Raspberries and rhubarb

The raspberries didn’t do to well last year which I think was mostly due to the weather. I have a mix of unknown varieties, both summer and autumn fruiting. Weather permitting I want to dig them up during February to check and sort, then replant.  I’ve been intending to do this for a while now and hopefully once I have they’ll fare better.  (This picture was taken in June 2017).

It was the same with the rhubarb, which came and went quicker than usual.  I’m not that fussed about eating this so I’ll leave it alone this year and maybe dig it up then replant in the autumn.  At the moment it’s at the top end of the plot, by the roadway, but I’ll leave  a space for it at the bottom end of the raspberry patch.  (This picture was taken back in May 2012).

The last overnight frost was on Monday, since when daytime tempertures have gradually started to rise so hopefully I’ll now be able to do some plotting again rather than just pottering.

Have a good weekend and take care !


Author: Flighty

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25 thoughts on “Raspberries and rhubarb”

  1. Sounds very similar to my raspberry and rhubarb experiences this year. Have the new fruit patch in place with supports for the raspberries and the rhubarb crowns divided and replanted around the apple tree so hoping for better this year!


  2. I’ve moved my Raspberry around my vegetable garden three times to find the best spot for them. Since then they’ve produced a good amount of fruit during the summer. I hope to buy some fresh strawberries plants this year as I’ve lost mine. Rhubarb and strawberries crumble sounds wonderful, Liz.


  3. I am always conflicted about when to prune raspberry canes. Many of my neighbours prune very hard, but they get very little fruit. I am too cautious to prune hard and pick fruit all summer and autumn ( as long as it is not too dry and hot) xx


  4. Two excellent crops! I never seem to manage raspberries very well, which I always blame on the alkaline soil, but I am also just not systematic enough with their pruning and tying in etc. Good luck in sorting yours!

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  5. You were not alone with crop reduction Mike. Neither my raspberries nor rhubarb did well in 2022 … am about to [yeh right, soon!] re-arrange things in GGHJ [Gertie’s Garden Hideaway Jungle] to fit in a few more crops … if I can find any space without destroying the flowers. Allanz Beanz, potatoes in bags and tomatoes wherever, are a MUST this year! So good luck 🙂


  6. Raspberries are delicious aren’t they. Mine haven’t done well for a while, but I think that is partly due to increasing shade from a cherry tree, as well as being old. I really need a new raspberry patch I think. CJ xx


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