I’ve been impressed with the…

climbing French beans Algarve, which are a flat podded variety.  Even when they’re over 10 in/25 cm long and 1 in/2.5 cm wide they are totally stringless.  Cut into small lengths they’re still good to cook and eat, which is more than can be said for runner beans that size.

The carrots Chantenay Red Cored are also proving to be excellent, although small with the size varying from about 1 in/2.5 cm to over 4 in/10 cm in length.

As you see they’re nice and clean, and can be cut and cooked without peeling.

I’ll definitely be growing both these again next year.


It’s usually bees, and occasionally butterflies, I see on the sunflowers  so it made a change to see this Green Shieldbug  during the week.

This is one of the numerous, fairly small, flowers on the self-seeded tall sunflower.


Talking of butterflies it was unusual to see this white one on the nasturtiums.


Take care, and have a good week!

Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

20 thoughts on “I’ve been impressed with the…”

  1. You have had a successful season with carrots, so I’m guessing you’ll be growing this variety again next year. Pretty sunflower and butterfly on nasturtium. It’s rather cool here but at least the sun is shining!


  2. Excellent veggies, they look flawless. I know what you mean about big runner beans. I might give your flat ones a try next year. Just French beans here this year after a disaster with the runners early on. CJ xx


  3. I’m most impressed with your findings on the Green Beans. No de-stringing,what a boon. Your Chantenay carrots are rather handsome. I bet they were tasty.

    My Nasturtiums have been flowering and providing very peppery flavoured leaves for salads. Your sunflowers have been flowering well. xxx


    1. Menhir so was I when I tried one of the big ones. Yes indeed. The carrots taste as good as they look.
      My nasturtiums are past their best now sadly. Just the ones that survived the slugs and snails. xx

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  4. Those carrots look so good, it’ll save you having to peel them. I do miss my home grown carrots, even though it can be a bit of a palaver getting them to grow, shop bought never taste of proper carrot, some seem to be completely tasteless altogether. My self seeded sunflower ended up with multiple blooms so it did well for me in the end.


  5. Those are good looking beans and carrots, how I love carrots that sweet! Oh…the very sight of a cabbage white butterfly has me fearing for my newly planted brassicas. xxx


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