January blues

It has seemed a long month not helped by far too many chilly, grey days. Yesterday there was some welcome sunshine for a few hours from late morning, so after an early lunch I went to the plot for the first time since the weekend.

I didn’t do much whilst I was there except ponder and potter, and chat to Bob the robin.  At one point I stood and watched a red kite lazily fly low and slow overhead across the site.  That couple of hours was most welcome as at home I’ve had a touch of the January blues and been mostly mooching.

Thankfully there has been virtually no rain so the ground has had a chance to start drying out and become workable again.

I’ll end this post on an upbeat note with this picture by Lucy Grossmith.

Take care, and have a good weekend!



Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

26 thoughts on “January blues”

  1. It was lovely yesterday, such a nice treat to see the sunshine. I also went to the allotment and like you didn’t do much, but it felt so good to be there. I love that picture, I had it sent to me as a Thank You card a few years ago and I couldn’t part with it. I hope yesterday helped towards banishing the blues, take care and have a great weekend x

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    1. Oh, I do understand. This January has been a long, cold, drab month. Glad to hear you had a sunny day and that Bob was on hand to enjoy it too. Love the picture.


  2. I’m sorry that you’ve had the January blues, it’s a difficult time of year for many. I often feel quite down during the winter months but I haven’t been so bad this year, perhaps because it’s been so mild so far, and we’ve actually had quite a few sunny days up here in Yorkshire. I don’t think being cooped up does anyone any good so I’m glad you could get out to the plot again.

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    1. Jo thanks I’m okay now, and I agree they do. Lucky you, I think that it’s been the lack of sunny days that got to me. I don’t mind a day or two indoors but then get restless if I can’t get out. xx


  3. Hope that moment of cheerfulness sustains you till you can go back to the allotment for another ‘fix’. It’s been neither too wet nor especially cold in this part of Yorkshire. Beginning to worry the apple tree might start growing again before I’ve been able to prune it. Robins are wonderfully cheering. Since I moved away from the sea, where gulls were common, I find the occasional gull uplifting too – wide wings, smooth and stately flight.
    Best wishes

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    1. Lucy it has thanks. Lucky you. Don’t worry there’s still plenty of time to do that. They sure are. I see plenty of gulls both at the local park and around the allotment site. I can see why you do. xx


    1. Was very worried yesterday as my iPad insisted that your blog was no longer available!! But luckily when l tried today you were back again🌻January nearly over and somehow February feels like a month of hope! Xx


      1. Andy I’m not surprised as the blog had been suspended in error by WordPress but thankfully rectified fairly quickly. Let’s hope that February is a better month for all of us. xx


  4. I absolutely love that picture. I hope you had some sunshine today as well, it was gorgeous here, the dog and I sat out on the back step in the garden for five minutes after lunch, we loved it. CJ xx

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