Double delights

I acquired a nice china plant pot during May and then wondered what to put in it.  A couple of weeks later I was at the horticultural society trading shed looking at the charity sale plants where I noticed some gazania Daybreak.  I bought a few which I repotted, with the best plant going into a five inch plastic pot which fits perfectly into the china one. It’s grown well since and flowered yesterday.

A frost in late April  affected several plot plants including the hydrangea, but thankfully since then it has recovered. However I was resigned to having to wait another year for it to flower for the first time.  It’s partly hidden by cornflowers and pot marigolds so on Friday when I had a closer look I was delighted to see that it’s showing some flower buds.


It looks like being good plotting weather next week so I’ll be making the most of it.

Have a good week!

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It was ten years ago…

this week that I signed the Form of Agreement for Letting for the allotment garden numbered 124A, otherwise known as Flighty’s plot.

At that time I was still working, although only part-time, and have since retired so over the past few years have been able, weather permitting, to spend a few hours most days year round happily plotting, pottering or just pondering. The benefits to my general well-being have been considerable throughout this time.  I live in a flat and don’t have a garden which has to be one of my few regrets, but the plot has certainly made up for that in most ways.

These two pictures were taken this morning and looking at them make me reflect on just what I’ve achieved in the past ten years.  I like to think that my mum, a life-long passionate gardener, would have approved.

Happy gardening, and have a good weekend!

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So far, pretty good

Looking round this morning I’m well pleased with just about everything that I’m growing this year.

Further to Thursday’s post the knee-high cornflowers Polka Dot colours include blue, lavender, maroon, pink, red, rose and white.


All the sweet corn plants are doing well, and I hope that I end up with plenty of cobs.



I’ve eight tomato plants all of which now have flowers on them.  One was given to me and is an unknown variety that produces very dark, aubergine coloured, fruit. The leaves and stems are noticeably darker than the others.



I hand lifted the first few first early potatoes Pentland Javelin and Red Duke of York even though the foliage hasn’t yet started dying back.  The four shown here are about large egg sized.



It looks like being another mostly dry and sunny week ahead, but thankfully cooler and fresher than recently,  so hopefully I’ll be plotting most mornings.

Have a good week!

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It’s been too hot to plot…

this week so all I’ve done is have a look round early on and water where needed.  Yesterday was the hottest day of the year so far with the temperature almost 35C/95F.  Needless to say the air quality has been poor which has meant that I’ve done little more than spend much of the time lounging about indoors drinking cups of tea.

I’m pleased to see the knee-high cornflowers Polka Dot starting to flower.

Thankfully it looks like being cooler and fresher from tomorrow so hopefully I’ll spending the mornings happily plotting again.

Have a good weekend!

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This morning…

I was on the plot well before seven just for an hour or so before it got too warm.

I heard plot neighbour Fran talking to Foxy so I sat down and waited to see if she would appear.  Sure enough she did and sat down between the cosmos and strawberries to have a scratch.

I waited to see where she’d go next and was delighted when she came to within little more than arm’s length away then going over to the pond for a drink.

I’d been told during the week that she was limping but thankfully she wasn’t today.


I just watered what needed doing then picked these first raspberries, along with some more strawberries.



The collomia grandiflora has done better than it ever has before, flowering en masse for most of this month.

It looks like it’s going to be very warm  through this coming week so I’ll be doing little more than I did this morning.

Have a good week!

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It’s been dry and warm…

this week, as well as being less windy.


I’ve been picking strawberries every day, a few to eat whilst plotting and the rest to bring home.



I’ve sown poppy seeds some years which have never done well but a few have appeared this year,  small red ones and larger purple ones.


I will leave them to seed and see any appear next year.

I’m not growing any California poppies this year but a few self-seeded from last year.

It looks like getting warmer over the weekend reaching  30 degrees C/ mid 80’s F. That’s way to hot for me so I’ll be going to the plot early just to water and pick some strawberries before coming home for a welcome cup of tea.

Have a good weekend!

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It was windy…

most of last week, with Tuesday being particularly bad as it rained most of the day as well. Thankfully when I looked round on Wednesday morning I found only minor damage apart from two toppled teasels which had been uprooted so I righted then staked them.

The pot marigold flowers are increasing daily providing a patchwork area of bright colours,  including this one.


This cosmos is from one that self-seeded last year.   The plants below are from seeds I sowed a couple of months ago being a mix of the white Purity, red and white Veloutte and an unknown variety which is white with a hint of pink.

I always give Nikki a rose Pretty Lady for her birthday, which is tomorrow.  Some years I’ve wondered if it would start flowering in time but this year I had to remember to take a picture before it finished!   She’s also starting a new job so Good luck and Happy Birthday Nikki!  xx

It looks like being a better week ahead so I’ll be hopefully doing plenty of plotting.

Have a good week!

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