New and old

It’s been dry again this week and I see that February was the driest one for thirty years.  It’s concerning that there’s already talk of a drought given what last year  was like.

I was kindly given a packet of carrot Short N Sweet seeds a few days ago.  It’s a relatively new variety which has an orange core and grows to about 4 in/ 10 cm.  I’ll grow them between the onions and tomatoes, sowing some each month from mid April to mid June.

Sweet corn was one of my failures last year so I’m determined to do much better this year.  I’ll be growing the old, and still very popular, variety Golden Bantam, and will start them off in pots on the window sill at home towards the end of April before planting them out a month or so later.

I’ll be growing nasturtiums Jewel this year and I wonder if they’ll still be flowering in late October as these ones were on one of the other plots back in 2014.

Have a good weekend, and take care!


Author: Flighty

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14 thoughts on “New and old”

  1. Yes it’s so dry, impossible not to notice it when we were in the garden at the weekend and I can’t remember our lost proper rainfall. We’re installing an underground tank in autumn to collect water from the roof and will just have to manage as best we can until then! I’ve never really grown carrots before, I’ve always been nervous with very stony soil, but no dig has been transforming it so perhaps I’ll try this year. X


    1. Heather I’m not surprised, and nor can I. That’s sounds like a good idea.
      Try growing carrots in a container or large pot, where they generally do well. xx


  2. Lack of rainfall already certainly does not bode well. Home grown carrots, yum. Good luck with the sweet corn this year. Nasturtiums are so pretty and so easy. Looking forward to the resumption of your window sill posts! Andy x


  3. It’s been a dry February here too. Now we have weeks of rain forecast. It’s all or nothing for sure. Looking forward to seeing how all your seeds get on. Good luck with the


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