After an early lunch…

on Monday and Tuesday I spent a couple of hours on the plot as both days were dry and sunny.  I’ve now cleared, weeded and hoed all round the flower patches ready to start sowing various annual seeds.

I tidied round the strawberry patch removing dead leaves and dug over the area longside it where I’ll be growing the tomatoes this year, which will be my favourites, the red Gardener’s Delight and yellow Golden Sunrise.  I also dug over where I’ll be growing the climbing French beans Algarve and runner beans (unknown variety),  and the part of the potato patch where I’ll be planting the first early potatoes Pentland Javelin.

Whilst working on the plot both days it was good to see bees on the white crocuses Snow Bunting which are now looking past their best.  Here they are looking much better back in February 2019.

For one reason and another I’ve not been to the plot yesterday or today but I should be there tomorrow when I’ll start pruning the rose Pretty Lady.

Have a good weekend, and take care!


Author: Flighty

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20 thoughts on “After an early lunch…”

  1. Good to read that you had two pleasant weather days for getting a lot of maintenance done at the plot. Your crocus are past their prime? And I just sent you photos of early crocus just starting here in Kentucky!


  2. Wow what a good start you have made on the plot, putting me to shame! Really must make a serious start. You are certainly well ahead of the game!


  3. If you were here where I am, you would probably have a combination of hypothermia and non – stop soaking. Pleased you have been able to do some regular plotting. I assume you don’t have a quagmire. Enjoy your weekend. Xxx


  4. Yes, the weather has been better this week.
    Pleased you have been on the plot and it sounds as if you are doing well and made an excellent start.

    This week seems to have flown by.
    I wish you a happy Friday and weekend 🙂

    All the best Jan


  5. You’ve made a good start, you’ll be all ready to go when the seeds need to be sown. I haven’t seen any crocuses yet, the daffodils seems to be growing like weeds at the moment, they’ll be blooming soon.


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