The flower patches

The weather has been unsettled this week with plenty of rain, especially on Tuesday which had some heavy showers so I stayed home.  Yesterday it was dry, dull and windy when I got to the plot but it wasn’t long before it started spitting with rain so I packed up and came home.

When I have been plotting I’ve mostly been carefully hand weeding through the flower patchesCosmos corner was easy to do as there’s plenty of room and wasn’t many weeds.


In complete contrast the pot marigolds are crowded and full of weeds, so really need doing as they’re about to start flowering.   It’ll take a few more days before it’s all looking good again.

The dog rose is now flowering profusely, and I like the simple, pure white flowers with sparkling gold centres.  It’s a shame that they only last a few days.


Have a good weekend, and take care!

Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

20 thoughts on “The flower patches”

    1. Liz yes indeed! It sure is. Yes, I bought it as an Iceberg which didn’t flower the first two years so I moved it, and it then reverted to a dog rose and has always flowered since. xx


  1. Your pot marigolds are a lot further on than mine, still a way to go until they flower. Love dog roses, flowers that remind me of childhood. Camping at the moment so🤞🏻For the weather. Have a good plotting week, Andyxx


  2. The dog rose is beautiful, and no doubt the bees are loving it. I spotted a bud on one of my calendula today. I have a cosmos in a low pot, I was hoping it was going to be a dwarf variety (white popsocks) but it looks like it might not be 🙂 I shall have an eight inch pot with a five foot plant in it I think! CJ xx


    1. CJ it sure is and yes they certainly are. Your calendula will soon be flowering. I think that the pot size restricts plant growth so it may not be quite that tall! xx


  3. The weeds will be loving all the rain, an endless task at this time of year. I too love the dog rose, I don’t think you can beat such simple flowers for elegance.


  4. Weeding…I guess it has become easier to be ‘picky’ about weeds than to spend too much time and effort on it. It does become a thankless task. Your Cosmos are showing up well. The dog rose is one that shows up its delicacies and beauty very well. Have a good weekend Mr F. xxx


    1. Menhir I agree with you, but feel that it’s worth clearing the flower patches properly this time. The cosmos are certainly looking good so far. I’m glad to see that we all seem to like dog roses. Thanks, you too. xx


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