Sunny Sunday smiles

I didn’t go to the plot on Friday or yesterday as both days started off very dull and overcast but I did this morning as it was sunny.

Given the problems, non-germination or being eaten by slugs and snails, I’d had with the climbing French beans this year I’m really pleased that I finally picked these first few today with more to come. They’re the variety Algarve, a flat-podded type.

The cosmos are still flowering profusely, like these rosy pink and red ones.

I haven’t seen many butterflies on the plot this year so I was especially pleased to see, and photograph, this Red Admiral on one of the two self-sown tall sunflowers.

Whilst chatting to the robin I picked some blackberries along with a few raspberries as well as a sweet corn cob, and lifted a few carrots.  I’ll certainly enjoy eating these later along with some Charlotte potatoes and an onion.

Take care, and have  a good week!

Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

18 thoughts on “Sunny Sunday smiles”

  1. That’s a lovely red admiral on the sunflower. We haven’t had many butterflies here in Kentucky this summer either.
    Your green beans look delicious and the cosmos keep on giving pleasure.


  2. What a great photo of the Red Admiral Flighty!! I find these butterflies very difficult to photograph as they move around so much and often don’t open their wings flat. Bravo on this lovely shot!


  3. Lovely photograph of the butterfly. I’ve had a few in the garden lately. There were absolutely loads where we stayed in the Lake District which was wonderful to see. I need to up my game with the right flowers I think! CJ xx


    1. CJ thanks. Lucky you, it’s the only one I’ve seen this year. It’s always good to see them, especially like that. I think that most of the flowers I grow are good for butterflies. xx


  4. Your beans look great, here’s to you getting a regular harvest. That is such a pretty picture of the cosmos, love the combination of colours. Great capture of the red admiral, how obliging it was posing for you, I’m smiling at you chatting to the


  5. The weather is very mixed just now, I’m making the most of the fine days as we never know how many we’ve got left before autumn and winter really set in. Glad to hear that the beans have come good in the end, fingers crossed that you get plenty more pickings now they’ve started producing. That’s a lovely photo of the butterfly on the sunflower, I haven’t seen many at all this year.


    1. Jo there’s certainly been too many dull days, you and me both and let’s hope we get plenty more fine days in the coming weeks. Thanks, I’d almost given up on them so any I pick now are a real bonus this year. It was a lucky shot, and nor have I sadly. xx


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