Some autumn surprises

There were some autumn surprises to be seen last week such as the dogwood (cornus sibericia?) leaves turning red but it’s also flowering again!

Dogwood flower & leaves   Dogwood flower

Red Duke of York potato foliage



I must have missed digging up one of the first early Red Duke of York potatoes as this foliage has appeared. I’ll leave it be but it’s almost sure to be killed off by the first frosts.




Gladioli 'White Goddess' flower spike



Another surprise is this gladioli White Goddess flower spike, which would be great to see flower.

As you can see the pink cosmos are still doing well.




Parasol fungi


This delicate looking Pleated Inkcap toadstool was just a couple of inches high.


Have a good week!

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Tree Following October 2015 – Both trees

Liz’s Stewartia

Here in Lexington, Kentucky following a rather dry period it’s been dreary with intermittent showers to start October off.  The Stewartia leaves are now changing colour giving it an autumnal look. I’m hoping that before they drop they’ll provide an en masse display of colour.  I’m also wondering what the white splodges are on the leaves. In the right hand-hand picture green lichen can be seen on the bark.

Liz's Stewartia Oct'15 - 1     Liz's Stewartia Oct'15 - 2

My usual thanks to Mike for letting me guest post, and to Lucy for hosting Tree Following.

A Fig Tree

Dying leaves & ripening figs


Taking a look at this tree last week I wondered if any of the figs had ripened enough to eat but I’ve not seen Trevor to ask him.


Golden yellow fig tree leaf

That apart it’s noticeable how the the leaves are now changing colour from glossy green to golden yellow as they die back prior to dropping.


See Lucy’s Tree Following post (link above) for details of what this is all about, and this one for links to other Tree Following posts for this month.

Have a good weekend!

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Early October

Borlotti bean podsAs the weather is forecast to be dull and wet from tomorrow through mid-week I decided to do what I posted about last Thursday regarding the Barlotto beans.   I’ve now got around eighty pods at home ranging in colour from red through to light brown.  As they’re nice and dry they shouldn’t go musty as they sometimes do.

Michaelmas daisiesThis morning I picked the last of the sweet corn.  I was surprised that I got any cobs as these were the third lot I sowed. They were small and could have done with more time and sunshine to ripen properly. I’ll leave the stems in the ground and pull them up after I’ve emptied the compost heap at the end of February or early March.  I’ll flatten then lay them criss-cross on the ground  in the bottom of the compost bin and start the new heap over the top.

The blue asters (Michaelmas daisies) are now in full flower and buzzing with bees.

Have a good week!

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It’s been ideal…

plotting weather this week so I’ve been making the most of it.  The three vegetable growing areas are now clear except for the Borlotto beans which I still have to pick, then pull up and add to the compost heap all the climbing bean plants, put away the canes and fork over the area.

Candytuft (Iberis)

Because some of the flowers are still busy blooming I’m having to be rather more careful working through the patch dead-heading and weeding.

On Tuesday I noticed this unfamiliar flower which on checking I find is a Candytuft (Iberis umbellata) which I certainly didn’t plant or sow.  I’m looking for a small hardy annual to sow and grow in the long planter next year once the crocus have finished and may well try Candytuft ‘Fairy’ Mixed Colours which is a dwarf variety in shades of lilac, purple, rose and white.

A small cosmos

Yesterday I was surprised to find this tiny cosmos. The plant is only few inches tall and my finger tip shows just how small the flower is.

Yellow cosmos & various nasturtiums

This mound of yellow cosmos and various coloured nasturtiums has been looking impressive for weeks now.

Happy gardening, and have a good weekend!

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Sunshine and flowers…

Bee on a California poppy

are what I’ve been enjoying this morning, and the last couple of days, whilst plotting. There are still plenty of bees around as seen on this California poppy and the nasturtiums.

Bee on the nasturtiums






How about these creamy-yellow pot marigolds, which are definitely Flighty’s favourites.

Creamy-yellow pot marigolds

Two favouite flowers


or this bright orange one, contrasting nicely with a white cosmos.


Deep pink cosmos





A different coloured cosmos is this pinky-red one, which I have to say I’m not that keen on.



As a  reminder that it’s not summer but autumn are these large red dogwood rose hips.

Dog rose hips

The forecast for the coming week is rather cool, dry and mostly sunny which is ideal plotting weather.

Have a good week!

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Into autumn

It’s been a mix of sunny and wet days this week.  I’ve been cutting the grass paths around and on the plot. It’s one of my least favourite jobs so I don’t do it very often, and when I do I spread it over several days.

Cabbage & patty pan courgette

Yesterday plot neighbour David kindly gave me a small cabbage and a white patty pan courgette, seen here on a ten inch dinner plate to give some idea of size.

I’m not sure how I’m going to cook them so any suggestions would be welcome.


Tomatoes 'Golden Sunrise'

Some of the tomatoes that I picked are now ripening including these yellow Golden Sunrise ones I grow most years.

The windowsill plants only produced a handful of small fruit but I will try again next year.  I’ve been recommended the variety Tiny Tim.

Mahogany nasturtium


I came across this mahogany coloured nasturtium yesterday which is a bit different to the more usual orange, red and yellow ones.


Happy gardening, and have a good weekend!

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September plotting

TomatoesInevitably the tomatoes have succumbed to blight so I’ve picked the fruit to hopefully ripen at home.  The red one is an inch diameter so you can see most of them are small.


Runner bean seeds

The runner beans are now getting big, long and stringy so I’m shelling the good size beans to dry before storing to cook and eat over the coming weeks.

Lilac & white gladioli


This is the last gladioli to flower, a rather lovely lilac and white one.


Yesterday was a glorious day so I planted some allium roseum bulbs out on the plot and crocus chryanthus mixed in the long planter.




I’m always happy to have a robin keep me company as I have the past few days.  This one is rather camera shy but I did get this one, none too clear, photo.


Have a good week!

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