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Pot marigold - 18On Thursday I received an email from Camilla Stacy at Walton Sheds saying that she is one of their blog team who had been reading a lot of allotment blogs lately, and that she’d enjoyed reading all about my pot marigolds and looking at the lovely photos.

They liked Flighty’s plot so much that they featured it in their Allotment Blogs round-up for National Allotment Week.

It’s really nice to be appreciated like this, and as you’ll see when you look at the other blogs featured some are fellow lawn loungers including Annabelle/Life on Plot 27, Matt/Garden 59 and Michelle/Veg Plotting.

Happy gardening, and have a good week!

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Three favourite flowers

Yellow pot marigold flowers


I’m dead-heading the pot marigolds again and starting to collect seed.  This picture was taken a while ago.





Cosmos 'Purity' flowers


The white cosmos Purity are flowering well.





Rose 'Pretty Lady'



The rose Pretty Lady is starting to bloom profusely again.





Happy gardening, and have a good weekend!

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Tree Following, August 2016

Liz,  in Lexington Kentucky,  isn’t doing a post this month as she says that her serviceberry has hardly changed since last month.

Last month Andy, The Field, commented on my post that The best thing to do with oak leaves is to make oak leaf wine,  especially those young leaves.  I replied that I’m not a wine drinker but that’s interesting and not something that I’ve heard of before.   He further commented A surprisingly good wine that cleared quickly and was drinkable without ageing. Stinks a bit when boiling up the leaves though. Well worth a try. Needless to say I went searching and found that there are lots of webpages on how to make it including this one.

I took a close look at the young oak tree on Sunday and was surprised to see acorns are now forming.

Young oak tree, Aug'16 - 2

I will now keep an eye on them to see what happens.  That is unless they’re taken by jays or squirrels.

Some of the leaves are starting to show signs of dying back but that may well be due to a lack of water rather than the time of year.

Thanks to Pat for hosting Tree Following on The Squirrelbasket blog, and do have a look at this comprehensive post to see what it’s all about.

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Sunday pottering

Unlike yesterday this morning has been breezy and cloudy so I just spent a couple of hours pottering.

Climbing beans


I picked the first few climbing French beans Cobra and runner beans St George.



Onions 'Sturon'



I’ve started lifting the onions Sturon which I’m relieved to see are firm around the roots with no sign of softness or white rot. They’re not as big as previous years, or as many.



Cucumber 'Marketmore'


I’m pleased to see that my one cucumber Marketmore not only survived slugs and waterlogged ground but has got flowers on it and one fruit which is about four inches long.


Pink cosmos



I didn’t sow any pink cosmos this year but one plant has appeared which now has well over twenty flowers on it as well as plenty more buds.
Tomatoes 'Tiny Tim'


At home I’ve got a tomato Tiny Tim which has twenty fruit on it the first of which is just starting to ripen.

You can see how small they are, being no bigger than my finger tip.  This is my best effort yet at growing tomatoes on the windowsill.


Have a good week!

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Flowers, fruit and veg

The forecast for earlier in the week was accurate as it rained from Monday evening right through the night and all day Tuesday.  It was gentle rain which is more beneficial than heavy downpours, which often damage plants.



The crocosmia, or montbretia if you prefer, is now flowering providing a vivid display of flame-orange against the bright green sword-like leaves.







I’ve started picking a few ripe, juicy blackberries with lots more to come.




Oca foliage


All seven oca plants are now about a foot tall and look like this.  I’m looking forward to seeing them flower.

It looks like being dry right into next week so I’ll be plotting on making the most of it.


Happy gardening, and have a good weekend!


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Good plotting weather

I’ve only been to the plot a couple of times since last Tuesday and, as always, found flowers and plants to enjoy looking at and photographing.

Runner bean 'St.George' flowers


After a slow start the runner beans St. George are now doing well, with most of them having reached the tops of the canes with plenty of flowers on them.






I thought that I might lose the tomatoes given the state of them after that area became waterlogged some weeks ago.  I fed them with comfrey liquid feed a couple of times which I’m sure helped them recover. There’s now fruit on them so all that’s needed is some warm sunshine for them to start ripening.


Rosebay willowherb



The Rosebay Willowherb has grown up around and through the log pile as it usually does. The flowers looked at closely have a small white cross in the centre of them.




Bee on a cosmos 'Purity' flower


Among the more colourful cosmos are some white Purity which are always pleasing to see being one of my top favourites.




A blooming sunflower 'Mongolian Giant'


The one surviving sunflower Mongolian Giant has now flowered.  I’ll leave this for the birds to enjoy the seeds when they form and hope that a few self-seed so that next year one or two grow into rather bigger, and much taller, plants than this one is.




The knee high sunflowers Musicbox  continue to delight, and here are some of the bi-coloured ones.

Bi-coloured sunflowers 'Musicbox'

The forecast is for rain tomorrow and Tuesday which will be welcome, with the rest of the week hopefully being good plotting weather.

Have a good week!

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Bees and butterflies

Bee on pale yellow pot marigold

It’s not surprising that I generally see lots of bees as John, a nearby plot neighbour, keeps some honey bee hives.  Most of the annual flowers that I grow – pot marigolds, cornflowers, cosmos, California poppies, sunflowers, poached egg plants, love-in-a-mist and nasturtiums – are all attractive to bees and butterflies.  



Two bees on a teasel flower head


I usually grow a few teasels for the bees, butterflies and goldfinches.  I often see bees, rarely butterflies and only once goldfinches.   On Tuesday the flower heads were buzzing with bees, often with several on one at the same time.




White butterfly on the lavender


Over the past week I’ve been lucky enough to see various butterflies on the plot. There have been plenty of the common white ones like this Large White on the lavender, which has also attracted some Skippers.




Speckled Wood butterfly on the grape vine


This Speckled Wood is resting on the grape vine, and is one that I don’t see very often.





Best of all was this Gatekeeper,  one of several that I saw on Tuesday morning, on a sunflower Musicbox flower.  Initially it had it’s wings closed but I waited for them to open.

Gatekeeper butterfly on sunflower Musicbox - 3

And don’t forget that the big butterfly count is on until Sunday, 7th August.

Happy gardening, and have a good weekend!

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