Weekend pottering

This morning I replaced the plastic flower pot saucer I was using as a mini-pond with a slightly bigger shallow china dish which unfortunately has a chip in the edge. It’s in the shade at the back of the compost bin under the rose Pretty Lady. 

That’s a stone in the top right corner, and I’ll be adding one or two more.  On the left the concrete slab has replaced the log seat I never used, and which had also badly deteriorated.

Yesterday my plot neighbour Fran very kindly gave me this jar of blackberry jelly to try.  It’ll be a week or two before I do as I have a jar of bought strawberry jam to finish first.

It’ll undoubtedly be delicious as she always won prizes at the horticultural society show when she used to enter the various preserve classes.


This is the sixth flower on one of the knee-high sunflowers Music Box. I cut the first of the seed-heads on one of the other plants to save the seeds for next year.

I don’t cut off all the heads but leave some for the wildlife.  That’s one advantage of growing multi-headed varieties.

Have a good week, and take care!


Author: Flighty

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24 thoughts on “Weekend pottering”

  1. My sunflowers have been doing very well this year. I’ve been watering them along with the tomatoes with washing up water. It so sad to see our gardens struggling. It must be tough for farmers.


  2. The wildlife will be pleased with the pond, so many natural water sources are drying up in this heat, the birds are loving the birdbaths I have in my garden. I love the community spirit on allotments, people sharing their produce and the things they make. Your sunflowers seem to be doing well, another thing the wildlife will be thankful for when food becomes harder to find as the years moves on.


    1. Jo I hope so, I’m not surprised and well done with the bird baths. Yes, me too. I’m surprised that they’re doing so well, and I’ll be leaving most of the heads on for the wildlife. xx


  3. My mum used to make something called bramble jelly, very similar if not the same, it was delicious, lucky you. Lucky birds on your plot, baths now and seeds later. Allotments are so good for wild life and human interaction too. I am also watering the garden with washing up water as far as possible. Have to go to London on Wednesday and really dreading it! Have a good week. X

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    1. Andy yes it’ll be the same. I’m happy to give the wildlife as much help as I can, especially this year. Good for you.
      Oh dear, I sympathise. Thanks, and you too. xx


  4. What a treat to have a jar of Fran’s blackberry jelly.
    You have been doing some garden hard scape feature replacement that will be longer lasting, I would think.


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