Damp and dull again

It was a so-so week and the weekend has been damp and dull again, and I certainly won’t dwell on what the slugs and snails are doing to the plants.  Thankfully despite all that there have been some compensations.

I planted out the first early potatoes Pentland Javelin thirteen weeks ago, and as they’re a non-flowering variety I’ve waited for the foliage to start dying back.  During the week I had a dig round one plant using my fingers and found these, the bottom two being about the size of a large egg.  Needless to say they cooked well and tasted really good.  I will be lifting more through the month as I need them.

There are plenty of colourful flowers, like these nasturtiums to brighten up dull days.

The unsettled, damp weather looks like continuing through next week so I guess that I won’t be doing much plotting.

Take care, and have a good week!

Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

18 thoughts on “Damp and dull again”

  1. We’ve still been having hot and sunny weather this past week and though it’s sunny at the moment, we’re forecast rain later on today and during this coming week. I’ve grown Pentland Javelin in the past and enjoyed them. I haven’t lifted my potatoes yet but they’re flowering now so it won’t be long.


  2. Lovely new potatoes. I don’t buy the shop ones any more because of the plastic they cover them in to grow them, particularly on Jersey. No need for it at all. Lots of snails about the place here as well. They have chewed straight through some of my climbing French beans that I just planted out. CJ xx


  3. Potatoes, what a pleasant and unexpected surprise. The Pentland Javelin is a fairly good all round one. They look to be in very good shape.

    Lovely to see the cheeky Nasturtium flowers. I’m looking forward to my leafing seeds producing some too. Xx


  4. I’m ready to boil those potatoes on your plate, they look so good. The nasturtiums look good too.
    In Kentucky we had 4 inches of rain on Thursday and after two beautiful days in the 70sF it’s back to hot and humid.


  5. Homegrown potatoes are just the best flavour, I will have a rummage around the Charlottes soon now that they flowers are over to see how they’re doing. The rain has arrived here now, it was meant to be here yesterday with thunder and lightning but it skipped us and ended up being quite a nice day. Still muggy today though. I’ve grown a variety of Nasturtium called Bloody Mary this year, quite pretty. Take care, Karen xx


    1. Karen I agree, they do. I’ll have a look at my Charlottes once the foliage starts to die back. Lucky you, it was damp and dull here. I guess they’re a deep red colour.
      Thanks, and you too. xx

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  6. Freshly dug new potatoes, one of life’s real treats, yummy. Those nasturtiums look so pretty. I think this very mixed weather is producing lots of lovely flowers this year. Our weather continues to vary between very heavy downfalls and hot sunny spells. Tomatoes needing a lot of support! Have a good week, Andy xx


    1. Andy I agree, they are. I’m glad you like them. You could well be right. It’s the same here. I must look at my tomatoes this week.
      Thanks, and you too. xx


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