I’ve started picking,…

eating and giving away the first cucumbers Crystal Lemon.  

The smaller one here was about golf ball size and ideal to peel then slice for a few sandwiches.


I took this cosmos photo last Wednesday then put it on Twitter, where much to my surprise it has since been liked over 600 times which is far and away the largest number I’ve ever had.   Among the flowers was this red one which I rather like.

One morning during the week a couple of young robins briefly appeared on the plot, and I’ve seen the one which has it’s red breast just starting to show several times since then.

I also stood for a while and watched this big bumble bee buzzing round the flowers.

Last week was National Allotment Week and Alice at Walton’s emailed to ask if it was okay to include me in their blog post Amazing allotmenteers you have to follow !  Needless to say I was delighted to have been asked.

Take care, and have a good week!

Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

25 thoughts on “I’ve started picking,…”

  1. The Crystal Lemons are quite prolific, once they start to fruit they give a good supply. I’ve seen lots of bees this year, not so many butterflies though. Well done in being included in the list of Amazing allotmenteers you have to follow, I would second that.


  2. Hi Mr F,

    Your red Cosmos flower really does stand out from the crowd; a crowning glory!
    How nice to be invited to participate in another allotmenteer’s major preferences recommendation to others.

    I had forgotten cucumbers could be tennis-ball shape and size and also nobbly. The little fat nobbly 7.5cms-10cms are generally used for pickling. My favourites were those pickled in dill.

    The birds and the bees appear to be flourishing.



    1. Menhir I don’t see many deep red ones like that as they seem to fade to a much paler colour within a few days.
      Yes, I was delighted to have been included.
      Regardless of shape they always taste better when smaller as well.
      It certainly looks like it, which is most welcome if they are. xx


  3. Those cucumbers look delicious, and very pretty cosmos. All those twitter likes, well done. It certainly looks like a good bee year but like you, sadly not a lot of butterflies. Huge congratulations on being included on “Amazing Allotmenteers” Very well deserved. Andy xx


  4. Crystal lemon are a great variety, although I didn’t grow any this year. The cosmos photo is lovely and I really like the red ones as well. Well done on being included on the list of allotmenteers to follow, I shall pop over and if there are any new-to-me blogs. CJ xx


    1. CJ having now grown and eaten some I agree. Good for you, the only thing is I find that the colour fades within a few days. Thanks, I was delighted to have been included. xx


      1. Interesting about the colour. I’ve got some dark pink ones that aren’t fading at all, but I don’t know what variety they are. They were supposed to be Cranberry Click, but they’re not – I do have some of those as well which are lovely. CJ xx

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  5. I have never seen small round cucumbers like the Crystal Lemon before, but I suppose as the name”lemon” suggests, they would be that shape.
    The cosmos are a lovely sight. And, glad to see you have birds and bees.


  6. Congratulations on being an amazing allotmenteer! Lovely to see your cucumbers romping away. It’s easy to see why your cosmos are so popular, they are gorgeous and that is a lovely photo.xxx


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