Most mornings…

I haven’t even unlocked the shed door when the robin appears and then generally stays around until I come home.

It’s certainly the friendliest one for a long time, here it’s the other side of the compost heap little more than arm’s length away watching what I’m doing.


It’s been mostly dry, sunny and reasonably warm since Monday and there have been bees buzzing all round the cosmos, nasturtiums and sunflowers.

I’ve mostly been pottering harvesting some French climbing beans, carrots and sweet corn cobs along with picking the last of the blackberries and strawberries whilst thinking what about needs doing, such as cutting the grass all round the path edges for the last time this year hopefully.

Take care, and have a good weekend!

Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

18 thoughts on “Most mornings…”

  1. Your friendly plot robin, do you have name for him?
    Your flowers are so pretty. We’ve had so much rain here these past few days. Now it’s beginning to feel like autumn.


  2. Robins are lovely aren’t they. There was one at my plot who used to stand on my spade handle very photogenically! My next door neighbour had one that would hop onto his hand and take meal worms. Hope you have a good weekend. CJ xx


  3. Plot robins bring such pleasure during the often solitary allotment experience. He’s lovely. Beautiful flowers still looking so healthy. Andy xx


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