Carrots and cucumbers

My efforts to grow carrots have always been a bit half-hearted so it’s not surprising that I’ve never done well with them.  This year I remembered to sow some in late June to avoid carrot fly and I’m pleased that so far they’re doing really well.  These are two short rows of Chantenay Red Cored, which hopefully I’ll be able to start pulling late September into October.

I usually grow two cucumbers, which I start off in pots at home before planting out.  This year I gave one of the cucumbers Crystal Lemon to a plot neighbour and have been keeping my fingers crossed that the voracious slugs and snails didn’t eat the other one.  Thankfully they haven’t and it’s possibly the biggest cucumber plant I’ve grown as it now covers several square feet of ground.  Under the leaves are lots of flowers and a closer look shows that the round, lemon coloured fruit, are beginning to form.


Take care, and have a good weekend!

Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

18 thoughts on “Carrots and cucumbers”

  1. The cucumber is looking great. I think they’re sometimes a bit spiky for snails – probably the only reason mine survive! Well done on the carrots as well. I don’t often grow them because of carrot fly, although they do well in my very light soil. CJ xx


  2. Carrots and cucumbers looking good 👌🤞When l had an allotment l never had much luck with carrots but somehow always had a really good crop of cucumbers. Miss it, but am really enjoying growing tomatoes and lots of flowers in the garden. xx


  3. It sounds like there’s a magic date for planting out carrots. May your carrots flourish.

    I am most impressed with your cucumber plant. Perhaps there will be fine cucumber sandwiches for tea. Xxx

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  4. Both your carrots and cucumbers look to be doing well. Crystal Lemon was a variety I used to grow for my dad, he really enjoyed them.


  5. Crystal Lemon is an unusual name for a cucumber. Is the skin colour yellowish?
    Good luck with the later sown carrots. From what you and your readers are saying, carrot fly sounds like a real problem.


    1. Paula thanks, the carrot foliage looks okay and I’ve picked then eaten a couple of cucumbers. That’s good, enjoy when you do lift them. What a shame, mine too and I hope that your squashes pick up and produce some fruit. xx

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      1. Thank you. Me too. I always look forward to eating what I have grown myself. I was so proud of my toms. Checking them every day. Then to see them blacken and wilt away. I’m just thankful that most of the time farmers feed us otherwise we would all stave.


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