Off to a quiet start

On Thursday morning this robin appeared as soon as I arrived to look round the plot.


For much of the time it was less than arm’s length away.  The dark smudges on it’s forehead and left flank looked like damp earth.

This morning was rather damp and dull so it all looked a bit dispiriting, although it was good to see a fox crossing the roadway towards the other end of the site.  I’ve not seen any for ages but know that they are still around.

I then went on to the horticultural society trading shed to renew my membership for this year, which cost me the princely sum of £1-50.  Over a cup of tea and some cake I chatted with the others about Christmas, the weather and the sad news that a long-standing member had died last week.

As I mentioned recently I’ve returned to the team of shed stewards, after an absence of some years, but my first stint isn’t until the end of the month. By then the onion sets and seed potatoes should be on sale so it could be a busy morning.

Have a good week!

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Happy dreaming!

My first visit to the plot this year was on Monday morning, which was cold and frosty.  No sooner had I arrived and a robin appeared, perching close-by in the blackthorn.

robin-in-the-blackthorn-2-jan16Looking round I was pleased to see that the crocuses Snow Bunting are appearing en masse, and a closer look at the base of the sedum stems reveals new growth.

crocuses-snow-bunting-appearing-2-jan16    sedums-new-growth-mid-dec16



I noticed this on Facebook and/or Twitter earlier in the week which I like and agree with, so happy dreaming!


Have a good weekend!


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Grow something new from seed…

I was pleased to receive the 2017 Chiltern Seeds catalogue a few days before Christmas, since when I’ve been browsing through it looking at the several thousand items listed on nearly two hundred pages.   There are common, exotic, rare and unusual plants from around the world ranging from just a couple of inches to the world’s tallest tree at nearly four hundred feet high.  Much as I would like to try growing many of them reality soon kicks in and I end up looking for plants that I can easily grow on the plot.  I’ve already got most of the flower, and vegetable, seeds that I need, and want, for this year so my forthcoming order will be a small one.

I’ve grown chicory before for the lovely clear, bright blue flowers but didn’t last year so that goes on the list, and I like the look of the newly listed nasturtium (Tropaeolum minus) Tip Top Mahogany which has golden-green foliage.



Grow something new from seed is what it says on the front cover of the catalogue and most years I do just that. I’ve decided to try Viscaria oculata Formula Colours Mixed which it says is a cottage garden plant thought by some to be the most beautiful of hardy annuals.  I certainly like the look of them.

No doubt there will be other plants on my list by the time I’ve finished looking and ready to place an order.


Have a good week, and happy gardening in 2017!

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I’ve mostly been sofa flying,…

I hope that everyone had a good Christmas, thankfully mine was quiet and relaxing just as I like it. I took a walk round the allotments on the mornings when it was frosty and sunny but I didn’t linger too long.

After lunch I’ve mostly been sofa flying, settling down to read a good book like the man in this wonderful Gary Bunt painting .


christmas-at-batterseagold-oak-leafThanks to everyone who sent me cards, and especially to Jo, at Through the Keyhole, for sending me two books one of which was the heartwarming Christmas at Battersea,  Liz who sent me a box of delicious Old Kentucky Chocolate Throughbreds and Nikki for this lovely gold oak leaf decoration.


Have a good weekend, and Happy New Year!

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A Merry Christmas!

This is Thrive‘s  Gardener’s Friend Christmas card that I bought and sent to family and friends this year.gardeners-friend-thrive-christmas-card



is the leading charity in the UK that uses gardening to bring about positive changes in the lives of people who are living with disabilities  or ill health, or are isolated, disadvantaged or vulnerable.  It’s a charity that I’m happy to donate to and support.

Have a good week, and a Merry Christmas!

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Plot, party and home


The only colour on the plot now are the strawberry leaves.

On the occasional sunny days I’m still digging out, and sieving, a wheelbarrow load of compost from one of the nearby communal wood chip bays. I’m now heaping it next to the blackberry bush to use in the spring rather than spreading it over the vegetable patches now.



Last Sunday morning was the horticultural society’s Christmas party held at the trading shed with free food and drink, and a raffle.  There was a good crowd there and it was an enjoyable couple of hours, but I didn’t win anything in the raffle.  It nice to see Bonnie, a lovely Battersea Dogs Home rescue dog, who I shared a couple of biscuits with.

top-of-the-christmas-tomato-treeWho needs a Christmas tree when you can have a tomato plant!

At home the Tiny Tim has two tiny fruit on it. There’s a red one ready to eat and a still green one right at the top of the plant which I’m hoping will be ripe by Christmas Day.   Note the little felt robin decoration!


I’ll be doing a post on Sunday and the one after that probably won’t be until Thursday 29th.

Have a good weekend!

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Happy Christmas reading!

Among the various books that I’ll be reading over the next few weeks will be several seasonal classic crime stories.



One is the mystery Murder for Christmas by Francis Duncan which he wrote in 1949.  It was the second in his Mordecai Tremaine series, and a book that I don’t think I have ever read.




Another is Silent Nights – Christmas Mysteries which is an anthology of stories edited by Martin Edwards.  It includes ones by well known authors like Dorothy L.Sayers as well as little-known writers such as Ralph Plummer.




For my e-reader I’ve bought Hercule Poirot’s Christmas by Agatha Christie.  I’m sure to have read this, albeit a long time ago, but don’t recollect the story.


Happy Christmas reading!

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