It’s been one…

of those weeks again weather-wise.  Monday was a truly dismal day, Tuesday so-so, with Wednesday and today rather windy gusting to over 35 mph at times.

The only plotting I’ve done so far was to partly weed the main flower patch where lots of unwanted collomia grandiflora seedlings have appeared in the past few weeks.

Not only have I not had much to post about here recently but I’ve not really been in the mood for blogging.  I’ve always posted twice a week, on Thursday and Sunday, and will continue to do so.  My thanks to everyone who reads my posts, and especially to those of you who comment as well.

Here’s a random picture from the archives of some pot marigolds Flighty’s favourites taken in August 2017.

Have a good weekend, and take care!


Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

18 thoughts on “It’s been one…”

  1. Hi Flighty … guess you might feel a bit like I do, but don’t despair …. it’s a finding-out year! Weather is erratic, climates are changing around an ever smaller World. I am trying more crop growing this year but have to start late as am away for a fortnight with no back-up to call on here … folks is too busy, or away too. So let’s see what the year brings and proceed from there! So long as we have Pot Marigolds! 🙂


    1. Anne yes I probably do, and it certainly looks like it. You’re right about the weather. Good for you, and a late start won’t be a problem. That sounds good to me. Yes indeed. xx


  2. You sound a little low this week. I don’t think you are alone, it all feels a bit odd this year doesn’t it. I’m still not really motivated but have so much to get on with. I think l speak for us all when l say how much we enjoy your twice weekly blogging. X

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    1. Andy just for a day or two. I’m sure that you’re right, and yes it really has at times. I don’t blame you, and I’ve had days like that. Thanks, that really is much appreciated. xx


  3. Is it my imagination, or has this late winter/early spring been much windier than usual? And, I mean WINDY! Days where there are really strong and damaging gusts. I don’t recall this being as pervasive before, but perhaps I’ve just forgotten.


  4. Oof, those windy gusts make for staying inside. Hopefully with more congenial weather, you’ll be able to enjoy more plotting. Too bad you can’t dig up those unwanted collomia seedlings and pass them to me. I’ve been potting up the odd seedlings for the upcoming plant share.


    1. Nikki it’s all the more annoying when there are blue skies and it’s sunny but the wind is gusting at well over 30 mph. Some years there are hardly any but this year far too many. xx


  5. I love your posts! I think we’ve all been feeling a little low, it feels as if winter has dragged on forever and we are all getting increasingly impatient for the spring weather to arrive! Soon we shall have our sleeves rolled up!


  6. I first started my blog at this time of year a while ago, because I was so fed up with miserable weather , that I decided to write about the garden if I wasn’t able to be in it working. When the weather lifts it will all explode into life again and there will be no time to write at all. Keep the faith 🌸🌱🪲🌸🌱🪲🐞❤️❤️


  7. The weather is all over the place isn’t it. Glorious sun one minute, then heavy rain the next. I have a little magnolia in a pot that is flowering for the first time and that is making me happy. A delicate pale pink, stellata type one I think. Fingers crossed for some lovely spring weather soon. CJ xx


  8. The weather has been very mixed this week and quite windy!

    This weekend (in the UK) we alter the clocks and look forward to the annual Oxford/Cambridge Boat Race… for more years than I can remember our family have always enjoyed watching this event 🙂

    I wish you a good weekend and hopefully some nice sunny days soon.

    All the best Jan


  9. We’ve been feeling the glumness that the extended weather pattern has brought about. A number of people have have made similar comments to me spontaeneously in the same vein. We are not on our own. There is so much ire and concern about, it all adds up to a low mood. Weather-wise…..if only there was positivity on that front.
    Are there any other plotters around when you go to look at yours? hugs xxx


    1. Menhir I’m not surprised, I think that we all have one way and another. Hopefully it will improve soon, and we’ll all be happier and more positive.
      Sometimes one or two others, but I often don’t see anyone else. Thanks, and for you too. xx


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