This year the sunflowers…

haven’t been as good as I had hoped due mostly to numerous slugs and snails taking their toll.

Thankfully the ones that did survive and flower have been buzzing with bees most days.



Still to come are two self-sown ones which are by far the tallest ones this year.  One is over 7 ft/2 mt  and is multi-headed with around twenty flower stems and buds for much of the way down the main stem.

The other one is over 8 ft/2.5 mt with just one bud at the top of the stem, and I


wonder how big this flower will be.  This sunflower has grown nestling against the side of the dogwood.

Following on from last Thursday’s On the windowsill post the 12 in/30 cm tall sunflower in a 5 in pot flowered at the weekend.

I have been really delighted with this plant and especially the flower.

Take care, and have a good weekend!

Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

22 thoughts on “This year the sunflowers…”

  1. Thank goodness for self seeded sunflowers, they’ve helped me out many a time when I’ve either not bothered sowing them myself or the ones I have sown haven’t done so well. The plant you’ve grown on your windowsill is fabulous, what a striking flower, it must have given you a lot of pleasure watching it grow and bloom.


  2. What an unusual sunflower on your windowsill. I can see how it must please you.
    We are surprised with volunteers — some welcome, some not. But your self-seeded sun flowers are a good thing!


    1. Liz it certainly is. Thanks, said smiling. We are indeed, but rather too many than none at all and most are easily removed if not wanted. They sure are. xx


  3. I reckon it’s been a poor year for sunflowers generally. Our village was awash with them last year but not so this! Your window sill one is stunning. Have a good weekend. Oh yes, when do I start to collect pot marigold seeds Mike? 🌼


    1. Andy I agree. That’s a shame, let’s hope that it’ll be a better display next year. I’m glad you like it. Thanks, and you too. You can start now, I already have! xx


  4. Wow, I love the inside sunflower, what an amazing flower. And really good height on the allotment ones as well. I’ve got self-seeded cosmos and some nicotiana which seems to have taken up residence in a couple of my raised beds. I hope you have a good weekend. CJ xx


  5. Just loving your self-seeded sunflowers, isn’t that often the way things work out? Oh, your windowsill one looks just like kiwi fruit flowers, just lovely and certainly unusual. xxx


  6. Oh Wow! Those sunflowers are fab. The other flower, what type of Sunflower is it? It has a glorious array of colour in the petals, almost like a star burst. Xx


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