It’s still dry

There was no significant rain again last week so I watered all round yesterday morning, and the cracks in the ground are getting deeper, longer and wider.

I’ve been lifting some of the first early potatoes Foremost, which are a variety I’ve not grown before and there are some good sized ones.  They haven’t gone mushy when cooked but I find that they taste a bit bland.


Most of the sunflowers have buds on them so it won’t be too long before they flower like this one.  There’s no tall self-sown ones this year as they’re all well under four feet .


I’ve noticed plenty of butterflies fluttering around the past few days, mostly Small Skippers and Large Whites like this one on the dog rose.


Have a good week, and take care!

Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

22 thoughts on “It’s still dry”

  1. I love potatoes and yours look very good.
    We’ve hardly any rain in two months, temps soaring into the 90sF, and everything is parched. With most of July and then August ahead, it looks to be one long, hot summer.


    1. Liz good for you, me too and thanks. It’s been the same here but with lower temperatures. Let’s hope that we both get some rain and it’s not going to be. xx


  2. Well the potatoes look very good, but a shame they are bland. Lots of rain here, which has been good for the garden, but less good for cricket. I’ve been noticing butterflies here as well which is always lovely. Hope you have a good week. CJ xx


    1. CJ they sure do, and I may try them mashed. Lucky you, there’s been virtually none here for weeks. It’s always good to see them. Thanks, and you too. xx


  3. Yes everything is SO dry. I like your “trial size” sunflowers. Good looking potatoes. I find a good helping of butter and chopped chives improves them! It’s good see the butterflies though not a lot of the more “showy” ones around yet. Have a good gentle week. X


    1. Andy it certainly is. I hope that they really are dwarf. Thanks. I’ll try them with various things. It sure is, but few showy ones here either. That sounds good to me, you too. xx


  4. We had a bit of rain from Friday to Saturday, not a great amount but enough to get the soil moving again. For now anyway! Shame about the flavour of your potatoes, have you tried steaming to prevent them going mushy? It works for Charlotte very well. I’m also growing a new variety and can’t wait to taste them. I love seeing the butterflies visiting, well done on getting a photo, I never seem to be able to! Have a good week too Flighty! xx


    1. Karen lucky you. Perhaps it’s just my poor sense of taste, and thankfully they didn’t go mushy. I have no problems with Charlottes, cooking or eating! I hope your new variety taste okay. Me too, but as for getting photos of them I rarely do. Thanks. xx


  5. It’s a shame about the spuds tasting bland, they look good specimens and it’s always a bonus when they hold together when cooking. I’ve noticed quite a lot of butterflies this year, Archie’s even taken to barking at them when they land in the garden. That dog gets dafter the older he gets.


  6. Your first earlies do look good, a shame they tasted bland. I harvested mine too and they tasted bland, maybe it’s the unpredictable weather affecting the taste. Like you, I too have sunflowers in bud, here’s to comparing notes. Lovely that you have butterflies, not many around these parts at the


    1. Snowbird thanks, I’ll try some more over the weekend to see if they taste any better. Shame yours were the same, and that’s quite possible. Good for you, and look forward to seeing the flowers. It sure is, and I hope you see more soon. xx


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