I watered all round…

the plot this morning, not that I think it’ll make much difference given how dry the ground is now.  I then pottered for a while,  including dead-heading the rose Pretty Lady, before coming home earlier than usual for a cup of tea and a couple of biscuits.

The two knee-high sunflowers Music Box by the shed which were ravaged by slugs/snails earlier in the year have both done surprisingly well since  then.  The shorter one (shown here) has five flowers around the top, whilst the other one has even more.

It seems rather early to be thinking about next year but I received an email during the week from John, the horticultural society chairman, regarding what onion sets and seed potatoes he’ll be ordering soon for sale at the trading shed.   The onions will be the usual variety Sturon and the potatoes will include my favourites Charlotte.  

The forecast this week shows it remaining dry, with the temperature down to 22 C/72 F midweek then rising to 28 C/82 F by the weekend.

Have a good week, and take care!

Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

18 thoughts on “I watered all round…”

  1. Hi Flighty 🙂 I have found plants ‘coming around ‘again for a second go at growing and blooming … the seasons this year have gone to pot it seems to me. I wonder what the rest of Summer will bring , and next year? Thank you for your blog…I always look forward to reading it even when i don’t reply.


    1. Anne hello, and I’m not surprised that they’re doing that given what the seasons have been like. Me too, especially next year. You’re most welcome, and thanks that’s nice to know. Take care. xx


  2. It is good to see those sunflowers blooming. They bring cheer during trying times.
    It’s hard to believe we’re in late July. I’ve been getting bulb catalogues in the mail, so assume it may be time for ordering potato and onion sets as well.


  3. What with bulb catalogues arriving and a friend telling me today that it’s only five months until Christmas, the year is flying by.

    We are certainly having a long spell of dry weather, I am hoping for some decent rain soon.

    All the best Jan


    1. Jan the catalogues are okay, but the mention about you know what is less welcome.
      We sure are, and that’s something I think many folk are hoping for.
      Thanks, and for you. xx


  4. Hi Mike, I too have been already thinking ahead to next year. I think this year has been extra insightful weather wise and the impact it has on the climate. I’m glad I took your advice about planting Charlotte potatoes this year – they were delicious plus the family gave their thumbs up too when I shared a good harvest between us all. So, thank you for the heads up and I shall be planting Charlotte again next year. Have a great week, stay hydrated and take care xx


    1. Rebecca hello, and good for you. I agree, on both counts. You’re most welcome, I’m glad that you enjoyed them and will be growing them again.
      Thanks, you too and likewise. xx


  5. They’re already talking about droughts in August, I’m not surprised because even though we’ve had a little rain, it just hasn’t been enough. Glad to see that the sunflowers have recovered, such cheery flowers.


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