One of the few

The mystery plant in the large black container has grown really well and is now starting to flower.

I’m told that it’s White Meadowsweet (Spiraea alba var. latiflolia), and later in the year I will replant it out on the plot.




One of the few jobs that I did do doing the week was to cut the comfrey plants right back and add the chopped up foliage to the compost heap. It will soon start growing again.


In the right-hand photo you can see the raspberry bushes. Sadly some of the plants died during the past couple of months, and I’m not sure what caused this. At least two other plot-holders had the same problem, which we think that it was probably due to the spring weather.  Once they’ve finished fruiting I’m going to cut the plants right back, hoe round, add plenty of compost then mulch and hope that they are okay next year.

Among the various nasturtiums I particularly like this red one and the yellow ones behind.

Take care, and have a good week!

Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

18 thoughts on “One of the few”

  1. It’s good to be able to put a name to your mystery plant. I heard of someone else whose raspberry bushes had died, perhaps it has been down to the weather, it’s been very changeable this year.


  2. Interesting about the raspberries. My tayberry foliage on last year’s growth is looking really pitiful at the moment – maybe a similar thing. The berries are smaller than usual as well. And my mulberry has about fifty per cent of the berries not developing. As you say, it might be the cold spring. CJ xx


  3. That’s a shame about the raspberries, I wonder if it could be down to raspberry root rot? Hopefully not, and your plan of action spurs them on next season. Love the cheery nasturtium, they’re such useful flowers on the allotment. Take care, Karen xx


    1. Karen it sure is, and I don’t think so (said with fingers crossed). I that will revive them. Good for you, they really are. Thanks, and you too. xx


  4. I have two Spirea plants, one is the parent of the other. They are fab when they flower albeit for a relatively short time.

    The Nasturtiums are doing well. Mine are leafing. I hope to see some flowers ere long.

    Sorry to hear about the struggles of your fruit bushes. It has, so far, been an odd weather growing year

    Hope your weekend has been pleasant. Xxx


    1. Menhir they sound like lovely plants and flowers.
      They’re well worth the wait.
      Thanks. It sure has been.
      It was a fairly quite, but pleasant, one. xx


  5. I just planted meadowsweet (filipendula ulmaria) also known as “queen of the meadow” in my garden club’s herb garden, our civic project. It has all sorts of value in the herb garden: culinary, flavoring, fragrance, medicinal, and black dye from the roots. But your meadowsweet’s Latin name is different. Perhaps something else entirely?
    It’s time for me to cut the comfrey back and put on the compost pile.
    I wonder what is affecting your raspberries.
    The nasturtiums are gorgeous!


    1. Liz I believe that there are various meadowsweet plants. That sounds like an interesting herb, and is different to my plant.
      Good for you, it’s a job well worth doing.
      Some are still okay and fruiting well, but I do have at least a couple of varieties.
      I’m glad you like them. xx


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