Flowers feed the soul

A few days ago online friend Deborah, who has an allotment in Devon,  made this comment…

I decided earlier this summer to grow more flowers and fewer vegetables. One can always buy a carrot to feed the body but these homegrown flowers feed the soul.


Not only did I agree with that sentiment but it made me smile as it reminded me of George, an elderly Italian who was a plot neighbour some years ago, who once told me that flowers are good for the soul and he’d much rather grow them than anything else.

The flowers shown here are some of the ones on the plot which fed my soul during last week.

The sunflower is the aptly named variety Ring of Fire and the cosmos with white streaks on the petals caught my eye.  As I’ve mentioned before light centred pot marigolds are uncommon so I was pleased to see this zingy orange one. The rose Pretty Lady has been blooming profusely again for the past few weeks.

Take care and have a good week!

Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

20 thoughts on “Flowers feed the soul”

  1. Beautiful. It’s amazing how flowers can lift the spirits, though I have to say that homegrown veg can too at times. I think only a gardener would understand what I mean.


  2. Just lovely. Flowers as food for the soul is a sentiment with which I agree, but I admire all of you who grow fruit and vegetables to keep our engines running!
    The sunflower “ring of fire” is stunning. And, the reliable, prolific Pretty Lady is always a favourite.


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