It’s the first day…

of winter and it was another chilly, dull start to the day.  If it brightens up, and gets slightly warmer, I’ll probably go for a quick plot potter after an early lunch. Yesterday I kept warm by digging out and sieving another  barrow load of compost from one of the nearly empty communal woodchip bays.  Some I spread over  the area where I’ll be growing climbing beans next year, the rest I added to the stockpile next to the blackberry bush.


Further to my comment and picture of the sedum in last Sunday’s post I forgot to mention that I also noticed there’s already new growth appearing around the base of the old stems.


There still haven’t been any frosts here, although the temperature  has dropped very close to 0 C one or two nights.

At home there is this Iceberg rose outside my living room windows which is still flowering.

Have a good weekend, and take care!


Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

22 thoughts on “It’s the first day…”

  1. Yes, we’ve definitely left autumn behind now, we’ve had nothing but dull, dreary days just lately, and quite a bit of mist and fog too. It’s just the weather for heavy work on the allotment, digging and sieving, and getting the plot ready for next year. It will keep you fit as well as warm.


  2. I was inspired by a post of yours earlier in the year to buy two Iceberg climbers for an arch in our front garden. They have been incredible, flowering and flowering and still going now, even through the intense heat and dryness of this summer.


  3. On reading your blog today l went outside to check up on my sedums. Was very pleased to see lots of growth like yours😊. Beautiful iceberg roses.


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