Tree following, August 2021

Liz – The Seven-son tree in my garden here in Lexington, Kentucky is about to burst into flower.

When it does it will take pride of place there through until September when even more surprises are in store.


Mike –  I was pleased to see that the leaves on the Hornbeam in my local park here in Harrow are looking better, and greener, than they did last month, when I guess that it was wind burn that caused the edges to crisp.


There is a lot of green lichen showing on the tree, which isn’t surprising given how much rain there has been lately.


Our thanks to Pat, The Squirrelbasket, for hosting tree following, and if you want to see what it’s all about, and perhaps join in, please have a look at this tree following post.

Take care, and have a good weekend!

Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

26 thoughts on “Tree following, August 2021”

    1. Jo, we went nearly a month without rain, so I don’t know how that affects when the seven son decides to bloom, but it will be lovely when it does. Thanks, Liz


  1. Mike, your hornbeam is a magnificent tree. We have, at last had some rain but the heat is full blast, 90sF/32C. The seven son seems to plod on regardless! Thanks for posting my tree. Liz


  2. Both of those trees looking good and healthy. Look forward to seeing the Seven Son in September. I presume the lichen will do no harm to the Hornbeam?


  3. I’m really enjoying following these trees. The hornbeam is so majestic. I’m really intrigued by the blossom and other surprises on the seven-son tree. How I love that


    1. Hollis, I’m just looking out my window at the seven son tree (August 18) and those blossoms don’t want to pop open just yet!


  4. I look forward to the seven-son flowers as I have no idea what they look like and I am not going to google it. Let it be a surprise!
    The hornbeam is looking good, too – a covering of lichen really makes a tree…
    All the best 🙂


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