On the windowsill, October 2021

There is now just one of the three cosmos Sonata White plants still budding and flowering.

This picture was taken earlier in the month and as of today has four each buds and flowers, but very little foliage.




The second small flower on the sunflower Musicbox had opened by mid September and lasted  a couple of weeks.

Sadly since then this plant has finished, with all the leaves having died back.


I’ve previously mentioned that I’ve been looking for an alternative pot marigold to grow instead of the Oopsy Daisy.  I’ve decided to try Fruit Twist, a dwarf  variety which only grows to around 6 in/15 cm.  The picture on the seed packet and this webpage shows both orange and yellow flowers, all with light coloured centres.

Next year I’m also going to try Candytuft Fairy Mixed Colours which only grows to around 8 in/20 cm on the plot, and maybe some Cornflowers Polka Dot which are a few inches taller.

Among a few 5 in/12.5 cm pots I’ve recently acquired to use is an old terracotta one in remarkably good condition.  I’ve not yet decided which of the above I’ll be growing in it.

It’s been fun growing plot flowers like this and I hope to do even better next year. Please note that there probably won’t be any more On the windowsill posts until next March.

Take care, and have a good weekend!

Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

18 thoughts on “On the windowsill, October 2021”

  1. Amazing, that remaining cosmos still looks so pretty. The sunflower was good while it lasted. I enjoy your windowsill postings and look forward to them resuming next year. Your seed choices sound very interesting. A nice terracotta pot, lucky you. Enjoy your week. Andy xx


  2. It’s winding up time for the garden isn’t it, I am nowhere near being on top of all the work that needs doing in my flower garden (created last year in lockdown) The cold weather will probably curtail my activity before it’s all done. I always like to read your posts.

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  3. My windowsills are currently jammed with geraniums. I gradually brought them in when the weather forecast said temperatures were dropping to minus six earlier in the month. I don’t think they every did. Indeed, we’ve had a warm burst. And now they are flowering madly indoors and are rather overwhelming.
    I’ve got two bromeliads on windowsills, donated by a neighbour. Both have pups beside them and will eventually need dividing.
    Have no idea how I’ll manage with seedlings in the spring. There’s always competition for windowsill space.
    The temperature really has dropped now. Today is the first time I’ve felt cold outdoors.
    This year’s candytuft (indoors and outdoors) have been tipped out (seed saved) and the pots used for dwarf iris.
    Cornflower – I’ve autumn sowed several varieties outdoors. I did this last year and they didn’t come up. Germination and growth are to some degree random so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that this year they’ll ‘work’.
    Autumn sown sweet peas are germinating. It’s quite exciting! Whether they’ll last till spring is another matter!
    (I feel in some ways you are my mentor and I’m ‘reporting in’!)


    1. Lucy goodness what a lovely comment (or ‘report’!). I don’t think that it’s been that cold anywhere yet thankfully.
      I’m not that keen on geraniums but do find succulents fascinating plants, and wish I had room on the windowsill for one or two.
      There’s a noticeably chilly wind here today. I don’t autumn sow hardy annuals because if it’s a wet winter the plot is prone to water logging. Plenty of them will self seed and I’ll sow more saved seeds in the spring if need be.
      Fingers crossed for the sweet peas.
      That’s nice to know, and your ‘report’ gets a gold star. xx


  4. The last blast of windowsill plant growing for 2021 with two rather good looking blooming specimens,
    Mr F.
    Your plot and pots growing plan for 2022 sounds delightful. Xxx


  5. I need to sort the garden out as well, and bring some geraniums into some sort of shelter. Candytuft is brilliant, I think it is beloved of bees, from memory. CJ xx


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