A winter tree walk

Yesterday afternoon I went to the nearby Newton Park Ecology Park, which is adjacent to the allotments, and along with ten other people enjoyed a winter tree walk for an hour and a half.  Our guide was Leslie, a Harrow Nature Conservation Forum volunteer who leads a small group who maintain the Park and work there for a couple of hours on Saturday mornings.

She showed us, and talked about, various trees and pointed out others of interest as we walked round.  They included alder, ash, blackthorn, elder, elm, hawthorn, hazel, horse chestnut, two poplars ( one being a rare black one) and four types of willows including the impressive white ones (shown below, picture taken December 2020).

The weather was dry but dull and thankfully not too chilly, and it was a most interesting afternoon. I was looking out for a tree to follow this year and once I’ve read up on a few likely ones I’ll go back for another look then hopefully choose one.

Have a good week, and take care!


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14 thoughts on “A winter tree walk”

  1. That sounds like an interesting hour or two. It’s always enjoyable to listen to someone who’s knowledgeable about a subject and learn a little too.


  2. A very pleasant and enlightening way to spend a winter Saturday afternoon. You have a number of trees in the ecology park from which to select for tree following!


  3. What a good idea. Is there an ongoing programme of visits in the year?
    You were very lucky not to have our weather. It’s very stormy and there are forecasts for 80mph winds tomorrow. It’s surprising rain manages to land anywhere!


  4. That sounds great, it’s always good to listen to an expert talking about things. I do so love trees. Lots of ash have been cut down here because of ash die-back, but over the past few days I’ve seen new trees planted which has been brilliant. At least 17 very close to where I live. I am looking forward to seeing what they are. CJ xx


    1. CJ it was, and I agree. Good for you, me too. That’s a shame, but planting new trees is pleasing to see. That’s quite a few, it’ll be interesting to find what they are. xx


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