It wasn’t surprising…

to see that the tomatoes had succumbed to blight by yesterday given that it’s been ideal weather for it and had already affected plants elsewhere on the site over the past week.  It’s the first time that I’ve not had any ripe fruit as previous years it hadn’t struck until late August /early September.  Thankfully the potatoes aren’t affected as the foliage had already died back or been removed.  Yesterday I started lifting the second early Charlottes and was pleased to see that there are plenty of good sized ones, with two of ones shown here enough for one of my dinners.

Whereas cosmos corner is mostly knee-high white flowering plants the self-seeded ones round the other side of the dog rose are much taller and mostly pink or red.

I suppose that I should call that area cosmos central.

Take care, and have a good weekend!

Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

21 thoughts on “It wasn’t surprising…”

  1. Brilliant potatoes, absolutely flawless. A shame about the tomatoes. Mine are fairly tardy after the slow, cold start. I have some lovely dark red cosmos this year, cranberry click, which have been really pretty. CJ xx


  2. Hi Mr F,

    Your potatoes do look good enough to eat, or even better. Yum.
    Sorry to hear about the blight.
    Cosmos Central is a lot more interesting than Willesden Junction 😉

    Have a good weekend.



  3. Willesden Junction, ha ha! Those potatoes look perfect. Sorry to read about your tomatoes. We are just travelling home from a week in Wales through driving rain, can’t imagine what awaits us on the tomato front 🤞xx


    1. Andy that station brings back some less than fond memories! Thanks, on both counts. I hope you enjoyed your week away, and that your tomatoes are okay. xx


      1. Thanks Mike. Super abundance of orange tomatoes waiting for me! So lucky! The only downside, l planted lots of Pot Marigolds and Californian Poppies alongside, so difficult to find them all!

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  4. I’ve just picked the first of my ripe tomatoes. We have certainly had the weather that blight loves this year so it’s not surprising your plants have succumbed, good news on the potato front though, they look good. I haven’t harvested mine yet.


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