunus spinosa, better known as a Sloe Blackthorn, which has grown up through the pallet patio. I keep it pruned to about six feet and in the spring enjoy the pure white flowers that cover it’s spiny branches.  A little known fact about this tree is that the wood is favoured by the Irish for the manufacture of shillelaghs!

Have a good weekend!

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Edited Sunday, 18 January…Glo has kindly given me a wonderful Flighty’s Pineapple Pipe Dream Award picture and poem which can be seen in her comment below and on her own PPD Award post.


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Planning and pondering!

It’s sunny, but chilly,  today so I went for a wander round the plot this morning just to see if all was okay after a blowy couple of days.  It was, but it was too soggy to do any plotting.

As I’ve mentioned previously I want to grow less but better this year so I’ve decided which annual flowers and vegetables I’ll be planting or sowing in the spring.  I’ve now got all the seeds, and will be buying onion sets and seed potatoes from the horticultural society trading shed later in the month.

I know what I’m growing and where, thanks to much planning and pondering!  It may all sound organised but the reality is rather different.

Here on the blog I’m determined to finish the occasional Plot A to Z series of posts that I started back in November 2010, with the last one being O and P (part 1 of 2) in February last year.  I’ll continue to post as usual on Thursday and Sunday, and I also hope to do a few more, mostly off plot ones.

Have a good week!

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Tree following – January 2015

I started following this willow tree last February and this is the tenth, and last,  tree following post about it. To see all the posts click on this Tagged Tree following link.

Further to last month the tree soon shed it’s remaining leaves and is now a bare skeleton. It seems to slightly glow on dull days as the drooping branches are golden-yellow.

I had hoped to take a monochrome picture of it on a really dank, misty day but given that there haven’t been any such days this one taken on a dull, icy morning will have to do.

The willow tree January 2015It’s been fun, and interesting, to follow this wonderful tree over the past year but I’m now looking for a new tree to follow this year.

To look at other bloggers tree following posts this month see Lucy’s Tree following post.

Have a good weekend!

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Around the log pile and ponds

Log pile and pondThis year on the area around the log pile I’m hoping to sow and grow Phacelia tanacetifolia along with white, rather than blue, borage (Borago officinalis var. alba).  It looks untidy at the moment with dead grass and rosebay willowherb (Chamerion angustifolium) stems as I wait to early spring before removing them.  Apart from that I try to leave the log pile undisturbed.

Chicory in flowerThe  pond, an old washing up bowl, is hidden away at one end, and  generally stays ice free. Also growing here are teasels (Dipsacus fullonum) and chicory (Cichorium intybus).  All these look good and are beneficial for bees.


Dustbin lid pond patchOver on the other side of the plot is another pond (see below*), an upturned dustbin lid, around which grow the poached egg plants (Limnanthes douglasii) which are good for bees and butterflies. They freely self-seed to grow every year. The only problem is that once they’ve finished flowering the area looks rather colourless.  (*The pond is hidden by the grass centre-left of the picture, which was taken last October)

To remedy that I’m going to sow a packet of pollen and nectar meadow mixture seeds comprising some 30 different varieties of grasses and wild flowers. These should provide interest for much of the year, and it’ll certainly be fun identifying what’s grown.

Have a good week!

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That’s about it

Fox Junior under the rose bushOver the past week or so it has got considerably colder, being either damp or frosty and often windy, so all I’ve been doing is taking a quick wander round the plot, checking that there’s water in the ponds and saying hello to Fox Junior.

In the sunshine on Christmas Day it was good to see a robin perched on the blackberry bush. I also caught a glimpse of a green woodpecker flying across the site at little more than head height.

I’d like to thank everyone who stops by here, and especially to those of you who comment, it’s always much appreciated.

That’s about it for this year except to say Happy New Year,  and I hope that we all have a good growing season in 2015 ~ Flighty xx

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I wish you all…

a Merry Christmas ~ Flighty xx

Robin on wellies

[Picture courtesy of the wonderful gardening charity Thrive]

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Christmas tree and Advent calendar

Nikki's tree & Carrie's robinMy Christmas Tree was again very kindly sent to me by Nikki all the way from southern California.

It’s wooden, a grand four inches tall with glittery edges, and as you can see my tiny robin, made by Carrie, happily hangs on it.

Glo (Porcelain Rose)  has sent me a wonderful on-line Advent Calendar which really is delightful.

Have a good weekend!

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