Last rose and first daffodils

It rained most of Sunday and Monday so when I looked round on Tuesday morning I was relieved to see that although the ground was soggy it wasn’t waterlogged.

Last rose 'Pretty Lady'


The past week has seen a hard frost, heavy rain and high winds so yesterday  I was surprised to see what must surely now be the last rose Pretty Lady for this year.  




Daffodils apppearing


I was also surprised to see these first daffodils appearing.  They’re some of the ones that I didn’t dig up when I planted the new ones in September.


Have a good weekend!

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The flowers and vegetables…

Calendula officinalis 'Oops a Daisy'that I’ll be growing next year will be much the same as previously, although there will be some different varieties.


The flowers are mostly ones that I’ve saved along with a handful that I recently bought  from  Chiltern Seeds last month when they had a sale.  They included this colourful dwarf pot marigold Oopsy Daisy which I’m going to grow in the long planter once the crocus have finished, and try in a pot at home on the windowsill.


broad-bean-crimson-floweredAs usual I bought my vegetable seeds from MoreVeg. I ordered them online on a Sunday afternoon, got sent an email late the next day to say they were in the post and received them the following morning.  As well as being well packaged there was a hand written note which said…Hello Mike, Thank you for your order, Happy gardening, Rachel@MoreVeg.  The eleven packets of seeds cost just over £10- so were post free which was another bonus. If like me you only need small quantities of seeds then do try them.  I’m particularly looking forward to growing the broad bean Crimson Flowereda heritage variety that doesn’t grow too tall and mostly immune to blackfly.

(Pictures with thanks to Chiltern Seeds and MoreVeg.)

Have a good week!

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Winding down

I’ve been making the most of the few sunny days over the past week or so to do some hoeing, pruning and weeding.

Yesterday I weeded the raspberry patch, pulled up the cosmos and pruned the Michaelmas daisies.  That just leaves cutting the comfrey to add to the compost heap and digging up the oca tubers, both of which I’ll hopefully do next week.



It’s good to see new growth on the Red Valerian (Centranthrus ruber), which was still flowering a few weeks ago.





The poached egg plants (Limnanthes douglasii) are prolific self-seeders and already growing well around the dustbin lid pond for next year.



During the days when it’s been chilly, damp and dull I’ve spent some time seed sorting and now only have the pot marigolds (Calendula officinalis) left to do.  Much as I enjoy doing this I will be glad when I’ve finished.

I’ve also got most of the flower and vegetable seeds I want for next year.  As usual I’ll be buying onion sets and seed potatoes at the horticultural society trading shed in January.

Have a good weekend!

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Remembrance Sunday 2016

Always & Forever

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Tree Following, November 2016

tree-following-nov16-1It’s been a glorious autumn here in the UK with many trees providing a wonderful, colourful display but sadly the past week or so has seen that coming to an end as they now shed their leaves.


The young oak tree that I’m following has not been one of those trees as the leaves are only slowly changing from green through yellow to brown and, as yet,  shows little sign of shedding them.








Liz, over in Lexington, Kentucky, isn’t doing a post this month as she says that there’s been no noticeable changes to her serviceberry since last month.

My thanks to Pat, The Squirrelbasket, for kindly hosting Tree Following.  Do have a look at this post to see what it’s all about.

Have a good weekend!

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That is Flighty’s plot

Following on from from last Sunday’s post here is the bottom half of the plot, showing the other two vegetable patches.


The old metal dustbin gets used occasionally as an incinerator, and to the right of it are the comfrey plants and behind them the raspberry bushes.  Over on the left are some nasturtiums and a clump of crocosmia.  This patch will be where I’ll be growing potatoes next year.

The other,  smaller patch will be used to grow broad, French climbing and runner beans along with the sweetcorn.  Over by the western boundary path, between the two patches is the log pile and washing up bowl pond.  The rosebay willowherb, teasels and more nasturtiums grow there.

The picture below shows the shed and compost bin area.


From left to right there’s the dog rose, the blackthorn which has grown up through the pallet patio, the sentry box shed, stored bamboo canes and log seat,  compost bin and rose Pretty Lady.  There’s also a grape vine which covers the back of the shed in summer. Behind all these is the eastern boundary path which runs north to south. Hidden at the base of the rose is Fox Junior, and to his right are some pot marigolds.   The bottom left area will be the new  sunflower patch, which I mentioned last week.

And that is Flighty’s plot, officially Plot 124A a half plot measuring around thirty by sixty feet which I’ll have had ten years next year.

Have a good week!

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It was a good October…

generally, and especially as far as plotting went.  However there’s been some noticeable changes already this month thanks to the clocks changing last weekend, the first frost yesterday and much cooler weather.


That’s a view down over the bottom half of the plot which I’ll be doing a post about soon as a follow-on to last Sunday’s one.



At home my windowsill tomato Tiny Tim is still growing, flowering and fruiting. I’ve just re-staked it as it’s now about thirty inches tall.

Picking and eating tomatoes that I’ve grown in November is certainly a first for me.





Looking out my front window I can see this small tree which has had bright flame-orange leaves on it for the past few weeks providing some welcome colour on gloomy days.


Happy gardening, and have a good weekend!


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