On the windowsill, May 2022

So far I’m well pleased with the plants on the windowsill, particularly now that they’re all in 5 in/12.5 cm pots.

The bigger pot marigold Fruit Twist (left) is about 4 in/10 cm tall  whilst the other one (below), in a smaller pot, is barely half that.


Despite several sowings these have been the only seeds of this variety to appear so far.


This is the only cosmos Casanova White that has germinated and grown, which as you can see has already flowered despite being barely 4 in/10 cm tall. I’ll dead-head it soon to see if the plant grows and flowers again.

This sunflower Music  Box I dug up at the plot, bought home and then replanted into the terracotta pot I acquired last year. As you can see it’s still a really small plant being only 1.5in/4 cm tall, although it has grown noticeably since it’s been on the windowsill.


I’m being sent a very small number of seeds for two varieties of dwarf sunflowers to try growing in pots on the windowsill. One is Bambino, with a single lemon-yellow flower and chocolate-brown centre, whilst the other is Pacino Gold which has multi-headed golden-yellow flowers with light coloured centres.  Both only grow to around 12-16 in/30-40 cm with 4-5 in/10-12 cm flowers, and these I’ll be growing in slightly bigger pots.

The tomato Red Robin is really doing  well, and is now 5 in/12.5 cm tall.

I’m growing it in grow-bag compost, rather than multi-purpose compost I use for the other plants.


Have a good week, and take care!



Author: Flighty

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18 thoughts on “On the windowsill, May 2022”

  1. Good job, little plants! ‘Fruit Twist’ blend sounds terrific. I think I’d sown ‘Pacific Beauty’ mix years ago (that’s now reseeded) that’s similar to ‘Fruit Twist’.


    1. Nikki thanks. I just wish a few more seeds would germinate. Similar colours but different heights, Pacific Beauty is 2 ft and Fruit Twist only 6 in. xx


  2. It’s all looking good, although a shame that more didn’t germinate. I have that problem with beans. Only three came up in the garden. Amazing that you can get such small sunflowers, I shall look forward to seeing them. I have rescued three zinnias from the mini greenhouse and they are safely on my kitchen windowsill now, away from the snail army that is working its way round everything outside. Having seen your windowsill posts I am wondering whether to keep them inside for the whole summer. CJ xx


  3. I was thinking about small Sunflowers seeds, but I have decided on balance to leave them to people like you and enjoy them in other ways. Calendulas are not so difficult to decide upon. Your tomato plant is very happy isn’t it. It may reward you with a good crop. xxxx


    1. Menhir see how mine do on the windowsill, and at the plot, this year and maybe try some next year. Calendulas are always worth growing! It sure looks like it. I’ll be really pleased if it does. xx


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