Mostly marking time

I went to the horticultural society trading shed this morning to buy a few items, including a bag of compost and some Growmore general fertiliser. I’ll be using the compost in the pots at home, both ones which will be staying on the windowsill and others which I’ll be taking to the plot to plant out. The fertiliser I’ll be scattering over where I’ll be planting and sowing the vegetables, and around the soft fruit.

I only had a quick look round the plot today as the ground is still a bit soggy following the rain there has been recently.

I was pleased to see new growth appearing on the red valerian in the stone feature as I thought it may have died over the winter.


Next week it looks like there’ll be some light rain at times with the temperature reaching around 15 C/60 F, and hopefully I’ll be doing some plotting after mostly marking time the past couple of weeks.

Have a good week, and take care!


Author: Flighty

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16 thoughts on “Mostly marking time”

  1. I tried to grow red valerian a few years ago but it didn’t come back. It is distinctive when in bloom.
    It is fertilizing time!


  2. So much to get on with but my garden is so wet l just can’t get motivated this year. Have at least began to look in detail and so far l don’t think l have lost anything! We’ll see! X


  3. I’ve never found red valerian to be easy to kill! We have a ton of it (and some white too) in our front garden – spreads like anything! When occasionally we’ve had a visit from a hummingbird hawk moth it seems to prefer the white version.


    1. Nikki I thought that the frosty December weather may have finished it off. The other problem here is when we get very wet winters and the ground becomes waterlogged. xx


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