This has been…

a really bad year for slugs and snails, which still remain numerous and voracious.

On a brighter note I’ve started lifting the onions Sturion, which thankfully are looking good,  and the first second early potatoes Charlotte.  I’m also picking plenty of good sized blackberries, along with a few raspberries and the last of the rhubarb.

I’m glad that I grew the sunflowers in two areas as the ones by the shed have mostly been eaten by the slugs and snails but thankfully the others, between the self-seeded cosmos and the rhubarb, remain untouched.

The highlight of the week was  watching two Gatekeeper butterflies fluttering around the candytuft Fairy Mixed Colours. I think that these are delightful flowers which I’ll certainly be growing again next year in the same corner.

Take care, and have a good week!

Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

16 thoughts on “This has been…”

  1. I haven’t noticed an increase in slugs and snails here, although I always get some stuff eaten because I don’t really bother with any prevention. Occasionally I put ground up egg shells down, but mostly I let them get on with it and leave the frogs to help keep everything in balance. The candytuft are lovely – glad they escaped unharmed! CJ xx


  2. The slugs and snails must have enjoyed all the rain we had earlier in the year. Your sunflowers are gorgeous, just one self seeded one here this year but I’m still waiting for it to flower.


  3. I had to look up gatekeeper butterfly, it is very small but pretty and must be having a good time feeding on the candytuft, which is most attractive.
    It sounds as though you have an almost well-balanced diet from what you are able to harvest from the plot!


  4. Weather and bug responses apart, you have had some successful floral growing this year. Perhaps any shaded area the shed encourages is comfortable for the snails etc. What don’t they like that might be grown in that area another time?

    I am pleased your onions and potato crops are fine Mr F. There’s nothing like a good Charlotte potato! xxx


    1. Menhir I have thankfully. It’s the damp ground and long grass around the ponds which they like. I’ll have to think about a few changes, and what to grow where for next year.
      Thanks. I agree wholeheartedly. xx


  5. The slugs are HUGE this year. They and the snails appear to be using the polytunnel as a giant slide… I’m pleased to see some of your sunflowers have survived – they are lovely.


  6. Shame about the slug and snail damage, strangely there’s hardly been any here. Your harvests sound great. Gorgeous sunflowers! How pretty the candytuft is, good to know it’s attracting butterflies, I’ll have to grow


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