I’ll be armchair gardening

Despite it being noticeably colder this week it has remained dry and sunny so I’ve continued plotting.   This morning there was a  cold northerly wind so to keep warm I dug out and sieved a barrow load of compost.  I occasionally stopped to watch the robin finding plenty to eat.  I added  this compost to couple of barrow loads I dug out earlier in the week and had put out of the way under the blackberry bush.


Looking round a now mostly bare plot a few days ago I was rather surprised to see that the crocuses Romance are already starting to show above ground.



Another recent surprise was seeing a flowering dandelion on one of the grass paths.  On Tuesday I noticed that the seed head was frosted and sparkling .

There’s heavy rain due tomorrow, followed by  bitterly cold high winds on Saturday so it looks like I’ll be armchair gardening rather than plotting for a couple of days.

Take care, and have a good weekend!

Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

12 thoughts on “I’ll be armchair gardening”

  1. Armchair gardening sounds good, you’ll be ready for a rest after all that sieving. I often find that plants are flowering out of season these days, no doubt a consequence of the mixed up weather we often have, it’s been very mild so far this autumn but much cooler this week.


  2. You always do such a good job with your compost. I still need to tackle mine. There are weeds still flowering here as well! And a couple of gardens around here with cosmos still in full bloom, they’re amazing. Mine have given up the ghost though. Armchair gardening sounds like a very good idea over the next few days. CJ xx


    1. CJ thanks, it’s an arduous job but well worth doing. I’m not surprised. I’ve been seeing pictures of cosmos, and other flowers, on Twitter. That’s a shame. It most certainly does. xx


  3. You certainly see a variety of plants and conditions of said plants. Crocuses peeping out already, that’s remarkable. The wee Robin sounds very happy around the allotments.
    Have a restful week end and keep warm. xxx


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