On the windowsill, August 2021

The three cosmos Sonata White have now been flowering continuously for over three months and there has been as many as ten flowers at one time.

The larger flowers are over 2″/ 5 cm across and on long stems whilst the small ones, less than 1″/2.5 cm, have  mostly nestled on the top of the foliage.


The pot marigold Oopsy Daisy has grown much too tall and is now approaching 24″/60 cm. Since the initial three flowers there have only been two more despite dead-heading and pinching out.

Next year I think that I’ll try a different variety,  perhaps Candyman Orange, to see if I get a shorter, compact plant with more flowers.

Yesterday I received some pot marigold Winter Sun seeds some of which I’ll be sowing this month in a container on the plot to flower from late autumn onwards. I’ll also be sowing one or two in small pots to keep at home on the windowsill to hopefully give some colour when we head into winter.

The sunflower Music Box is now almost 12″/ 30 cm tall and the single flower bud is getting bigger.

Even if the flower doesn’t come to much this has been a compact, pleasing plant .


Unfortunately a couple of weeks ago I dropped the tomato plant and broke the stem in a couple of places. It had grown much too tall and there wasn’t any fruit forming so I wasn’t too dismayed.  I won’t bother trying again next year and will grow more flowers instead.

Take care, and have a good weekend!

Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

12 thoughts on “On the windowsill, August 2021”

  1. It’s a shame about your tomato plant but the flowers on your windowsill have done well, especially the cosmos. Fingers crossed that you get a lovely flower on your sunflower.


  2. My, your indoor flowers are doing well. Which direction does your growing window face? I like the detail of the sunflower even before it starts showing colour.


    1. Liz they’re done better than I expected. They’re on the living room windowsill which faces west. It’s been a good foliage plant, I just hope it flowers. xx


  3. Your plotting year is not dull, it is full of the unexpected. There are lots of other varieties and types to experiment with as your ideas for next year. xx


  4. Love the little sunflower. I wonder if the pot marigold will have flowers later on – still plenty of time to go, especially as it’s inside and protected from the elements. Might be a late surge! CJ xx


    1. CJ it’s been a wonderful plant. It’s possible, and I may give it another prune to see if that helps. It would be good if there was. xx
      (This comment did appear okay so I’ve deleted your second one.)


  5. The cosmos are delightful and although you haven’t had many flowers on Oospy Daisy, the ones you have had are lovely. Winter sun will certainly deliver a most welcome splash of colour over winter, it will be interesting seeing how they get on. Shame about the tomato plant, mine haven’t done much this year either.xxx


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