I went scrumping

The three communal woodchip bays at the allotments are mostly empty at present so I’ve started digging out and sieving compost from what’s left around the edges.  I’ll do one barrow load most times when I’m there, and have done two this week. The compost is fine and contains plenty of small red worms.  I’ve done this the past few years and providing that there are no deliveries of fresh woodchip I should do well this year.  I use the blue plastic tray as a sieve and borrow a wheelbarrow from a plot neighbour.  It’s good exercise and on cooler mornings keeps me warm.

One of the nearby plots, which hasn’t been worked for the past couple of years, has several dwarf apple trees of various varieties.  This year I remembered to have a look at them and found that there still plenty of good looking apples.   I picked a few of two varieties, one being small dark red fruit and the other slightly larger and mostly bright red.  Both are deliciously crisp, juicy and sweet.  Picking them the other day I thought back to when I went scrumping a very long time ago.

Have a good weekend, and take care!


Author: Flighty

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18 thoughts on “I went scrumping”

    1. Ah scrumping, that takes me back! Great childhood memories. Those plot apples look so tasty, and great they did not go to waste! Xx


  1. They look delicious. Ahhh, scrumping, takes me back to my childhood. No apples for me this autumn, I’ve been wondering how my little apple trees that I left at my old house have done this year.


  2. You, Scrumpying, Mr F….!!! Our pasts do catch up with us don’t they 🙂

    the apples do look lovely and it would be a shame not to share in the feast with the others tasters in our realm. I wasn’t quite clear. is the compost you are introducing a mix of yours and that of a general heap; or, is it the general heap that you are sieving with the addition of your material?

    I started to sieve my pots compost earlier this year. I found it slow but relaxing, providing the wind wasn’t blowing a storm. I have room for some more sieved compost, I also have more to do. I am sure the troughs would benefit from a bit of aerating and the addition of some nourishment when the weather is suitable.

    Have a good weekend enjoying your memories. xxx


    1. Menhir I know and I didn’t feel at all guilty. It does indeed.
      The apples are really taste good. This compost is the residue of the woodchip that was in these bays, I probably won’t dig out and sieve my own until late winter/early spring.
      Good for you. It’s all worth doing, providing the weather is okay.
      Thanks, and you too. xx


  3. I had to look up the definition of scrumping. The apples look delicious.
    What a good idea to use the plastic tray to sieve your compost. You’re ahead of the game as usual.


    1. Liz I’m not surprised as I’ve not heard/seen it used in years. They taste as good as they look.
      They’re a good shape and size to use. Thanks, I like to think I am. xx


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